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Discouraged as items are from a legacy demonstration tool that is no longer maintained. No replacement term defined.

Term Description

The Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) tool measures the health and functional status, changes in severity and other outcomes, for Medicare post acute care (PAC) patients. It has been designed to measure outcomes in physical and medical treatments while controlling for factors that affect outcomes, such as cognitive impairments and social and environmental factors. Many of the items are already collected in hospitals, SNFs and HHAs, although the exact item form may be different. The assessment tool is being designed to eventually replace similar items on the existing Medicare assessment forms, including the OASIS, MDS, and IRFPAI tools. Four major domains are included in the tool: medical, functional, cognitive impairments, and social/environmental factors. These domains either measure case mix severity differences within medical conditions or predict outcomes such as discharge to home or community, rehospitalization, and changes in functional or medical status. The development of the CARE tool builds on prior research and incorporates lessons learned from clinicians treating the continuum of patients seen in all four settings. The tool targets a range of measures that document variations in a patient's level of care needs including factors related to treatment and staffing patterns such as predictors of physician, nursing, and therapy intensity.
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Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
52748-1 Deprecated Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) tool - Home Health Admission
Indent52452-0 Administrative Items
IndentIndent52453-8 Assessment Type
IndentIndentIndent52454-6 Reason for assessment
IndentIndentIndent54593-9 Assessment reference date - observation end date during assessment period [CMS Assessment] {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent52457-9 Provider Information
IndentIndentIndent52458-7 Provider's Name
IndentIndent52460-3 Patient Information
IndentIndentIndent45392-8 Patient's First Name
IndentIndentIndent52461-1 Patient's Middle Initial or Name
IndentIndentIndent45394-4 Patient's Last Name
IndentIndentIndent52462-9 Patient's Nickname (optional)
IndentIndentIndent45397-7 Patient's Medicare Health Insurance Number
IndentIndentIndent45400-9 Patient's Medicaid Number
IndentIndentIndent52463-7 Patient's Facility/Agency Identification Number (for internal tracking)
IndentIndentIndent52455-3 Admission date {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndentIndent21112-8 Birth date {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndentIndent45396-9 Social Security number [Identifier] O
IndentIndentIndent46098-0 Gender
IndentIndentIndent46463-6 Race or ethnicity 1..7
IndentIndentIndent52553-5 Is English the patient's primary language?
IndentIndentIndent52554-3 If English is not the patient's primary language, what is the patient's primary language?
IndentIndentIndent54588-9 Interpreter needed
IndentIndent52556-8 Current Payment Source (s) 1..13
IndentIndent52721-8 Other (specify)
Indent69352-3 Admission information - home health [CARE]
IndentIndent52537-8 Pre-admission Service Use
IndentIndentIndent52722-6 Admitted From. Immediately preceding this admission, where was the patient?
IndentIndentIndent52723-4 Other (specify)
IndentIndentIndent52724-2 If admitted from a medical setting, what was the primary diagnosis being treated in the previous setting? 0..4
IndentIndentIndent52725-9 In the last 2 months, what medical services other than those identified in A1. has the patient received? 1..9
IndentIndentIndent70129-2 Within this acute care hospital stay, on what other units has the patient been treated prior to coming to this unit?
IndentIndent52538-6 Patient History Prior to this Current Illness, Exacerbation, or Injury
IndentIndentIndent52726-7 Prior to this recent illness, where did the patient live?
IndentIndentIndent52539-4 If the patient lived in the community prior to this illness, provide the patient's zip code (if the patient 's residence was in U.S.).
IndentIndentIndent52727-5 Lives outside U.S.
IndentIndentIndent52540-2 ZIP Code unknown
IndentIndentIndent52541-0 If the patient lived in the community prior to this illness, what help was used? 0..4
IndentIndentIndent52542-8 If the patient lived in the community prior to this illness, who did the patient live with? 0..4
IndentIndentIndent52543-6 If the patient lived in the community prior to this current illness, exacerbation, or injury, are there any structural barriers in the patient's prior residence that could interfere with the patient's discharge? 0..7
IndentIndentIndent52544-4 Other (specify)
IndentIndentIndent52449-6 Prior Functioning. Indicate the patient's usual ability with everyday activities prior to this current illness, exacerbation, or injury.
