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41224-7West Nile virus Ab [Titer] in Cerebral spinal fluidActive

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LP28423-9   West Nile virus
The West Nile Virus (WNV) is an arbovirus that was first identified in the West Nile District of Uganda in 1937. In the fall of 1999, the National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVLS) isolated WNV in a dead crow in New York City.(http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs354/en/) Over the following ten years, WNV spread throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Carribbean. WNV is usually transmitted through the bite of the Culex mosquito, but can also be spread in blood transfusions, organ transplants, breast milk, intrauterine exposure and laboratory-acquired infections. Birds are the preferred host of WNV, and the American robin is an important amplifier host since it develops enough virus in its serum to infect feeding mosquitoes. Though most infections with WNV are subclinical for humans, between 2005 and 2009 there were 12,975 people infected with WNV, of which 35% had severe cases of neuroinvasive disease and 496 people died. For individuals who are 70 years of age or older, infection with WNV has a 15-29% fatality rate. For infants and immunocompromised patients infected with WNV, the fatality rate is even higher. Diagnosis of WNV is based on clinical symptoms and antibody titers. The IgM antibody-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (MAC-ELISA) is the key method used to diagnosis WNV in clinical settings. Antibody titers to WNV NS5 are detectable long-term in vivo and can be used to distinguish past infection with WNV from current infection. RNA is usually undetectable in serum after 13.2 days, but on rare occasions, has been found in serum beyond 40 days. Treatment of infection with WNV is mostly supportive. There are no FDA-approved drugs or vaccines available.[PMID:12089283][PMID:23034323] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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West Nile virus Ab

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West Nile virus Ab (CSF) [Titer]
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West Nile virus antibody, Spinal fluid

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Version 2.15
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Version 2.30
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LG32768-0 West Nile virus

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zh-CNChinese (China)
西尼罗河病毒 抗体:滴定度:时间点:脑脊液:定量型:
nl-NLDutch (Netherlands)
West-Nijlvirus As:titer:moment:liquor cerebrospinalis:kwantitatief:
fr-BEFrench (Belgium)
Virus du Nil occidental Ac:Titre:Temps ponctuel:LCR:Quantitatif:
fr-CAFrench (Canada)
Virus du Nil occidental , Ac:Titre:Temps ponctuel:LCR:Quantitatif:
fr-FRFrench (France)
West Nile virus Ac:Titre:Ponctuel:Liquide céphalorachidien:Numérique:
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Nilo occidentale, virus Ab:Titr:Pt:LCS:Qn:
ko-KRKorean (Korea, Republic of)
웨스트 나일 바이러스 항체:역가:검사시점:뇌척수액:정량:
pt-BRPortuguese (Brazil)
Vírus do Nilo Ocidental Ac:Título:Pt:LCR:Qn:
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
Западный Нил вирус Ат:Титр:ТчкВрм:ЦСЖ:Колич:
es-MXSpanish (Mexico)
Ab virus del Nilo Occidental:Título:Punto temporal:Fluído espinal cerebral:Cuantitativo:
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
Virus Nilo Occidental Anticuerpos:Titulo / Factor de dilución:Punto temporal:Líquido Cefalorraquideo:Qn:
tr-TRTurkish (Turkey)
Batı Nil virüsü Ab:Titr:Zmlı:BOS:Kant:

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