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39135-9Wound assessment panelActive

Wound assessment panel

Panel Hierarchy
Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
39135-9 Wound assessment panel O
Indent81666-0 Wound number [Identifier]
Indent72300-7 Wound type R
Indent89250-5 Device or anatomic structure visible in wound
Indent89251-3 Condition present on admission
Indent11373-8 Injury cause
Indent88878-4 Date of condition abatement {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent72170-4 Photographic image
Indent89252-1 Episode of Wound
Indent89253-9 Trend
Indent85585-8 Date of Onset of Impairment {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent72369-2 Body site identification panel R
IndentIndent39111-0 Body site R
IndentIndent39112-8 Body location qualifier O
IndentIndent20228-3 Anatomic part Laterality O
Indent72301-5 Description of Periwound C
Indent72527-5 Pressure ulcer stage NPUAP
Indent72372-6 Wound bed and edge panel C
IndentIndent89254-7 Wound bed panel
IndentIndentIndent72371-8 Appearance of Wound base R
IndentIndentIndent72370-0 Area of identified wound bed appearance/Area of wound bed of Wound base C %
IndentIndentIndent39132-6 Color of Wound base O
IndentIndentIndent89255-4 Wound bed area identified by color/Area of wound bed %
IndentIndent89256-2 Wound edge panel
IndentIndentIndent72304-9 Edge of wound description O
IndentIndentIndent39133-4 Color of Wound edge O
Indent72299-1 Wound tunneling and undermining panel C
IndentIndent89257-0 Wound tunneling panel
IndentIndentIndent72298-3 Tunneling of Wound R
IndentIndentIndent72296-7 Tunneling [Length] of Wound C cm
IndentIndentIndent72297-5 Tunneling clock position of Wound C
IndentIndent89258-8 Wound undermining panel
IndentIndentIndent72295-9 Undermining of Wound R
IndentIndentIndent72293-4 Undermining [Length] of Wound C cm
IndentIndentIndent72294-2 Undermining clock position of Wound C
Indent72292-6 Wound exudate panel C
IndentIndent89259-6 Presence of wound exudate
IndentIndent89260-4 Area of wound cm2
IndentIndent39116-9 Drainage amount of Wound C
IndentIndent72288-4 Odor of Exudate from wound O
IndentIndent72289-2 Color of Exudate from wound R
IndentIndent72290-0 Appearance of Exudate from wound R
Indent72287-6 Wound size panel C
IndentIndent39125-0 Width of Wound R cm
IndentIndent39127-6 Depth of Wound R cm
IndentIndent39126-8 Length of Wound R cm
Indent80338-7 Wound assessment [Interpretation]

Additional Names

Short Name
Wound Assessment Pnl

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.15
Last Updated
Version 2.27
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