IndentIndentIndentIndent52545-1 Self Care: Did the patient need help bathing, dressing, using the toilet, or eating?
IndentIndentIndentIndent52546-9 Indoor Mobility (Ambulation): Did the patient need assistance with walking from room to room (with or without devices such as cane, crutch, or walker)?
IndentIndentIndentIndent52547-7 Stairs (Ambulation): Did the patient need assistance with internal or external stairs (with or without devices such as cane, crutch, or walker)?
IndentIndentIndentIndent52548-5 Indoor Mobility (Wheelchair): Did the patient need assistance with moving from room to room using a wheelchair, scooter, or other wheeled mobility device?
IndentIndentIndentIndent52549-3 Functional Cognition: Did the patient need help planning regular tasks, such as shopping or remembering to take medication?
IndentIndentIndent52550-1 Mobility devices and aids used prior to current illness, exacerbation, or injury [CARE] 1..9
IndentIndentIndent52551-9 Other (specify)
IndentIndentIndent52552-7 Falls in the past year
IndentIndent55754-6 Frequency of Assistance at Admission for Home Health. How often will the patient require assistance (physical care or supervision) from a caregiver(s) or provider(s)?
IndentIndent52691-3 Willing Caregiver(s). Does the patient have one or more willing caregiver(s)?
IndentIndent52692-1 Types of Caregiver(s). What is the relationship of the caregiver(s) to the patient? 1..4
IndentIndent55755-3 Residential Information
IndentIndentIndent55756-1 Upon admission, who does the patient live with? 1..4
IndentIndent52528-7 Support Needs/Caregiver Assistance
IndentIndentIndent52694-7 ADL assistance (e.g., transfer/ambulation, bathing, dressing, toileting, eating/feeding)
IndentIndentIndent52695-4 IADL assistance (e.g., meals, housekeeping, laundry, telephone, shopping, finances)
IndentIndentIndent52696-2 Medication administration (e.g., oral, inhaled, or injectable)
IndentIndentIndent52697-0 Medical procedures/treatments (e.g., changing wound dressing)
IndentIndentIndent52698-8 Management of equipment (includes oxygen, IV/infusion equipment, enteral/parenteral nutrition, ventilator therapy equipment, or supplies)
IndentIndentIndent52699-6 Supervision and safety
IndentIndentIndent52700-2 Advocacy or facilitation of patient's participation in appropriate medical care (includes transportation to or from appointments)
IndentIndentIndent52701-0 None of the above or non-residential setting
Indent69377-0 Current medical information
IndentIndent52464-5 Primary and Other Diagnoses, Comorbidities, and Complications
IndentIndentIndent18630-4 Primary Diagnosis at Assessment
IndentIndent52465-2 Other Diagnoses, Comorbidities, and Complications
IndentIndentIndent29308-4 Diagnosis 0..*
IndentIndent52468-6 Which of the following treatments did the patient receive during the 2-day assessment period?
IndentIndentIndent52802-6 Major treatments admitted with [CARE] 1..30
IndentIndentIndent52565-9 Specify reason for continuous monitoring:
IndentIndentIndent52566-7 Specify most intensive frequency of suctioning during stay: Every____ hours
IndentIndentIndent52567-5 Specify reason for 24-hour supervision
IndentIndentIndent52568-3 Specify
IndentIndent52471-0 Medications (Optional) O
IndentIndentIndent52418-1 Medication Name
IndentIndentIndent52809-1 Dose form Current medication
IndentIndentIndent18609-8 Current medication, Route
IndentIndentIndent52810-9 Current medication, Frequency
IndentIndentIndent52796-0 Planned Stop Date (if applicable)
IndentIndent52472-8 Allergies & Adverse Drug Reactions (Optional for Home Health Admission.)
