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55168-9Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1Active

Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1

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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
55168-9 Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1
Indent55174-7 Patient identification data Set DEEDS 1..1
IndentIndent45965-1 Name Set
IndentIndent21112-8 Birth date 1..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent46098-0 Sex
IndentIndent32624-9 Race 1..*
IndentIndent21838-8 Ethnicity Computed 1..*
IndentIndent42077-8 Patient phone number 1..*
IndentIndent56795-8 Account number [Identifier]
IndentIndent45396-9 Social Security number [Identifier]
IndentIndent21847-9 Usual occupation Narrative 0..*
IndentIndent21844-6 History of Usual industry 0..*
IndentIndent56861-8 Emergency contact Name 0..*
IndentIndent56862-6 Emergency contact Address 0..*
IndentIndent56863-4 Emergency contact Phone number 0..*
IndentIndent56864-2 Emergency contact Relationship to patient 0..*
IndentIndent56796-6 Emergency contact information panel 0..*
IndentIndent52463-7 Patient Identification Number or Provider Account Number
IndentIndent56797-4 Episode unique identifier
Indent55175-4 Facility and Practitioner identification data Set DEEDS 0..*
IndentIndent45399-3 Federal provider number Facility
IndentIndent45398-5 State provider number for Facility
Indent55256-2 ED payment data Set DEEDS 1..1
IndentIndent48768-6 Payment sources Document 1..*
Indent55176-2 ED arrival and first assessment data at First encounter Set DEEDS 1..1
IndentIndent11288-8 Arrival time documented 1..1 {clock_time}
IndentIndent11459-5 Transport mode EMS system
IndentIndent11319-1 Ambulance transport unit [Identifier] EMS system 0..*
IndentIndent11318-3 Ambulance transport agency EMS system 0..*
IndentIndent11293-8 Type of Referral source 0..1
IndentIndent46239-0 Chief complaint+Reason for visit Narrative 1..*
IndentIndent11371-2 Initial visit for chief complaint 0..1
IndentIndent11283-9 Acuity assessment [Function] at First encounter 1..1
IndentIndent11454-6 Responsiveness assessment at First encounter
IndentIndent56813-9 Individuals accompanying patient to ED
IndentIndent56814-7 Prehospital care
IndentIndent56815-4 Time placed into treatment area
IndentIndent56816-2 Patient location
IndentIndent11324-1 Glasgow coma score eye opening at First encounter
IndentIndent11326-6 Glasgow coma score verbal at First encounter
IndentIndent11325-8 Glasgow coma score motor at First encounter
IndentIndent11378-7 Systolic blood pressure at First encounter mm[Hg]
IndentIndent11377-9 Diastolic blood pressure at First encounter mm[Hg]
IndentIndent11328-2 Heart rate at First encounter {beats}/min
IndentIndent11291-2 Respiratory rate at First encounter {breaths}/min
IndentIndent11289-6 Body temperature at First encounter [degF]; Cel
IndentIndent11449-6 Pregnancy status - Reported
IndentIndent55257-0 Date of last Clostridium tetani immunization
Indent55177-0 ED History and Physical Examination Data Set DEEDS
IndentIndent11368-8 Illness or injury onset date and time
IndentIndent11374-6 Injury incident description Narrative
IndentIndent11373-8 Injury cause
IndentIndent11376-1 Injury location
IndentIndent11372-0 Injury associated activity
IndentIndent11375-3 Injury intent
IndentIndent11457-9 Safety equipment used
IndentIndent10160-0 History of Medication use Narrative
IndentIndent48766-0 Information source
IndentIndent10154-3 Chief complaint Narrative - Reported
IndentIndent29299-5 Reason for visit Narrative
IndentIndent56817-0 Presenting problem
IndentIndent10164-2 History of Present illness Narrative
IndentIndent56818-8 Problem description [Identifier]
IndentIndent56819-6 Problem prior evaluation
IndentIndent56865-9 Problem diagnostic considerations
IndentIndent56820-4 Problem context
IndentIndent56821-2 Problem exacerbating factors
IndentIndent38211-9 Pain initiating event Narrative - Reported
IndentIndent55258-8 Problem alleviating factors Narrative
IndentIndent38210-1 Pain alleviating factors - Reported
IndentIndent56822-0 Problem response to therapy
IndentIndent56823-8 Problem quality or description
IndentIndent32419-4 Pain quality
IndentIndent56824-6 Problem location
