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28563-5Care provider notes SetActive

Panel Hierarchy
Details for each LOINC in Panel

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
28563-5 Care provider notes Set 0..*
Indent28654-2 Attending Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent18733-6 Attending Progress note 0..*
Indent28581-7 Chiropractic medicine Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28580-9 Chiropractic medicine Progress note 0..*
Indent28572-6 Dentistry Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28583-3 Dentist Operation note 0..*
Indent28577-5 Dentistry procedure note 0..*
Indent28617-9 Dentistry Progress note 0..*
Indent28618-7 Dentistry Note 0..*
Indent34745-0 Nurse Discharge summary
Indent29753-1 Nurse Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28623-7 Nurse Progress note 0..*
Indent28651-8 Nurse Transfer note 0..*
Indent28621-1 Nurse practitioner Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28575-9 Nurse practitioner Progress note 0..*
Indent18734-4 Occupational therapy Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent11507-1 Occupational therapy Progress note 0..*
Indent28578-3 Occupational therapy Note 0..*
Indent18735-1 Physical therapy Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent11508-9 Physical therapy Progress note 0..*
Indent28579-1 Physical therapy Note 0..*
Indent28568-4 Physician Emergency department Note 0..*
Indent11490-0 Physician Discharge summary 0..*
Indent18736-9 Physician Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28626-0 Physician History and physical note 0..*
Indent28573-4 Physician, Operation note 0..*
Indent11505-5 Physician procedure note 0..*
Indent28616-1 Physician Transfer note 0..*
Indent28569-2 Consultant Progress note 0..*
Indent18763-3 Consultant Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent18737-7 Podiatry Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28624-5 Podiatry Operation note 0..*
Indent28625-2 Podiatry procedure note 0..*
Indent11509-7 Podiatry Progress note 0..*
Indent11488-4 Consult note 0..*
Indent15507-7 Emergency department Progress note 0..*
Indent11492-6 Provider-unspecifed, History and physical note 0..*
Indent18842-5 Discharge summary
Indent28636-9 Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent11504-8 Surgical operation note 0..*
Indent28570-0 Procedure note 0..*
Indent11506-3 Progress note 0..*
Indent18761-7 Transfer summary note 0..*
Indent28635-1 Psychiatry Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28627-8 Psychiatry Progress note 0..*
Indent11527-9 Psychiatry study 0..*
Indent28628-6 Psychiatry Note 0..*
Indent18738-5 Psychology Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent11510-5 Psychology Progress note 0..*
Indent18739-3 Social worker Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent28653-4 Social worker Note 0..*
Indent28656-7 Social worker Progress note 0..*
Indent18740-1 Speech-language pathology Initial evaluation note 0..*
Indent11512-1 Speech-language pathology Progress note 0..*
Indent28571-8 Speech-language pathology Note 0..*

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Care provider notes

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Version 2.00
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Version 2.67
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26443-2 Clinical reports.non lab claims attachment

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zh-CNChinese (CHINA)
it-ITItalian (ITALY)
Note del care provider:Cmplx:-:^Paziente:Determinato:
Помощь провайдер записи:Кмплкс:-:^Пациент:Множество:
es-ARSpanish (ARGENTINA)
CARE PROVIDER NOTES:complejo:-:^paciente:Conjunto:

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