IndentIndentIndent52571-7 Does patient have allergies or any known adverse drug reactions?
IndentIndentIndent52473-6 Allergies/Causes of Reaction 0..*
IndentIndentIndent31044-1 Patient Reaction 0..*
IndentIndent52474-4 Skin integrity panel
IndentIndentIndent52475-1 Presence of pressure ulcers
IndentIndentIndentIndent52573-3 Is this patient at risk of developing pressure ulcers?
IndentIndentIndentIndent52574-1 Does this patient have one or more unhealed pressure ulcer(s) at stage 2 or higher?
IndentIndentIndentIndent55763-7 IF THE PATIENT HAS ONE OR MORE STAGE 2-4 PRESSURE ULCERS, indicate the number of unhealed pressure ulcers at each stage.
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52575-8 Number of pressure ulcers at assessment - stage 2 [CARE]
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52576-6 Number of pressure ulcers at assessment - stage 3 [CARE]
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52577-4 Number of pressure ulcers at assessment - stage 4 [CARE]
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52578-2 Number of pressure ulcers at assessment - unstageable [CARE]
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52583-2 Number of unhealed stage 2 ulcers known to be present for more than 1 month [CARE] {#}
IndentIndentIndent52477-7 If any pressure ulcer is stage 3 or 4 (or if eschar is present), please record the most recent measurements for the LARGEST ulcer (or eschar):
IndentIndentIndentIndent52728-3 Longest length in any direction cm
IndentIndentIndentIndent52729-1 Pressure Ulcer Width: cm
IndentIndentIndentIndent57228-9 Pressure Ulcer Depth: Depth of the same pressure ulcer; from visible surface to the depth of the deepest area cm
IndentIndentIndentIndent52584-0 Date of measurement
IndentIndentIndent52730-9 Indicate if any unhealed stage 3 or stage 4 pressure ulcer(s) has undermining and/or tunneling (sinus tract) present.
IndentIndentIndent52585-7 Major wound (excluding pressure ulcers). Does the patient have one or more major wound(s) that require ongoing care because of draining, infection, or delayed healing?
IndentIndentIndent52478-5 Number of Major Wounds
IndentIndentIndentIndent52586-5 Delayed healing of surgical wound # [CARE] {#}
IndentIndentIndentIndent52587-3 Trauma-related wound # {#}
IndentIndentIndentIndent52588-1 Diabetic foot ulcer(s) # {#}
IndentIndentIndentIndent52589-9 Vascular ulcer (arterial or venous including diabetic ulcers not located on the foot) # [CARE] {#}
IndentIndentIndentIndent52590-7 Other {#}
IndentIndentIndentIndent52591-5 Please specify:
IndentIndentIndent52592-3 Turning surfaces not intact [CARE] 1..5
IndentIndent52479-3 Physiologic Factors
IndentIndentIndent52480-1 Anthropometric Measures
IndentIndentIndentIndent3137-7 Height (inches) OR [in_us];cm;m
IndentIndentIndentIndent8301-4 Height (cm) [in_us];cm;m
IndentIndentIndentIndent3141-9 Weight (pounds) OR [lb_av];kg
IndentIndentIndentIndent8335-2 Weight (kg) [lb_av];kg
IndentIndentIndent72105-0 Vital signs and oximetry - admission, home health, interim, discharge [CARE]
IndentIndentIndentIndent8310-5 Temperature (deg F) OR Cel
IndentIndentIndentIndent8867-4 Heart Rate (beats/min) {beats}/min;{counts/min}
IndentIndentIndentIndent9279-1 Respiratory Rate (breaths/min) {breaths}/min;{counts/min}
IndentIndentIndentIndent8480-6 Systolic Blood Pressure (mm/Hg) mm[Hg]
IndentIndentIndentIndent8462-4 Diastolic Blood Pressure (mm/Hg) mm[Hg]
IndentIndentIndentIndent59408-5 Oxygen saturation in Arterial blood by Pulse oximetry %
IndentIndentIndentIndent52593-1 Please specify source and amount of supplemental O2
IndentIndentIndent52482-7 Laboratory
IndentIndentIndentIndent718-7 Hemogloblin (gm/dL) g/dL
IndentIndentIndentIndent20570-8 Hematocrit (%) %
IndentIndentIndentIndent26464-8 WBC (K/mm3) 10*3/uL
IndentIndentIndentIndent4548-4 HbA1c (%) %
IndentIndentIndentIndent2947-0 Sodium (mEq/L) mmol/L
