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63009-5PhenX domain - Social environmentsTrial

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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
63009-5 PhenX domain - Social environments
Indent63011-1 PhenX - childhood maltreatment protocol 210101
Indent63013-7 PhenX - child-reported parental education attainment protocol 210201
IndentIndent57712-2 How far in school did she go
IndentIndent87300-0 How far in school did he go
Indent63015-2 PhenX - discrimination protocol 210301
IndentIndent67579-3 At any time in your life, have you ever been unfairly fired?
IndentIndent67580-1 If "yes" follow-up with: What do you think was the main reason for this experience?
IndentIndent67581-9 For unfair reasons, have you ever not been hired for a job?
IndentIndent67582-7 Have you ever been unfairly denied a promotion?
IndentIndent67583-5 Have you ever been unfairly stopped, searched, questioned, physically threatened or abused by the police?
IndentIndent67671-8 Have you ever been unfairly discouraged by a teacher or advisor from continuing your education?
IndentIndent67672-6 Have you ever been unfairly prevented from moving into a neighborhood because the landlord or a realtor refused to sell or rent you a house or apartment?
IndentIndent67673-4 Have you ever moved into a neighborhood where neighbors made life difficult for you or your family?
IndentIndent67584-3 Have you ever been unfairly denied a bank loan?
IndentIndent67585-0 Have you ever received service from someone such as a plumber or car mechanic that was worse than what other people get?
IndentIndent67586-8 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? You have been treated with less courtesy than other people
IndentIndent67587-6 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? You have been treated with less respect than other people
IndentIndent67588-4 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? You have received poorer service than other people at restaurants or stores
IndentIndent67589-2 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? People have acted as if they think you are not smart
IndentIndent67590-0 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? People have acted as if they are afraid of you
IndentIndent67591-8 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? People have acted as if they think you are dishonest
IndentIndent67592-6 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? People have acted as if they're better than you are
IndentIndent67593-4 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? You have been called names or insulted
IndentIndent67594-2 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? You have been threatened or harassed
IndentIndent67595-9 In your day-to-day life, how often have any of the following things happened to you? You have been followed around in stores
Indent63017-8 PhenX - family conflict - intimate-relationship protocol 210401
Indent63018-6 PhenX - family conflict - parent - child protocol 210402
Indent63020-2 PhenX - family control and organization protocol 210501
Indent63022-8 PhenX - family interpersonal relationships protocol 210601
Indent63024-4 PhenX - healthy food environments protocol 210701
IndentIndent67596-7 The fresh fruits and vegetables in my neighborhood are of high quality.
IndentIndent67597-5 A large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is available in my neighborhood.
IndentIndent67598-3 A large selection of low-fat products is available in my neighborhood.
Indent63026-9 PhenX - neighborhood collective efficacy - community cohesion and informal social control protocol 210801
IndentIndent67601-5 This is a close-knit neighborhood.
IndentIndent67602-3 People around here are willing to help their neighbors.
IndentIndent67603-1 People in this neighborhood generally don't get along with each other.
IndentIndent67604-9 People in this neighborhood do not share the same values.
IndentIndent67605-6 People in this neighborhood can be trusted.
IndentIndent67606-4 If a group of neighborhood children were skipping school and hanging out on a street corner, how likely is that your neighbors would do something about it?
IndentIndent67607-2 If some children were spray-painting graffiti on a local building, how likely is it that your neighbors would do something about it?
IndentIndent67608-0 If a child was showing disrespect to an adult, how likely is it that people in your neighborhood would scold that child?
IndentIndent67609-8 If there was a fight in front of your house and someone was being beaten or threatened, how likely is it that your neighbors would break it up?
IndentIndent67610-6 Suppose that because of budget cuts the fire station closest to your home was going to be closed down by the city. How likely is it that neighborhood residents would organize to try to do something to keep the fire station open?
Indent63028-5 PhenX - neighborhood safety protocol 210901
IndentIndent67611-4 I feel safe walking in my neighborhood, day or night.
IndentIndent67612-2 Violence is not a problem in my neighborhood.
IndentIndent67613-0 My neighborhood is safe from crime.
Indent63030-1 PhenX - school social environment protocol 211001
IndentIndent67614-8 Teachers understand my problems
IndentIndent67615-5 Teachers and staff seem to take a real interest in my future
IndentIndent67616-3 Teachers are available when I need to talk with them
IndentIndent67617-1 It is easy to talk with teachers
IndentIndent67618-9 Students get along well with teachers
IndentIndent67619-7 At my school, there is a teacher or some other adult who notices when I'm not there
IndentIndent67620-5 Teachers at my school help us children with our problems
IndentIndent67621-3 My teachers care about me
IndentIndent67622-1 My teacher makes me feel good about myself
IndentIndent67623-9 My schoolwork is exciting
