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LP70910-2   Perimeter
Perimeter is the measurement of any boundary. Measurements of the area and perimeter of fetal cross-sections have been found to establish both an accurate estimation of birthweight and an early diagnosis and differentiation of the various types of abnormal fetal growth patterns. For example, abdominal perimeter measurements are an effective predictor of discordant twins where the weight difference between the two exceeds 15%.
PMID: 103914 PMID: 3309749 Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Reference Information

Type Source Reference
Article NCBI PubMed Hadlock FP, Deter RL, Harrist RB, Park SK. Estimating fetal age: computer-assisted analysis of multiple fetal growth parameters. Radiology. 1984;152(2):497-501. Link to PubMed

Fully-Specified Name

US.estimated from Hadlock 1984

Additional Names

Short Name
Fet Head Circum from GA.Hadlock 1984

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Version 2.09
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Version 2.70
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Formula (Readable)

Head Circumference from gestational age: HC = -11.48 + 1.56*(MA) - 0.0002548*(MA3); SD = 1 cm; Limits: HC from 6.8 cm to 34.6 cm; Input: MA 12-40 Weeks

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Tag Language Translation
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) US.ESTIMATED FROM HADLOCK.84:longitud:punto en el tiempo:cabeza^feto:cuantitativo:US.ESTIMATED FROM HADLOCK.84
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Perímetro:Len:Punto temporal:Cabeza ^ feto:Cuantitativo:US.estimated from Hadlock 1984
it-IT Italian (Italy) Perimetro:Len:Pt:Testa^feto:Qn:Ecografia.stimata da Hadlock 1984
Synonyms: Eco Ecografia ostetrica Lunghezza Punto nel tempo (episodio)
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Perímetro:Comprimento:Pt:Crânio^feto:Qn:US.estimado pela tAcela de Hadlock.84
Synonyms: ; Circum; Circumference; Length; Point in time; Random; Skull; Brain; Intracranial; Cranium; Cranial; Fet; Fetal; Quantitative; QNT; Quant; Quan; from GA.Hadlock 1984; 84; from GA.Hadlock 1984; US.est; predicted; Ultrasound; ULS; Sonogram; Sonography; Sonograph; Echography; Est; estimation; OBSTERICAL.ULTRASOUND; OBSTERICAL.ULTRASOUND; Obstetrical; Obstetrics; HC; Head Circumference; HC by GA; HC(GA); Head circumference from gestational age; Echoencephalogram; Echoencephalography
zh-CN Chinese (China) 周长:长度:时间点:头部^胎儿:定量型:超声.依据Hadlock的胎龄估计法.84
Synonyms: 一种超声检查,用于确定几个脑部结构的位置和大小,从而系统地检查脑部和脊髓可疑的软组织疾病。 产科 产科.超声;产科.超声.印象与测量指标;产科学.超声;产科学.超声.印象与测量指标;产科学检查与测量指标.超声.印象与测量指标;产科学超声印象与测量指标 产科学 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 大脑;头;头壳;头的;头盖;头盖的;头盖骨;头部的;头颅;头颅内;头颅内的;头骨;脑;脑壳;脑的;颅;颅侧;颅的;颅骨;颅骨内;颅骨内的 头^胎儿 头部超声检查方法 头部超声波 头部超声波检查方法 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 胎;超系统 - 胎儿 胎龄估计法;孕龄估计法 脑回波图 脑回波描记仪 脑回波描记仪术 超声.依据Hadlock 1984的胎龄估计法;超声.依据Hadlock84的胎龄估计法 超声.胎龄估计法 超声检查方法;超声检查法;超声波;超声波检查方法;超声波检查法 长;长短

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