IndentIndent38204-4 Pain primary location - Reported
IndentIndent38205-1 Pain radiation
IndentIndent56825-3 Problem time course
IndentIndent38206-9 Pain temporal pattern - Reported
IndentIndent56826-1 Problem frequency {#}/d; {#}/wk; {#}/mo
IndentIndent38203-6 Speed of pain onset - Reported
IndentIndent56827-9 Symptom duration during occurrences or episodes
IndentIndent38207-7 Pain duration - Reported min;h;d
IndentIndent56866-7 Onset of painful contractions
IndentIndent56828-7 Time contractions became regular
IndentIndent56829-5 Time membranes ruptured
IndentIndent55259-6 Time last ate solid food
IndentIndent55260-4 Time last drank liquid
IndentIndent56830-3 Limitations in obtaining history
IndentIndent56831-1 Problem associated signs and symptoms
IndentIndent11450-4 Problem list - Reported
IndentIndent11348-0 History of Past illness Narrative
IndentIndent11323-3 General health - Reported
IndentIndent11338-1 History of Major illnesses and injuries Narrative
IndentIndent10162-6 History of pregnancies Narrative
IndentIndent48765-2 Allergies
IndentIndent44939-7 History of Adverse drug reaction Narrative
IndentIndent11382-9 Medication allergy - Reported
IndentIndent10167-5 History of Surgical procedures Narrative
IndentIndent46239-0 Chief complaint+Reason for visit Narrative
IndentIndent11336-5 History of Hospitalization Narrative
IndentIndent10156-8 History of Childhood diseases Narrative
IndentIndent11346-4 History of Outpatient visits Narrative
IndentIndent46264-8 History of medical device use
IndentIndent10155-0 History of allergies, reported
IndentIndent11334-0 History of Growth+Development Narrative
IndentIndent11370-4 Immunization status - Reported
IndentIndent11369-6 History of Immunization Narrative
IndentIndent11458-7 Clostridium tetani immunization status
IndentIndent55261-2 Rabies virus immunization status
IndentIndent55262-0 Influenza virus immunization status
IndentIndent55263-8 Bordetella pertussis immunization status
IndentIndent55264-6 Hepatitis A virus immunization status
IndentIndent55265-3 Measles virus status
IndentIndent55266-1 Haemophilus influenzae B immunization status
IndentIndent55267-9 Human papilloma virus immunization status
IndentIndent55268-7 Rotavirus immunization status
IndentIndent55269-5 Neisseria meningitidis immunization status
IndentIndent55270-3 Streptococcus pneumoniae polyvalent immunization status
IndentIndent55271-1 Streptococcus pneumoniae conjugated immunization status
IndentIndent55272-9 Corynebacterium diphtheriae immunization status
IndentIndent55273-7 Polio virus immunization status
IndentIndent55274-5 Varicella zoster virus status
IndentIndent55275-2 Hepatitis B virus status
IndentIndent55276-0 Hepatitis C virus status
IndentIndent55277-8 HIV status
IndentIndent55278-6 Rubella virus status
IndentIndent55279-4 Cytomegalovirus status
IndentIndent11320-9 Feeding and dietary status Narrative - Reported
IndentIndent47420-5 Functional status assessment note
IndentIndent11332-4 History of Cognitive function Narrative
IndentIndent29762-2 Social history Narrative
IndentIndent11380-3 Marital status and living arrangements Narrative - Reported
IndentIndent11294-6 Current employment Narrative - Reported
IndentIndent11340-7 History of Occupation Narrative
IndentIndent10161-8 History of Occupational exposure Narrative
IndentIndent55280-2 Military service Narrative
IndentIndent11330-8 History of Alcohol use Narrative
IndentIndent11287-0 Alcoholic drinks per drinking day - Reported /d
IndentIndent11286-2 Alcohol binge episodes per month - Reported {#}/mo
IndentIndent44940-5 Alcoholic drinks per week - Reported {#}/wk
IndentIndent11366-2 History of Tobacco use Narrative
IndentIndent8663-7 Cigarettes smoked current (pack per day) - Reported {#}/d
IndentIndent8664-5 Cigarettes smoked total (pack per year) - Reported {#}/a
IndentIndent11342-3 History of Other nonmedical drug use Narrative
IndentIndent56832-9 Type of substance abused
IndentIndent82589-3 Highest level of education
IndentIndent11350-6 History of Sexual behavior Narrative
IndentIndent10182-4 History of Travel Narrative
IndentIndent11344-9 History of Other social factors Narrative
IndentIndent10157-6 History of family member diseases Narrative
IndentIndent10187-3 Review of systems Narrative - Reported
