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Term Description

Knowing the concentration of inspired O2 is important to the interpretation of PO2 results. Inspired O2 can be recorded in two ways- as percent- of O2 delivered to the patient (Venturi mask, re-breather mask, or ventilator) or as liters of oxygen per minute (nasal canula). This panel includes terms for recording the inspired O2 in either fashion. But because only one will apply and labs do not always receive this information they are designated as optional.

The term "oxygen saturation" is often used to refer to two distinctly different quantities, hemoglobin oxygen saturation (recommended symbol = sO2) and fractional oxyhemoglobin (recommended symbol = FO2Hb). The former is sometimes called functional oxygen saturation and the later, fractional oxygen saturation

Hemoglobin oxygen saturation = is the amount of oxyhemoglobin expressed as the percent of the hemoglobin able to bind oxygen, i.e. oxyhemoglobin (O2Hb) + deoxyhemoglobin (HHb).
sO2 = 100 x O2Hb/ (O2Hb + HHb)
Fractional oxyhemoglobin = the amount of oxyhemoglobin expressed as a percent of the total hemoglobin, where tHb = O2Hb + HHb + [COHb + MetHb + SulfHb]. Note that COHb, MetHb, and SulfHb, cannot carry oxygen and are thus called dyshemoglobins.
FO2Hb = O2Hb/tHb

Gas machines that can measure carbon monoxide, could, in principle, also report FO2Hb, and we had assumed that they would. However, at least some machines that do measure COHb and MetHb provide no option for reporting FO2Hb, and report only sO2. When mapping blood gas panels that report COHb% and also report FO2Hb, map that term to the LOINC term with the component of "Oxyhemoglobin /Total hemoglobin". If such an instrument reports only "oxygen saturation, verify with the lab that they are really reporting a functional O2 sat and not the Fractional Oxyhemoglobin, because the two are not always correctly labeled. If it is sO2 then map it to the LOINC term with a component of "Oxygen saturation".

When you are mapping data from a simpler Blood gas instrument (one that can read fewer than 4 wave lengths), then the O2 saturation will likely be a sO2. So map also moat that variable to the LOINC with a component of "Oxygen Saturation".

(Source: McD derived from Gill and McD- 2009 09)
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Panel Hierarchy
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
24337-8 Gas panel - Capillary blood
Indent2745-8 pH of Capillary blood R [pH]
Indent39485-8 pH of Capillary blood adjusted to patient's actual temperature O [pH]
Indent2020-6 Carbon dioxide [Partial pressure] in Capillary blood R mm[Hg]
Indent40620-7 Carbon dioxide [Partial pressure] adjusted to patient's actual temperature in Capillary blood O mm[Hg]
Indent2704-5 Oxygen [Partial pressure] in Capillary blood R mm[Hg]
Indent19256-7 Oxygen [Partial pressure] adjusted to patient's actual temperature in Capillary blood O mm[Hg]
Indent19219-5 Oxygen content in Capillary blood O mol/L
Indent1961-2 Bicarbonate [Moles/volume] in Capillary blood O mmol/L
Indent16551-4 Carbon dioxide, total [Moles/volume] in Capillary blood C mmol/L
Indent1926-5 Base excess in Capillary blood by calculation O mmol/L
Indent1923-2 Base deficit in Capillary blood O mmol/L
Indent2709-4 Oxygen saturation in Capillary blood C %
Indent51732-6 Oxygen saturation Calculated from oxygen partial pressure in Capillary blood C %
Indent30352-9 Hemoglobin [Mass/volume] in Capillary blood O g/dL
Indent3150-0 Inhaled oxygen concentration C %
Indent3151-8 Inhaled oxygen flow rate C L/min
Indent8310-5 Body temperature O Cel

Fully-Specified Name

Gas panel

Additional Names

Short Name
Gas Pnl BldC
Display Name
Gas panel (BldC)
Consumer Name Alpha
Gas panel, Blood

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Version 1.0o
Last Updated
Version 2.42
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