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52837-2Type of nursing unit or service [NDNQI]Active

Term Description

Select all categories that most accurately describe the unit type or specialty (This is the NDNQI List In Appendix D http://www.nursingquality.org/Documents/Public/APPENDIX%20D.pdf)
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Fully-Specified Name

Type of nursing unit or service
Nursing unit

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.24
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Version 2.46

Normative Answer List LL599-2

Source: National Center for Nursing Quality

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Adult Critical Care Unit 02.04.01 LA10142-0
Adult Burn Critical Care Unit LA10143-8
Adult Cardiothoracic Critical Care Unit LA10144-6
Adult Coronary Critical Care Unit LA10145-3
Adult Medical Critical Care Unit LA10146-1
Adult Neurology Critical Care Unit LA10147-9
Adult Pulmonary Critical Care Unit LA10148-7
Adult Surgical Critical Care Unit LA10149-5
Adult Trauma Critical Care Unit LA10150-3
Adult Step-down Unit 02.04.02 LA10151-1
Adult Med-Surg Step-down Unit LA10152-9
Adult Medical Step-down Unit LA10153-7
Adult Surgical Step-down Unit LA10154-5
Adult Medical Unit 02.04.03 LA10155-2
Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Medical Unit LA10156-0
Adult Cardiac Medical Unit LA10157-8
Adult Gastrointestinal Medical Unit LA10158-6
Adult Infectious Disease Medical Unit LA10159-4
Adult Neurology Medical Unit LA10160-2
Adult Oncology Medical Unit LA10161-0
Adult Renal Medical Unit LA10162-8
Adult Respiratory Medical Unit LA10163-6
Adult Surgical Unit 02.04.04 LA10164-4
Adult Bariatric Surgical Unit LA10165-1
Adult Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit LA10166-9
Adult Gynecology Surgical Unit LA10167-7
Adult Neurosurgery Surgical Unit LA10168-5
Adult Orthopedic Surgical Unit LA10169-3
Adult Plastics Surgical Unit LA10170-1
Adult Transplant Surgical Unit LA10171-9
Adult Trauma Surgical Unit LA10172-7
Adult Med-Surg Combination Unit 02.04.05 LA10173-5
Adult Cardiac Med-Surg Combination Unit LA10174-3
Adult Neuro/Neurosurgery Med-Surg Combination Unit LA10175-0
Adult Oncology Med-Surg Combination Unit LA10176-8
Adult Obstetrics Unit 02.04.06 LA10177-6
Adult Obstetrics Ante-Partum Unit LA10178-4
Adult Obstetrics Labor & Delivery Unit LA10179-2
Adult Obstetrics Mother/Baby Combined Unit LA10180-0
Adult Obstetrics Post-Partum Unit LA10181-8
Other Adult Skilled Nursing Unit 02.04.07 LA10182-6
Other Adult Mixed Acuity Unit 02.04.08 LA10183-4
Neonatal Level I Neonate-Continuing Care Unit 02.04.09 LA10184-2
Neonatal Level II Neonate-Intermediate Care Unit 02.04.10 LA10185-9
Neonatal Level III/IV Neonatal Critical Care Unit 02.04.11 LA10186-7
Neonatal Well Baby Nursery Unit 02.04.12 LA10187-5
Neonatal Mixed Acuity Unit 02.04.13 LA10188-3
Adult Rehabilitation Unit 02.04.14 LA10189-1
Adult Brain Injury/Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Unit LA10190-9
Adult Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Unit LA10191-7
Adult Neurology/Stroke Rehabilitation Unit LA10192-5
Adult Orthopedic/Amputee Rehabilitation Unit LA10193-3
Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit 02.04.15 LA10194-1
Mixed Acuity Rehabilitation Unit 02.04.16 LA10195-8
Pediatric Critical Care Unit 02.04.17 LA10196-6
Pediatric Burn Critical Care Unit LA10197-4
Pediatric Cardiothoracic Critical Care Unit LA10198-2
Pediatric Coronary Critical Care Unit LA10199-0
Pediatric Medical Critical Care Unit LA10200-6
Pediatric Neurology Critical Care Unit LA10201-4
Pediatric Pulmonary Critical Care Unit LA10202-2
Pediatric Surgical Critical Care Unit LA10203-0
Pediatric Trauma Critical Care Unit LA10204-8
Pediatric Step Down Unit 02.04.18 LA10205-5
Pediatric Med-Surg Step-down Unit LA10206-3
Pediatric Medical Step-down Unit LA10207-1
Pediatric Surgical Step-down Unit LA10208-9
Pediatric Medical Unit 02.04.19 LA10209-7
Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Medical Unit LA10210-5
Pediatric Cardiac Medical Unit LA10211-3
Pediatric Gastrointestinal Medical Unit LA10212-1
Pediatric Infectious Disease Medical Unit LA10213-9
Pediatric Neurology Medical Unit LA10214-7
Pediatric Oncology Medical Unit LA10215-4
Pediatric Renal Medical Unit LA10216-2
Pediatric Respiratory Medical Unit LA10217-0
Pediatric Surgical Unit 02.04.20 LA10218-8
Pediatric Bariatric Surgical Unit LA10219-6
Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit LA10220-4
Pediatric Gynecology Surgical Unit LA10221-2
Pediatric Neurosurgery Surgical Unit LA10222-0
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgical Unit LA10223-8
Pediatric Plastics Surgical Unit LA10224-6