IndentIndent56872-5 Constitutional symptoms Narrative
IndentIndent8672-8 History of Nervous system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent11358-9 History of Psychiatric disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10170-9 History of Endocrine system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10172-5 History of Hematologic system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent11352-2 History of Allergenic and Immunologic disorders Narrative
IndentIndent56836-0 History of Blood transfusion Narrative
IndentIndent56837-8 History of Neoplastic disease Narrative
IndentIndent56838-6 History of Infectious disease Narrative
IndentIndent11357-1 History of Integumentary system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10178-2 History of Skin disorders Narrative
IndentIndent11353-0 History of Breasts disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10171-7 History of Eyes disorders Narrative
IndentIndent11354-8 History of Ears and Nose and Sinuses and Mouth and Throat disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10169-1 History of Ear disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10174-1 History of Nose disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10168-3 History of Cardiovascular system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10175-8 History of Oral cavity disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10177-4 History of Respiratory system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent11355-5 History of Gastrointestinal system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent11356-3 History of Genitourinary systems disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10176-6 History of Reproductive system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10181-6 History of Urinary tract disorders Narrative
IndentIndent10176-6 History of Reproductive system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent56871-7 History of Gynecologic system disorders
IndentIndent49033-4 Menstrual History - Reported
IndentIndent8678-5 Menstrual status - Reported
IndentIndent8659-5 Birth control method - Reported
IndentIndent8665-2 Last menstrual period start date {date}
IndentIndent56833-7 Pregnancy related history Narrative
IndentIndent11778-8 Delivery date Estimated
IndentIndent11996-6 [#] Pregnancies {#}
IndentIndent11977-6 [#] Parity {#}
IndentIndent10181-6 History of Urinary tract disorders Narrative
IndentIndent55281-0 Number of fetuses {#}
IndentIndent56834-5 Fetal Narrative Movement
IndentIndent56835-2 Viability of current pregnancy Narrative
IndentIndent11449-6 Pregnancy status - Reported
IndentIndent55282-8 Date symptoms of pregnancy first noted
IndentIndent10173-3 History of Musculoskeletal system disorders Narrative
IndentIndent29545-1 Physical findings Narrative
IndentIndent9272-6 1 minute Apgar Score {score}
IndentIndent9274-2 5 minute Apgar Score {score}
IndentIndent9271-8 10 minute Apgar Score {score}
IndentIndent10210-3 Physical findings of General status Narrative
IndentIndent56839-4 Acuity assessment Narrative
IndentIndent8716-3 Vital signs
IndentIndent38208-5 Pain severity - Reported
IndentIndent38214-3 Pain severity [Score] Visual analog score {score}
IndentIndent38221-8 Pain severity Wong-Baker FACES pain rating scale
IndentIndent38215-0 Pain severity total [Score] FLACC {score}
IndentIndent56840-2 Pain severity verbal numeric scale [Score] {score}
IndentIndent56840-2 Pain severity verbal numeric scale [Score] {score}
IndentIndent38212-7 Pain assessment panel
IndentIndent56842-8 Chronic pain assessment Narrative
IndentIndent44971-0 Capillary refill [Time] s
IndentIndent59408-5 Oxygen saturation in Arterial blood by Pulse oximetry %
IndentIndent3151-8 Inhaled oxygen flow rate L/min
IndentIndent55283-6 Fetal Heart rate {beats}/min
IndentIndent8897-1 QRS complex Ventricles by EKG
IndentIndent55284-4 Blood pressure systolic and diastolic
IndentIndent8478-0 Mean blood pressure mm[Hg]
IndentIndent8462-4 Diastolic blood pressure mm[Hg]
IndentIndent8480-6 Systolic blood pressure mm[Hg]
IndentIndent8893-0 Heart rate Peripheral artery by palpation {beats}/min
IndentIndent44969-4 Heart rate rhythm palpation
IndentIndent8867-4 Heart rate {beats}/min