IndentIndentIndentIndent6298-4 Potassium (mEq/L) mmol/L
IndentIndentIndentIndent3094-0 BUN (mg/dL) mg/dL
IndentIndentIndentIndent2160-0 Creatinine (mg/dL) mg/dL
IndentIndentIndentIndent1751-7 Albumin (gm/dL) g/dL
IndentIndentIndentIndent14338-8 Prealbumin (mg/dL) mg/dL;g/dL
IndentIndentIndentIndent6301-6 INR {INR}
IndentIndentIndent52483-5 Other
IndentIndentIndentIndent10230-1 Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction (%) %
IndentIndentIndent52484-3 Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs)
IndentIndentIndentIndent52593-1 Please specify source and amount of supplemental O2
IndentIndentIndentIndent2744-1 pH of Arterial blood [pH]
IndentIndentIndentIndent2019-8 PaCO2 (mm/Hg) mm[Hg]
IndentIndentIndentIndent1960-4 HCO3 (mEq/L) mmol/L
IndentIndentIndentIndent2703-7 PaO2 (mm/Hg) mm[Hg]
IndentIndentIndentIndent2708-6 SaO2 (%) %
IndentIndentIndentIndent1925-7 B.E. (base excess) (mEq/dL) mmol/L
IndentIndentIndent52485-0 Pulmonary Function Tests
IndentIndentIndentIndent19870-5 FVC (liters) L
IndentIndentIndentIndent19926-5 FEV1% or FEV1/FVC (%) %
IndentIndentIndentIndent20150-9 FEV1 (liters) L
IndentIndentIndentIndent33452-4 PEF (liters per minute) L/min
IndentIndentIndentIndent20159-0 MVV (liters per minute) L/min
IndentIndentIndentIndent19862-2 TLC (liters) mL;L
IndentIndentIndentIndent19843-2 FRC (liters) L
IndentIndentIndentIndent20146-7 RV (liters) L
IndentIndentIndentIndent19924-0 ERV (liters) L
IndentIndent69339-0 Influenza vaccine during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
IndentIndentIndent55019-4 Influenza virus vaccine received in facility during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
IndentIndentIndent58131-4 Date of influenza vaccination {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndentIndent55020-2 If influenza vaccine not received, state reason:
IndentIndent55021-0 Pneumococcal vaccine
IndentIndentIndent55022-8 Is the resident's Pneumococcal Vaccination up to date?
IndentIndentIndent45956-0 Reason pneumococcal vaccine not received during assessment period [CMS Assessment]
Indent52487-6 Cognitive Status, Mood and Pain
IndentIndent55762-9 Comatose
IndentIndentIndent45482-7 Persistent vegetative state/no discrenible consciousness at the time of admission
IndentIndent52488-4 Temporal Orientation/Mental Status
IndentIndentIndent52489-2 Interview Attempted
IndentIndentIndentIndent52594-9 Interview attempted
IndentIndentIndentIndent52595-6 Indicate reason that the interview was not attempted
IndentIndentIndent69966-0 Brief interview for mental status (BIMS) [CARE]
IndentIndentIndentIndent52731-7 Repetition of three words # [BIMS]
IndentIndentIndentIndent52492-6 Year, Month, Day
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52732-5 Temporal orientation - current year [BIMS]
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52733-3 Temporal orientation - current month [BIMS]
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent54609-3 Temporal orientation - current day of the week [BIMS]
IndentIndentIndentIndent52493-4 Recall [BIMS]
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52735-8 Able to recall "sock"
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52736-6 Able to recall "blue"
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52737-4 Able to recall "bed"
IndentIndent52494-2 Observational Assessment of Cognitive Status
IndentIndentIndent52596-4 Memory/recall ability 1..6
IndentIndentIndent52597-2 Specify reason
IndentIndent52495-9 Confusion Assessment Method (CAM)
IndentIndentIndent52738-2 Inattention
IndentIndentIndent52739-0 Disorganized thinking
IndentIndentIndent52740-8 Altered level of consciousness/alertness
IndentIndentIndent52741-6 Psychomotor retardation
IndentIndent52496-7 Has the patient exhibited any of the following behaviors during the 2-day assessment period?
