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How can I determine if a given LOINC term is a member of any panels?

by Daniel Vreeman last modified 2014-04-11 10:57

A panel term in LOINC is one that contains an enumerated set of child elements. In the laboratory world, this may be called a panel, profile, or battery. The same structure in LOINC is used for other kinds of enumerated collections, like survey instruments, forms, and other data sets. We use the word "panel" in a generic manner to cover all of these kinds of enumerated collections.

Sometimes, it is helpful to know if a given LOINC code is a child element of any panels. Here's how you can figure that out.



If a given LOINC term is a member of any panels, the Comprehensive detail page available from RELMA will contain a section that lists these panels. You can get to the details page from the context menu (right click) for any term in the row. Look for the "View Details - Comprehensive" option. Here's a screenshot showing this section for glucose in serum/plasma:

Details - Members of these Panels

If a LOINC term is NOT a member of any panels, this section will not be present on the page.

You can also get the listing of panels containing a particular LOINC code in a grid format by selecting the search result town and then choosing "Find Panels with any of these LOINCs" from the context menu. Here's what that display looks like for LOINC 2345-7:

Panels With These LOINCS

A related option, "Find Panels with all of these LOINCs",  can be useful when you select multiple LOINC codes in the result grid and want to know if a panel exists that contains them all.


Using the online LOINC search application (

In the LOINC search app, you can view the details of any LOINC term in the search results. Right click on any row, and then from the the context menu choose View Details - Comprehensive. Just like in RELMA, the  details pages will list any panels that the LOINC code is a member of.


From the LOINC Panels and Forms File

One of the Accessory Files published in each release is the LOINC Panels and Forms File. (Available from the main downloads section of this site). The FORMS tab of this spreadsheet contains the hierarchical information about the panels in LOINC via a parent-child relationship. Here's a sample of this structure showing how Glucose Ser/Plas is contained in the Basic Metabolic 1998 Panel:

Basic Metabolic 1998 Panel


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