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Term Description

RFC assessment is a function-by-function assessment based upon all of the relevant evidence of an individual's ability to do work-related activities, based on the following: medical history, medical signs and laboratory findings, the effects of treatment, reports of daily activities, lay evidence, recorded observations, effects of symptoms, evidence from attempts to work, need for structured living arrangement, work evaluations, and medical source statements.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Reference Information

Type Source Reference
Original Form Social Security Administration Original form upon which the LOINC panel is based. Residual physical functional capacity (RFC) assessment form

Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
46637-5 Residual physical functional capacity (RFC) assessment form [RFC]
Indent45965-1 Name Set
IndentIndent45394-4 Patient Last (Family) name
IndentIndent45392-8 Patient First (Given) name
IndentIndent45393-6 Middle initial
IndentIndent45395-1 Patient Name suffix
Indent45396-9 Social Security number [Identifier]
Indent46638-3 IP CDB claim numberholder [RFC]
Indent46639-1 Primary diagnosis [RFC]
Indent46640-9 Secondary diagnosis [RFC]
Indent46641-7 Other alleged impairments [RFC]
Indent46642-5 Limitations section Set [RFC]
IndentIndent46643-3 Exertional limitations Set [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46644-1 No exertional limitations [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46645-8 Occasionally lift/carry [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46646-6 Frequently lift/carry [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46647-4 Stand/walk [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46648-2 Sit [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46649-0 Push/pull [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46650-8 Exertional limitations [RFC]
IndentIndent46651-6 Postural limitations Set [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46652-4 No postural limitations [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46653-2 Climbing [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46654-0 Balancing [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46655-7 Stooping [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46656-5 Kneeling [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46657-3 Crouching [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46658-1 Crawling [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46659-9 Postural limitations [RFC]
IndentIndent46660-7 Manipulative limitations Set [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46661-5 No manipulative limitations [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46662-3 Reaching in all directions [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46663-1 Handling [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46664-9 Fingering [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46665-6 Feeling [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46666-4 Manipulative limitations [RFC]
IndentIndent46667-2 Visual limitations Set [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46668-0 No visual limitations [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46669-8 Near acuity [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46670-6 Far acuity [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46671-4 Depth perception [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46672-2 Accommodation [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46673-0 Color vision [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46674-8 Field of vision [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46675-5 Visual limitations [RFC]
IndentIndent46676-3 Communicative limitation Set [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46677-1 No communicative limitations [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46678-9 Hearing [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46679-7 Speaking [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46680-5 Communicative limitation [RFC]
IndentIndent46681-3 Environmental limitations Set [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46682-1 Extreme cold [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46683-9 Extreme heat [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46684-7 Wetness [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46685-4 Humidity [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46686-2 Noise [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46687-0 Vibrations [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46688-8 Fumes, odors, dusts, gases, poor ventilation, etc [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46689-6 Hazards [RFC]
IndentIndentIndent46690-4 Environmental limitations [RFC]
Indent46691-2 Symptoms [RFC]
Indent46692-0 Treatment or examining source statements Set [RFC]
IndentIndent46693-8 Treating or examining source statement regarding claimant's physical capacities in file [RFC]
IndentIndent46694-6 Treating or examining source conclusions about the claimant's limitations or restrictions which are significantly different from your file [RFC]
IndentIndent46695-3 Why conclusions are not supported by the evidence in file [RFC]
IndentIndent46697-9 Date [RFC]
Indent46696-1 Additional comments [RFC]

Fully-Specified Name

Residual physical functional capacity (RFC) assessment form
RFC assessment

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.19
Last Updated
Version 2.44
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