IndentIndentIndent52598-0 Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others
IndentIndentIndent52599-8 Verbal behavioral symptoms directed towards others
IndentIndentIndent52600-4 Other disruptive or dangerous behavioral symptoms not directed towards others, including self-injurious behaviors
IndentIndent52497-5 Mood
IndentIndentIndent52601-2 Mood Interview Attempted?
IndentIndentIndent52498-3 Patient Health Questionnaire 2 item (PHQ-2) [Reported PHQ-2 CARE]
IndentIndentIndentIndent44250-9 Little interest or pleasure in doing things
IndentIndentIndentIndent54637-4 Little interest or pleasure in doing things in last 2 weeks.frequency [Reported PHQ-9 CMS]
IndentIndentIndentIndent44255-8 Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless
IndentIndentIndentIndent54639-0 Feeling down, depressed or hopeless in last 2 weeks.frequency [Reported PHQ-9 CMS]
IndentIndentIndent52499-1 Feeling sad panel
IndentIndentIndentIndent52602-0 Ask patient: "During the past 2 weeks, how often would you say, 'I feel sad'?"
IndentIndent52500-6 Pain
IndentIndentIndent52603-8 Pain Interview Attempted?
IndentIndentIndent52604-6 Pain Presence. Ask patient: "Have you had pain or hurting at any time during the last 2 days?"
IndentIndentIndent52742-4 Pain Severity. Ask patient: "Please rate your worst pain during the last 2 days on a zero to 10 scale, with zero being no pain and 10 as the worst pain you can imagine."
IndentIndentIndent52605-3 Pain Effect on Sleep. Ask patient: "During the past 2 days, has pain made it hard for you to sleep?"
IndentIndentIndent52606-1 Pain Effect on Activities. Ask patient: "During the past 2 days, have you limited your activities because of pain?"
IndentIndentIndent52607-9 Pain Observational Assessment. If the patient could not be interviewed for pain assessment, check all indicators of of pain or possible pain. 0..5
Indent52502-2 Impairments
IndentIndent52503-0 Bladder and Bowel Management - Use of Device(s) and Incontinence
IndentIndentIndent52608-7 Does the patient have any impairments with bladder or bowel management (e.g., use of a device or incontinence)?
IndentIndentIndent52609-5 Bladder - Does this patient use an external or indwelling device or require intermittent catheterization?
IndentIndentIndent52610-3 Bowel - Does this patient use an external or indwelling device or require intermittent catheterization?
IndentIndentIndent52611-1 Bladder - Indicate the frequency of incontinence.
IndentIndentIndent52612-9 Bowel - Indicate the frequency of incontinence.
IndentIndentIndent52613-7 Bladder - Does the patient need assistance to manage equipment or devices related to bladder or bowel care (e.g., urinal, bedpan, indwelling catheter, intermittent catheterization, ostomy, incontinence pads/undergarments)?
IndentIndentIndent52614-5 Bowel - Does the patient need assistance to manage equipment or devices related to bladder or bowel care (e.g., urinal, bedpan, indwelling catheter, intermittent catheterization, ostomy, incontinence pads/undergarments)?