IndentIndent9279-1 Respiratory rate {breaths}/min
IndentIndent8310-5 Body temperature Cel
IndentIndent29463-7 Body weight kg
IndentIndent3141-9 Body weight Measured [lb_av];kg
IndentIndent8302-2 Body height [in_i]
IndentIndent9269-2 Glasgow coma score total {score}
IndentIndent9267-6 Glasgow coma score eye opening
IndentIndent9270-0 Glasgow coma score verbal
IndentIndent9268-4 Glasgow coma score motor
IndentIndent55285-1 Glasgow coma score special circumstances
IndentIndent55286-9 Physical exam by body areas
IndentIndent10199-8 Physical findings of Head Narrative
IndentIndent32432-7 Physical findings of Face
IndentIndent32446-7 Physical findings of Lip
IndentIndent32469-9 Physical findings of Scalp
IndentIndent11411-6 Physical findings of Neck Narrative
IndentIndent44965-2 Jugular vein distention --head raised 30 degrees [in_i]
IndentIndent11391-0 Physical findings of Chest Narrative
IndentIndent11392-8 Physical findings of Chest wall Narrative
IndentIndent10193-1 Physical findings of Breasts Narrative
IndentIndent11387-8 Physical findings of Axilla Narrative
IndentIndent10200-4 Physical findings of Heart Narrative
IndentIndent10207-9 Physical findings of Thorax and Lungs Narrative
IndentIndent10191-5 Physical findings of Abdomen Narrative
IndentIndent11403-3 Physical findings of Groin Narrative
IndentIndent10204-6 Physical findings of Pelvis Narrative
IndentIndent11400-9 Physical findings of Genitalia Narrative
IndentIndent11402-5 Physical findings of Male genitalia Narrative
IndentIndent32465-7 Physical findings of Prostate
IndentIndent11401-7 Physical findings of Female genitalia Narrative
IndentIndent32487-1 Physical findings of Vagina
IndentIndent32486-3 Physical findings of Uterus
IndentIndent32423-6 Physical findings of Cervix
IndentIndent11388-6 Physical findings of Buttocks Narrative
IndentIndent10205-3 Physical findings of Rectum Narrative
IndentIndent10192-3 Physical findings of Back Narrative
IndentIndent32476-4 Physical findings of Spine
IndentIndent32462-4 Physical findings of Paraverteberal muscles
IndentIndent11404-1 Physical findings of Hand Narrative
IndentIndent32427-7 Physical findings of Digits
IndentIndent56843-6 Physical findings of Nail bed Narrative
IndentIndent11415-7 Physical findings of Wrist Narrative
IndentIndent11398-5 Physical findings of Forearm Narrative
IndentIndent11394-4 Physical findings of Elbow Narrative
IndentIndent11386-0 Physical findings of Upper arm Narrative
IndentIndent11413-2 Physical findings of Shoulder Narrative
IndentIndent11397-7 Physical findings of Foot Narrative
IndentIndent32480-6 Physical findings of Toes
IndentIndent11385-2 Physical findings of Ankle Narrative
IndentIndent11389-4 Physical findings of Calf Narrative
IndentIndent11407-4 Physical findings of Knee Narrative
IndentIndent11414-0 Physical findings of Thigh Narrative
IndentIndent11406-6 Physical findings of Hip Narrative
IndentIndent10197-2 Physical findings of Eye Narrative
IndentIndent56844-4 Intraocular pressure of Eye mm[Hg]
IndentIndent32424-4 Physical findings of Conjunctiva
IndentIndent32425-1 Physical findings of Cornea
IndentIndent32429-3 Physical findings of Extraocular muscles
IndentIndent32431-9 Physical findings of Eye lid
IndentIndent32440-0 Physical findings of Iris
IndentIndent32443-4 Physical findings of Lacrimal apparatus
IndentIndent32459-0 Physical findings of Optic lens
IndentIndent32466-5 Physical findings of Pupil
IndentIndent32468-1 Physical findings of Retina
IndentIndent32471-5 Physical findings of Sclera
IndentIndent28631-0 Visual acuity study
IndentIndent11393-6 Physical findings of Ears and Nose and Mouth and Throat Narrative
IndentIndent10195-6 Physical findings of Ear Narrative
IndentIndent32484-8 Physical findings of Tympanic membrane
IndentIndent32421-0 Physical findings of Auditory canal
IndentIndent10203-8 Physical findings of Nose Narrative
IndentIndent32460-8 Physical findings of Palate
IndentIndent32453-3 Physical findings of Mouth
IndentIndent32478-0 Physical findings of Teeth and gum
IndentIndent32483-0 Physical findings of Tongue
IndentIndent56867-5 Physical findings of Throat Narrative
IndentIndent32444-2 Physical findings of Larynx
IndentIndent32482-2 Physical findings of Tonsil
IndentIndent10201-2 Physical findings of Mouth and Throat and Teeth Narrative
