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62908-9PhenX - skin cancer protocol 170601Trial

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The protocol developed by Quereux et al. (2010) includes a self administered questionnaire that captures the main skin cancer risk factors, such as skin type, presence of freckles and moles, occurrence of blistering sunburns and personal and family history of melanoma. After the respondent completes the questionnaire, the physician then examines the respondent regarding the number of nevi, freckling tendency, and phototype (hair and eye color, complexion and tanning ability). Then the physician checks the answers provided by the respondent and completes the questionnaire. Questions 1-3 of the questionnaire for self-assessment of melanoma risk factors have been deleted. These questions asked the respondent's age, gender, and occupation. The PhenX Skin, Bone, Muscle and Joint Working Group (WG) recommends that this information be obtained via the PhenX measures titled Current Age, Gender, and Current Employment Status, respectively. The Working Group recommends that as an alternative to a physician, a trained technician can conduct the physical examination.
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62908-9 PhenX - skin cancer protocol 170601
Indent66555-4 What type of skin do you have?
Indent66556-2 Do you have freckles?
Indent66557-0 How many moles do you approximately have on the whole body?
Indent66558-8 Did you have one or more severe blistering sunburn as a child or teenager?
Indent66559-6 Did you live for more than one year in a country where sunshine is high (Africa, French West Indies, South of United States, Australia...)
Indent66560-4 Have you been diagnosed with melanoma in the past (it's a skin cancer, arising in melanocytes, skin cells that make skin pigment)?
Indent66561-2 Has any of your first degree relatives (parents, children, brother or sister) ever had melanoma?

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PhenX - skin cancer protocol 170601

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Skin cancer proto

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Version 2.36
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Version 2.66
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Updated the PhenX ID from "PhenX.<ID>" to "PX<ID>" in Survey Question Source field to align with the variable identifier used in the PhenX Toolkit.; Added the PhenX protocol ID to the Component to clearly define the protocol version for which this panel is based upon.
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Article Consensus measures for Phenotypes and Exposures Quereux, G., Nguyen, J. M., Volteau, C., Lequeux, Y., & Dreno, B. (2010). Creation and test of a questionnaire for self-assessment of melanoma risk factors. European Journal of Cancer Prevention, 19(1), 48–54, Jan. The questions in the protocol text section were originally numbered 4-10; these numbers have been changed to 1-7 and 8-14.

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62896-6 PhenX domain - Skin, bone, muscle and joint

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zh-CNChinese (China)
PhenX - 皮肤癌方案 170601:-:时间点:^患者:-:PhenX
it-ITItalian (Italy)
PhenX - cancro della pelle, protocollo:-:Pt:^Paziente:-:PhenX
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
PhenX - кожи рак протокол:-:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:-:PhenX

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