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The OASIS is a core set of screening and assessment elements, including standardized definitions and coding categories that form the foundation of the comprehensive assessment for all clients of home health agencies certified to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid program.
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Original Form Center for Health Policy Research, UCHSC, Denver, COCopyright Copyright © 2002 Center for Health Services Research, UCHSC, Denver, CO. Original form upon which the LOINC panel is based. Outcome and assessment information set (OASIS) form

Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
46462-8 Deprecated Outcome and assessment information set (OASIS) form - version B1
Indent46456-0 CMS certification number (CCN) Agency [OASIS]
Indent46493-3 Medicaid provider number Agency [OASIS]
Indent46494-1 Branch State
Indent46495-8 Branch number during assessment period [CMS Assessment] Agency
Indent46496-6 Agency patient number during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46497-4 Start of care date during assessment period [CMS Assessment] {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent46498-2 Resumption of care date during assessment period [CMS Assessment] {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent45965-1 Name Set
IndentIndent45394-4 Patient Last (Family) name
IndentIndent45392-8 Patient First (Given) name
IndentIndent45393-6 Middle initial
IndentIndent45395-1 Patient Name suffix
Indent46499-0 State of residence
Indent45401-7 Postal code [Location]
Indent45397-7 Medicare or comparable number
Indent45396-9 Social Security number [Identifier]
Indent45400-9 Medicaid number
Indent21112-8 Birth date {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent46098-0 Gender
Indent46608-6 Primary referring physician ID Provider
Indent46500-5 Discipline of Person Completing Assessment
Indent46501-3 Date Assessment Completed {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent46502-1 Reason for assessment [OASIS]
Indent46463-6 Race or ethnicity 1..7
Indent46464-4 Current payment sources for home care [OASIS]
Indent46457-8 Inpatient discharge facility [OASIS]
Indent86470-2 Most recent inpatient discharge date in the last 14 days [CMS Assessment] {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent69365-5 Inpatient facility diagnoses - OASIS B1 [OASIS]
IndentIndent46504-7 Inpatient Facility Diagnosis : ICD-9-CM Code R 1..6
IndentIndent46505-4 Inpatient stay within last 14 days - ICD code # 2 [OASIS]
Indent46506-2 Medical or treatment regimen change in past 14 days [OASIS]
Indent69323-4 Changed medical regimen diagnoses - OASIS - B1 [OASIS]
IndentIndent46507-0 Changed Medical Regimen Diagnosis : ICD-9-CM Code
IndentIndent46508-8 Regimen change in past 14 days - ICD code # 2 [OASIS]
IndentIndent46509-6 Regimen change in past 14 days - ICD code # 3 [OASIS]
IndentIndent46510-4 Regimen change in past 14 days - ICD code # 4 [OASIS]
Indent46465-1 Conditions prior to medical or treatment regimen change or inpatient stay within past 14 days [OASIS]
Indent69325-9 Diagnosis and severity index - OASIS B1 [OASIS]
IndentIndent86255-7 Primary diagnosis ICD code
IndentIndent46512-0 Primary diagnosis severity rating [OASIS]
IndentIndent46513-8 Other diagnosis 1 - ICD code [OASIS]
IndentIndent46514-6 Other diagnosis 1 - severity rating [OASIS]
IndentIndent46515-3 Other diagnosis 2 - ICD code [OASIS]
IndentIndent46516-1 Other diagnosis 2 - severity rating [OASIS]
IndentIndent46517-9 Other diagnosis 3 - ICD code [OASIS]
IndentIndent46518-7 Other diagnosis 3 - severity rating [OASIS]
IndentIndent46519-5 Other diagnosis 4 - ICD code [OASIS]
IndentIndent46520-3 Other diagnosis 4 - severity rating [OASIS]
IndentIndent46521-1 Other diagnosis 5 - ICD code [OASIS]
IndentIndent46522-9 Other diagnosis 5 - severity rating [OASIS]
Indent46610-2 Payment diagnosis
IndentIndent46584-9 Payment diagnosis - primary ICD code [OASIS]
IndentIndent46585-6 Payment diagnosis - first secondary ICD [OASIS]
Indent46466-9 Therapies
Indent46523-7 Overall prognosis for recovery from this episode [OASIS]
Indent46524-5 Rehabilitative prognosis [OASIS]
Indent46525-2 Life expectancy [OASIS]
Indent46467-7 Risk factors
Indent46526-0 Current residence [OASIS]
Indent46468-5 Current living arrangement
Indent46469-3 Assisting person(s) other than home care agency staff [OASIS]
Indent46527-8 Primary caregiver [OASIS]
Indent46528-6 Frequency of primary caregiver assistance [OASIS]
Indent46470-1 Type of primary caregiver assistance
Indent46529-4 Sensory status - vision [OASIS]
Indent46530-2 Sensory status - hearing and ability to understand spoken language [OASIS]
Indent46531-0 Sensory status - speech and oral expression of language [OASIS]
Indent46532-8 Sensory status - frequency of pain [OASIS]
Indent46533-6 Experiencing intractable pain [OASIS]
Indent46534-4 Does this patient have a Skin Lesion or Open Wound (excluding bowel ostomy), other than those described above, that is receiving intervention by the home health agency?
Indent46535-1 Pressure injury [OASIS]
Indent46460-2 Number of pressure injuries at each stage
IndentIndent46536-9 Number of pressure injuries - stage 1 Ord [CMS Assessment] {#}
IndentIndent46537-7 Number of pressure ulcers - stage 2 [OASIS] {#}
IndentIndent46538-5 Number of pressure ulcers - stage 3 [OASIS] {#}
IndentIndent46539-3 Number of pressure ulcers - stage 4 [OASIS] {#}
IndentIndent46540-1 Unobserved pressure injury [OASIS]
Indent46541-9 Stage of most problematic pressure injury [OASIS]
Indent46542-7 Status of most problematic pressure injury [OASIS]