IndentIndent11390-2 Physical findings of Cardiovascular system Narrative
IndentIndent10208-7 Physical findings of Vessels Narrative
IndentIndent56845-1 Pulse strength on exam Narrative
IndentIndent11412-4 Physical findings of Respiratory system Narrative
IndentIndent11399-3 Physical findings of Gastrointestinal system Narrative
IndentIndent10198-0 Physical findings of Genitourinary tract Narrative
IndentIndent11410-8 Physical findings of Musculoskeletal system Narrative
IndentIndent32455-8 Physical findings of Muscle tone
IndentIndent10206-1 Physical findings of Skin Narrative
IndentIndent10202-0 Physical findings of Nervous system Narrative
IndentIndent10190-7 Mental status Narrative
IndentIndent56876-6 Physical findings of Primitive reflexes Narrative
IndentIndent56873-3 Physical findings of Brain stem reflexes Narrative
IndentIndent32473-1 Physical findings sensation
IndentIndent32452-5 Physical findings of Motor function
IndentIndent10212-9 Physical findings of Strength Narrative
IndentIndent10209-5 Physical findings of Neurologic balance and Coordination Narrative
IndentIndent32433-5 Physical findings of Gait
IndentIndent10194-9 Physical findings of Neurologic deep tendon reflexes Narrative
IndentIndent32389-9 Deep tendon reflex of Achilles
IndentIndent32390-7 Deep tendon reflex of Biceps
IndentIndent32391-5 Deep tendon reflex of Brachioradialis
IndentIndent32392-3 Deep tendon reflex of Patellar
IndentIndent32393-1 Deep tendon reflex of Triceps
IndentIndent32426-9 Physical findings of Nerves.cranial
IndentIndent32385-7 Babinski reflex
IndentIndent11451-2 Psychiatric findings Narrative
IndentIndent11447-0 Physical findings of Hematologic and Lymphatic and Immunologic System Narrative
IndentIndent32450-9 Physical findings of Lymph node
IndentIndent29301-9 Physical findings of Endocrine system
IndentIndent32441-8 Physical findings of Joint
IndentIndent8703-1 Physical findings of Extremities
IndentIndent42348-3 Advance directives
Indent55172-1 ED procedures and results Set DEEDS
IndentIndent10217-8 Surgical operation note indications [Interpretation] Narrative
IndentIndent29306-8 Surgery procedure
IndentIndent11314-2 ED procedure result type
IndentIndent11313-4 ED procedure result observation [Interpretation]
IndentIndent18844-1 EKG impression Narrative
IndentIndent8601-7 EKG impression
IndentIndent18726-0 Radiology studies (set) 0..*
IndentIndentIndent18748-4 Diagnostic imaging study
IndentIndentIndent18782-3 X-ray unspecified site study 0..*
IndentIndentIndent28564-3 X-ray head study
IndentIndentIndent28613-8 X-ray spine unspecified study
IndentIndentIndent24946-6 X-ray spine cervical study
IndentIndentIndent24983-9 X-ray spine thoracic study
IndentIndentIndent24972-2 X-ray spine lumbar study
IndentIndentIndent24762-7 X-ray hip study
IndentIndentIndent28561-9 X-ray pelvis study
IndentIndentIndent24704-9 X-ray femur study
IndentIndentIndent28565-0 X-ray knee study
IndentIndentIndent25011-8 X-ray tibia and fibula study
IndentIndentIndent24541-5 X-ray ankle study
IndentIndentIndent24709-8 X-ray foot study
IndentIndentIndent24909-4 X-ray shoulder study
IndentIndentIndent28567-6 X-ray humerus study
IndentIndentIndent24891-4 X-ray radius and ulna study
IndentIndentIndent24676-9 X-ray elbow study
IndentIndentIndent24619-9 X-ray wrist study
IndentIndentIndent28582-5 X-ray hand study
IndentIndentIndent25045-6 CT Unspecified body region
IndentIndentIndent24725-4 CT Head
IndentIndentIndent28566-8 CT spine study
IndentIndentIndent24932-6 CT spine cervical study
IndentIndentIndent24978-9 CT spine thoracic study
IndentIndentIndent24963-1 CT spine lumbar study
IndentIndentIndent24627-2 CT Chest
IndentIndentIndent41806-1 CT Abdomen
IndentIndentIndent24866-6 CT pelvis study
IndentIndentIndent24690-0 CT extremity study
IndentIndentIndent25056-3 MR Unspecified body region
IndentIndentIndent18756-7 MRI spine study 0..*
IndentIndentIndent24590-2 MR Brain
IndentIndentIndent24935-9 MRI spine cervical study
IndentIndentIndent24980-5 MRI spine thoracic study
IndentIndentIndent24968-0 MRI spine lumbar study
IndentIndentIndent24629-8 MRI chest study
IndentIndentIndent24556-3 MRI abdomen study
IndentIndentIndent24872-4 MRI pelvis and hips study
IndentIndentIndent24707-2 MRI foot study
IndentIndentIndent24710-6 MRI forearm study