Pediatric Transplant Surgical Unit LA10225-3
Pediatric Trauma Surgical Unit LA10226-1
Pediatric Med-Surg Combination Unit 02.04.21 LA10227-9
Pediatric Cardiac Med-Surg Combination Unit LA10228-7
Pediatric Neurology/Neurosurgery Combination Unit LA10229-5
Pediatric Oncology Med-Surg Combination Unit LA10230-3
Pediatric Mixed Acuity Unit 02.04.22 LA10231-1
Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Unit 02.04.23 LA10232-9
Adult General Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10233-7
Adult Intensive Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10234-5
Adult Mixed Acuity Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10235-2
Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit 02.04.24 LA10236-0
Adolescent General Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10237-8
Adolescent Intensive Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10238-6
Adolescent Mixed Acuity Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10239-4
Child Psychiatric Inpatient Unit 02.04.25 LA10240-2
Child General Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10241-0
Child Intensive Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10242-8
Child Mixed Acuity Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10243-6
Child-Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit 02.04.26 LA10244-4
Child-Adolescent General Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10245-1
Child-Adolescent Intensive Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10246-9
Child-Adolescent Mixed Acuity Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10247-7
Geripsych Inpatient Unit 02.04.27 LA10248-5
Geripsych General Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10249-3
Geripsych Intensive Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10250-1
Geripsych Mixed Acuity Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10251-9
Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit 02.04.28 LA10252-7
Behavioral Health General Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10253-5
Behavioral Health Intensive Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10254-3
Behavioral Health Mixed Acuity Psychiatric Inpatient Unit LA10255-0
Specialty Psychiatric Inpatient Unit 02.04.29 LA10256-8
Specialty Psychiatric General Inpatient Unit LA10257-6
Specialty Psychiatric Intensive Inpatient Unit LA10258-4
Specialty Psychiatric Mixed Acuity Inpatient Unit LA10259-2
Multiple Psychiatric Unit Types Inpatient Unit 02.04.30 LA10260-0
Multiple Psychiatric Unit Types General Inpatient Unit LA10261-8
Multiple Psychiatric Unit Types Intensive Inpatient Unit LA10262-6
Multiple Psychiatric Unit Types Mixed Acuity Inpatient Unit LA10263-4
Other Psychiatric Inpatient or Outpatient Units 02.04.31 LA10264-2
Psychiatric Day Hospital LA10265-9
Outpatient Psychiatric Clinics LA10266-7
Psychiatric Residential Unit (no 24/7 nurse) LA10267-5
Emergency Department 02.04.32 LA10268-3
General Emergency Department LA10269-1
Obstetrics Emergency Department LA10270-9
Pediatric Emergency Department LA10271-7
Urgent Care Emergency Department LA10272-5
Peri-operative Unit 02.04.33 LA10273-3
Post Anesthesia Care Unit LA10274-1
Pre-Op Holding LA10275-8
Operating room LA7222-8
Same Day/Ambulatory Surgery LA10277-4
General Ambulatory Care 02.04.34 LA10278-2
Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic LA10279-0
Outpatient Clinics LA10280-8
Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic LA10281-6
Radiation Therapy Clinic LA10282-4
Wound Care Clinic LA10283-2
Interventional Unit 02.04.35 LA10284-0
Bronchoscopy Unit LA10285-7
Catheterization Lab Unit LA10286-5
Dialysis unit LA10287-3
Gastrointestinal Clinic LA10288-1
Infusion Unit LA10289-9
Pain Management Unit LA10290-7
Radiology Unit LA10291-5
Short Stay Unit LA10292-3
Other Unit or Clinic 02.04.36 LA10293-1
Home Health Clinic LA10294-9
Hospice/Palliative Care Unit LA10295-6
Long Term Care Unit LA10296-4
Patient Preparation/Education Clinic LA10297-2
Work Group Clinic LA10298-0
Public Health Clinic LA10299-8
School Health Clinic LA10300-4
Aerospace Clinic LA10301-2
Continence Care Clinic LA10302-0
Flight Clinic LA10303-8
Genetics/Genetics Counseling Clinic LA10304-6
Health Promotion Clinic LA10305-3
Infection Control Clinic LA10306-1
Nutrition Support Clinic LA10307-9
Occupational Health Clinic LA10308-7
Ophthalmic Clinic LA10309-5
Ostomy Care Clinic LA10310-3
Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Clinic LA10311-1
Women's Health Care, Ambulatory Clinic LA10312-9

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52826-5 Nursing Management Minimum Data Set panel [NMMDS]

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