IndentIndentIndent52615-2 Bladder - If the patient is incontinent or has an indwelling device, was the patient incontinent (excluding stress incontinence) immediately prior to the current illness, exacerbation, or injury?
IndentIndentIndent52616-0 Bowel - If the patient is incontinent or has an indwelling device, was the patient incontinent (excluding stress incontinence) immediately prior to the current illness, exacerbation, or injury?
IndentIndent52504-8 Swallowing
IndentIndentIndent52618-6 Does the patient have any signs or symptoms of a possible swallowing disorder? 1..7
IndentIndentIndent52619-4 Other (specify)
IndentIndentIndent52620-2 Describe the patient's usual ability with swallowing.
IndentIndent52505-5 Hearing, Vision, and Communication
IndentIndentIndent52621-0 Does the patient have any impairments with hearing, vision, or communication?
IndentIndentIndent52622-8 Understanding verbal content - excluding language barriers [CARE]
IndentIndentIndent52623-6 Expression of ideas and wants [CARE]
IndentIndentIndent52624-4 Ability to see in adequate light (with glasses or other visual appliances)
IndentIndentIndent52625-1 Ability to hear (with hearing aid or hearing appliance, if normally used)
IndentIndentIndent52677-2 Medication management-oral medications during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndentIndent52679-8 Medication management-injectable medications during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52506-3 Weight-bearing
IndentIndentIndent52626-9 Does the patient have any clinician-ordered weight-bearing or limb/spinal loading restrictions( including upper body lift, push, pull, or carry restrictions)?
IndentIndentIndent52507-1 Weight-bearing restrictions panel
IndentIndentIndentIndent52627-7 Upper Extremity - Left
IndentIndentIndentIndent52628-5 Upper Extremity - Right
IndentIndentIndentIndent52629-3 Lower Extremity - Left
IndentIndentIndentIndent52630-1 Lower Extremity - Right
IndentIndent52508-9 Grip strength
IndentIndentIndent52631-9 Does the patient have any impairments with grip strength (e.g. reduced/limited or absent)?
IndentIndentIndent52509-7 Grip strength panel
IndentIndentIndentIndent52632-7 Left Hand
IndentIndentIndentIndent52633-5 Right Hand
IndentIndent52510-5 Respiratory status
IndentIndentIndent52634-3 Does the patient have any impairments with respiratory status?
IndentIndentIndent52635-0 Respiratory status with supplemental oxygen
IndentIndentIndent52636-8 Respiratory status without supplemental oxygen
IndentIndent52511-3 Endurance
IndentIndentIndent52637-6 Does the patient have any impairments with endurance?
IndentIndentIndent52638-4 Mobility Endurance: Was the patient able to walk or wheel 50 feet (15 meters)?
IndentIndentIndent52639-2 Sitting Endurance: Was the patient able to tolerate sitting for 15 minutes?
IndentIndent52512-1 Mobility Devices and Aids Needed
IndentIndentIndent52640-0 Indicate all mobility devices and aids needed at time of assessment. 1..8
IndentIndentIndent52641-8 Other (specify)
Indent52513-9 Functional Status - Usual Performance
IndentIndent52514-7 Core Self Care
IndentIndentIndent52642-6 Eating
IndentIndentIndent52643-4 Tube feeding
IndentIndentIndent52644-2 Oral hygiene
IndentIndentIndent52645-9 Toilet hygiene
IndentIndentIndent52646-7 Upper body dressing
IndentIndentIndent52647-5 Lower body dressing
IndentIndent52515-4 Core Functional Mobility
IndentIndentIndent52648-3 Lying to Sitting on Side of Bed
IndentIndentIndent52649-1 Sit to Stand
IndentIndentIndent52650-9 Chair/Bed-to-Chair Transfer
IndentIndentIndent52651-7 Toilet Transfer
IndentIndentIndent52516-2 Mode of Mobility - All Patients
IndentIndentIndentIndent52652-5 Does this patient primarily use a wheelchair for mobility?