IndentIndentIndent28576-7 MRI joint study
IndentIndentIndent24720-5 MRI hand study
IndentIndentIndent24605-8 Mammogram diagnostic views study
IndentIndentIndent24606-6 Mammogram screening views study
IndentIndentIndent24888-0 Nuclear medicine pulmonary VQ scan study
IndentIndentIndent30695-1 Nuclear medicine thyroid scan study
IndentIndentIndent44136-0 PT Unspecified body region
IndentIndentIndent25043-1 CT guidance for aspiration of unspecified site study
IndentIndentIndent25044-9 CT guidance for biopsy of unspecified site study
IndentIndentIndent25069-6 Fluoroscopic guidance for biopsy of unspecified site study
IndentIndentIndent25059-7 Ultrasound guidance for biopsy of unspecified site study
IndentIndentIndent25061-3 US Unspecified body region
IndentIndentIndent24731-2 Ultrasound of head study
IndentIndentIndent24842-7 Ultrasound of neck study
IndentIndentIndent24558-9 Ultrasound of abdomen study
IndentIndentIndent28614-6 Ultrasound of liver study
IndentIndentIndent24601-7 Ultrasound of breast study
IndentIndentIndent24869-0 Ultrasound of pelvis study
IndentIndent30954-2 Relevant diagnostic tests/laboratory data Narrative
IndentIndent26436-6 Laboratory studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent18767-4 Blood gas studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent18719-5 Chemistry studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent18723-7 Hematology studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent18720-3 Coagulation studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent18728-6 Toxicology studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent18725-2 Microbiology studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent56874-1 Serology and blood bank studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent18729-4 Urinalysis studies (set)
IndentIndentIndent56847-7 Calculated and derived values (set)
IndentIndentIndent56846-9 Cardiac biomarkers (set)
IndentIndent27896-0 Pulmonary studies (set) 0..*
IndentIndentIndent18744-3 Bronchoscopy study 0..*
IndentIndentIndent28633-6 Polysomnography (sleep) study 0..*
IndentIndentIndent18759-1 Spirometry study 0..*
IndentIndent69458-8 Cardiology monitoring
IndentIndentIndent56869-1 Continuous ST segment monitoring (set)
IndentIndentIndent56848-5 Invasive hemodynamic monitoring (set)
IndentIndentIndent56875-8 Mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring (set)
IndentIndentIndent56849-3 Cardiac rhythm monitoring (set)
IndentIndent56850-1 Interpretation and review of laboratory results
Indent55288-5 ED medication data Set DEEDS
IndentIndent29549-3 Medication administered Narrative
IndentIndent48767-8 Annotation comment [Interpretation] Narrative
IndentIndent56851-9 Care process or plan
Indent55173-9 ED disposition and diagnosis data Set DEEDS
IndentIndent11302-7 ED discharge disposition
IndentIndent56854-3 Inpatient practitioner
IndentIndent19010-8 Medication discharge (narrative)
IndentIndent49561-4 Payment diagnosis [identifier]
IndentIndent29305-0 Medication prescribed
IndentIndent29550-1 Medication dispensed Narrative
IndentIndent56852-7 Amount of ED discharge medication to be dispensed {#}
IndentIndent11315-9 ED service level
IndentIndent11383-7 Patient problem outcome Narrative
IndentIndent56853-5 ED outcome
IndentIndent11310-0 ED patient satisfaction report type
IndentIndent55287-7 Time of death
IndentIndent79378-6 Cause of death
IndentIndent29308-4 Diagnosis
IndentIndent56855-0 Provider assuming ultimate responsibility for care for patient upon ED disposition [Identifier]
IndentIndentIndent56856-8 Provider assuming care for patient upon ED disposition [Identifier]

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Version 2.27
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Version 2.27
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zh-CNChinese (China)
急诊科系统数据元 发布版本 1.1:-:时间点:^患者:-:
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1:-:Pt:^Paziente:-:
pt-BRPortuguese (Brazil)
Os elementos de dados para o Departamento de Emergência Sistemas (DEEDS) liberação 1.1:#N/A:Pt:^Paciente:-:
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1:-:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:-:

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