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Interoperable Data Exchange with LOINC - Learning from the Crowd


crowd-500.jpg crowd photo via jamescridland

Tap into the wisdom of the LOINC crowd.

Regenstrief has built a community mapping repository that stores mappings of local test codes to LOINC codes and added some exciting new features to RELMA that tap into that community wisdom.


RELMA now shows counts of how many others have mapped to a particular LOINC code and the names of those local tests/variables.

Plus, RELMA now makes it easy to add your mappings into the shared repository so others can benefit from what you've done.

We think these will be really helpful, particularly to novice LOINC mappers.

All you have to do to see these mappings is login to RELMA with your credentials and they'll magically appear in your search results. Look for the ComMaps and ComInst columns!

RELMA - Community Mapping Fields


Have mappings of local codes to LOINC that you'd be willing to share?

The easiest way to get them to us is if you have done your mapping in RELMA. Once you've logged into RELMA, look for the "Upload Mappings" link in the upper right. 

Don't use RELMA for mapping? Just export your local test to LOINC mappings into this template file and send it our way: 


Please send the spreadsheet by email to:


Thanks for participating!


Current Versions
LOINC 2.59
Released: 2017-02-21

RELMA 6.18
Released: 2017-02-21

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