IndentIndentIndentIndent52517-0 Select the longest distance the patient walks and code his/her level of independence (Level 1-6) on that distance. Observe performance. (Select only one.)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52653-3 Walk 150 ft (45 m)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52654-1 Walk 100 ft (30 m)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52655-8 Walk 50 ft (15m)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52656-6 Walk in Room Once Standing
IndentIndentIndentIndent52518-8 Select the longest distance the patient wheels and code his/her level of independence (Level 1-6). Observe performance. (Select only one.)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52657-4 Wheel 150 ft (45 m)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52658-2 Wheel 100 ft (30 m)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52659-0 Wheel 50 ft (15 m)
IndentIndentIndentIndentIndent52660-8 Wheel in Room Once Seated
IndentIndent52519-6 Supplemental Functional Ability
IndentIndentIndent54066-6 Following discharge, is it anticipated that the patient will need post-acute care to improve their functional ability or other types of personal assistance?
IndentIndentIndent52661-6 Wash Upper Body
IndentIndentIndent52662-4 Shower/bathe self
IndentIndentIndent52663-2 Roll left and right
IndentIndentIndent52664-0 Sit to lying
IndentIndentIndent52665-7 Picking up object
IndentIndentIndent52666-5 Putting on/taking off footwear during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndentIndent52520-4 Mode of Mobility - PAC Patients
IndentIndentIndentIndent52652-5 Does this patient primarily use a wheelchair for mobility?
IndentIndentIndentIndent52667-3 1 step (curb)
IndentIndentIndentIndent52668-1 Walk 50 feet with two turns
IndentIndentIndentIndent52669-9 12 steps-interior
IndentIndentIndentIndent52670-7 Four steps-exterior
IndentIndentIndentIndent52671-5 Walking 10 feet on uneven surfaces
IndentIndentIndentIndent52672-3 Car transfer
IndentIndentIndentIndent52673-1 Wheel short ramp
IndentIndentIndentIndent52674-9 Wheel long ramp
IndentIndentIndentIndent52675-6 Telephone answering
IndentIndentIndentIndent52676-4 Telephone-placing call
IndentIndentIndentIndent52677-2 Medication management-oral medications
IndentIndentIndentIndent52678-0 Medication management-inhalant/mist
IndentIndentIndentIndent52679-8 Medication management-injectable medications
IndentIndentIndentIndent52680-6 Make light meal
IndentIndentIndentIndent52681-4 Wipe down surface
IndentIndentIndentIndent52682-2 Light shopping
IndentIndentIndentIndent52683-0 Laundry
IndentIndentIndentIndent52684-8 Use public transportation
Indent81957-3 Overall Plan of Care/Advance Care Directives panel
IndentIndent52522-0 Overall Plan of Care/Advance Care Directives
IndentIndentIndent52685-5 Have the patient (or representative) and the care team (or physician) documented agreed-upon care goals and expected dates of completion or re-evaluation?
IndentIndentIndent52686-3 Which description best fits the patient's overall status?
IndentIndentIndent52687-1 In anticipation of serious clinical complications, has the patient made care decisions which are documented in the medical record? 1..2
Indent69351-5 Medical coding information
IndentIndent52534-5 Principal Diagnosis
IndentIndentIndent46584-9 ICD-9 CM for Principal Diagnosis at Assessment 0..*
IndentIndentIndent86255-7 Primary diagnosis ICD code
IndentIndentIndent18630-4 Primary diagnosis
IndentIndentIndent29308-4 Diagnosis 0..*
IndentIndent52807-5 Other Diagnoses, Comorbidities, and Complications
IndentIndentIndent52797-8 Diagnosis ICD code [Identifier] 0..*
IndentIndentIndent29308-4 Diagnosis 0..*
Indent52535-2 Other useful information
IndentIndent52720-0 Is there other useful information about this patient that you want to add?

Fully-Specified Name

Continuity assessment record and evaluation tool - Home health admission

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Version 2.27
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Version 2.77
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