Indent46543-5 Stasis ulcer [OASIS]
Indent46544-3 Number of stasis ulcers [OASIS] {#}
Indent46545-0 Unobserved stasis pressure injury [OASIS]
Indent46546-8 Status of most problematic stasis ulcer [OASIS]
Indent46547-6 Surgical wound [OASIS]
Indent46548-4 Number of surgical wounds [OASIS] {#}
Indent46549-2 Unobserved surgical wound [OASIS]
Indent46550-0 Status of most problematic surgical wound [OASIS]
Indent46551-8 When short of breath [OASIS]
Indent46471-9 At home respiratory treatments [OASIS]
Indent46552-6 Has this patient been treated for a Urinary Tract Infection in the past 14 days?
Indent46553-4 Urinary incontinence or urinary catheter present during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46586-4 When urinary incontinence occurs [OASIS]
Indent46587-2 Bowel incontinence frequency during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46588-0 Does this patient have an ostomy for bowel elimination that (within the last 14 days): a) was related to an inpatient facility stay, or b) necessitated a change in medical or treatment regimen?
Indent46589-8 Cognitive functioning during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46590-6 When confused [OASIS]
Indent46591-4 When anxious [OASIS]
Indent46472-7 Depressive feelings [OASIS]
Indent46473-5 Cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric symptoms demonstrated at least one time per week during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46592-2 Frequency of behavior problems during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46593-0 Is this patient receiving Psychiatric Nursing Services at home provided by a qualified psychiatric nurse?
Indent46478-4 Grooming
IndentIndent46594-8 Prior - grooming [OASIS]
IndentIndent46595-5 Grooming - functional ability during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46479-2 Ability to dress upper body
IndentIndent46596-3 Prior - dress upper body [OASIS]
IndentIndent46597-1 Dress upper body - functional ability during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46480-0 Ability to dress lower body
IndentIndent46598-9 Prior - dress lower body [OASIS]
IndentIndent46599-7 Dress lower body - functional ability during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46606-0 Bathing ability
IndentIndent46600-3 Prior - bathing [OASIS]
IndentIndent46601-1 Current ability - bathing [OASIS]
Indent46481-8 Toileting [OASIS]
IndentIndent46602-9 Prior - toileting [OASIS]
IndentIndent46603-7 Current ability - toileting [OASIS]
Indent46482-6 Transferring [OASIS]
IndentIndent46604-5 Prior - transferring [OASIS]
IndentIndent46605-2 Current ability - transferring [OASIS]
Indent46483-4 Locomotion
IndentIndent46554-2 Prior - ambulation [OASIS]
IndentIndent46555-9 Current ability - ambulation [OASIS]
Indent46484-2 Feeding or eating [OASIS]
IndentIndent46556-7 Prior - feeding [OASIS]
IndentIndent46557-5 Current ability - feeding [OASIS]
Indent46485-9 Planning and preparing light meals
IndentIndent46558-3 Prior - prepare light meals [OASIS]
IndentIndent46559-1 Current ability - prepare light meals [OASIS]
Indent46486-7 Transportation
IndentIndent46560-9 Prior - transportation [OASIS]
IndentIndent46561-7 Current ability - transportation [OASIS]
Indent46487-5 Laundry
IndentIndent46562-5 Prior - laundry [OASIS]
IndentIndent46563-3 Current ability - laundry [OASIS]
Indent46488-3 Housekeeping
IndentIndent46564-1 Prior - housekeeping [OASIS]
IndentIndent46565-8 Current ability - housekeeping [OASIS]
Indent46489-1 Shopping
IndentIndent46566-6 Prior - shopping [OASIS]
IndentIndent46567-4 Current ability - shopping [OASIS]
Indent46490-9 Ability to use telephone
IndentIndent46568-2 Prior - telephone use [OASIS]
IndentIndent46569-0 Telephone use - functional ability during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent46491-7 Management of oral medications
IndentIndent46570-8 Prior - management of oral medications [OASIS]
IndentIndent46571-6 Current ability - management of oral medications [OASIS]
Indent46492-5 Management of inhalant /mist medications
IndentIndent46572-4 Prior - management of inhalant medications [OASIS]
IndentIndent46573-2 Current ability - management of inhalant medications [OASIS]
Indent46574-0 Prior - management of injectable medications [OASIS]
Indent46098-0 Gender
Indent46575-7 Current ability - management of injectable medications [OASIS]
Indent46576-5 Management of equipment [OASIS]
Indent46577-3 Management of equipment Caregiver [OASIS]
Indent46583-1 Therapy need [OASIS]
Indent46461-0 Emergent care [OASIS]
Indent46474-3 Emergent care reason [OASIS]
Indent46578-1 To which Inpatient Facility has the patient been admitted?
Indent55128-3 Discharge disposition
Indent46475-0 Discharge support services or assistance [OASIS]
Indent46580-7 Acute care hospitalization reason [OASIS]
Indent46476-8 Reason for hospitalization [OASIS]
Indent46477-6 For what Reason(s) was the patient Admitted to a Nursing Home?
Indent46581-5 Date of last home visit during assessment period [CMS Assessment] {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent46582-3 Discharge, transfer, death date {mm/dd/yyyy}

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Outcome and assessment information set (OASIS) form - version B1

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Version 2.19
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Version 2.73
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Release 2.73: Status: LOINC will keep most current version and one prior version of CMS assessments active and discourage all older versions.;
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