IndentIndent67624-7 Students can make suggestions on courses that are offered
IndentIndent67625-4 Students are publicly recognized for their outstanding performances in speech, drama, art, music, etc.
IndentIndent67626-2 If this school had an extra period during the day, I would take an additional academic class
IndentIndent67627-0 This school makes students enthusiastic about learning
IndentIndent67628-8 Students are frequently rewarded or praised by faculty and staff for following school rules
IndentIndent67629-6 I usually understand my homework assignments
IndentIndent67630-4 Teachers make it clear what work needs to be done to get the grade I want
IndentIndent67631-2 I believe that teachers expect all students to learn
IndentIndent67632-0 I feel that I can do well in this school
IndentIndent67633-8 My teachers believe that I can do well in my school work
IndentIndent67634-6 I try hard to succeed in my classes
IndentIndent67635-3 Classroom rules are applied equally
IndentIndent67636-1 Problems in this school are solved by students and staff
IndentIndent67637-9 Students get in trouble if they do not follow school rule
IndentIndent67638-7 The rules of the school are fair
IndentIndent67639-5 School rules are enforced consistently and fairly
IndentIndent67640-3 My teachers make it clear to me when I have misbehaved in class
IndentIndent67641-1 Discipline is fair
IndentIndent67642-9 The school grounds are kept clean
IndentIndent67643-7 My school is neat and clean
IndentIndent67644-5 My school buildings are generally pleasant and well maintained
IndentIndent67645-2 My school is usually clean and tidy
IndentIndent67646-0 I am happy with kinds of students who go to my school
IndentIndent67647-8 I am happy, in general, with the other students who go to my school
IndentIndent67648-6 At my school, the same person always gets to help the teacher
IndentIndent67649-4 At my school, the same kids get chosen every time to take part in after-school or special activities
IndentIndent67650-2 The same kids always get to use things, like a computer, a ball or a piano, when we play
IndentIndent67651-0 I am happy about the number of tests I have
IndentIndent67652-8 I am happy about the amount of homework I have
Indent63032-7 PhenX - social networks protocol 211101
IndentIndent54125-0 Patient name
IndentIndent67745-0 From which name generator was this person mentioned?
IndentIndent67746-8 Person [PhenX]
IndentIndent67747-6 Section name generator
IndentIndent46098-0 Sex
IndentIndent30525-0 Age R a
IndentIndent67286-5 If yes, what is his/her relationship to you?
IndentIndent67653-6 How close are you to this person?
IndentIndent67654-4 How often do you see or talk to the person?
IndentIndent67655-1 Do they trust doctors to take care of people's problems?
IndentIndent67656-9 Has this person done any of the following for you or helped you out?
IndentIndent67657-7 Does this person hassle you, cause you problems, or make your life difficult?
Indent63034-3 PhenX - job strain protocol 211201
Indent63036-8 PhenX - neighborhood concentrated disadvantage protocol 211301
IndentIndent67784-9 Percent Of Individuals Below The Poverty Line %
IndentIndent67785-6 Percent Of individuals On Public Assistance %
IndentIndent67786-4 Percent Female-Headed Households %
IndentIndent67787-2 Percent Unemployed %
IndentIndent67788-0 Percent Less Than Age 18 %
IndentIndent67789-8 Percent Black %
Indent63038-4 PhenX - race - ethnic residential segregation protocol 211401
IndentIndent67748-4 Total Population
IndentIndent67749-2 Not Hispanic or Latino
IndentIndent67750-0 Not Hispanic or Latino - White alone
IndentIndent67751-8 Not Hispanic or Latino - Black or African American alone
IndentIndent67752-6 Not Hispanic or Latino - American Indian and Alaska Native alone
IndentIndent67753-4 Not Hispanic or Latino - Asian alone
IndentIndent67754-2 Not Hispanic or Latino - Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
IndentIndent67755-9 Not Hispanic or Latino - Some other race alone
IndentIndent67756-7 Not Hispanic or Latino - Two or more races alone
Indent63040-0 PhenX - life events - child protocol 211501
IndentIndent67674-2 Someone in family died
IndentIndent67675-9 If "Yes", Was this a good or bad experience?
IndentIndent67676-7 How much did the event affect you?
IndentIndent67677-5 Family member was seriously injured
IndentIndent67678-3 Saw crime/accident
IndentIndent67679-1 Lost a close friend
IndentIndent67680-9 Close friend was seriously sick/injured
IndentIndent67681-7 Negative change in parent's financial situation
IndentIndent67682-5 Family member had drug/alcohol problem
IndentIndent67683-3 Got seriously sick or injured
IndentIndent67684-1 Parents argued more than previously
IndentIndent67685-8 Mother/father figure lost job
IndentIndent67686-6 One parent was away from home more often
IndentIndent67687-4 Someone in the family was arrested
IndentIndent67688-2 Close friend died
IndentIndent67689-0 Family member had mental/emotional problem
IndentIndent67690-8 Brother or sister left home
IndentIndent67691-6 Being a victim of crime/violence/assault
IndentIndent67692-4 Parents separated in last 12 months
IndentIndent67693-2 Parents got into trouble with the law
IndentIndent67694-0 Attended a new school
IndentIndent67695-7 Family moved
IndentIndent67696-5 Parents got divorced
IndentIndent67697-3 One of the parents went to jail
IndentIndent67698-1 Got new stepmother or stepfather
IndentIndent67699-9 Parent got a new job
IndentIndent67700-5 Got new brother or sister
Indent63041-8 PhenX - life events - adult protocol 211502

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PhenX domain - Social environments

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Domain - Social environments

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Version 2.36
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Version 2.65
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Updated the PhenX ID from "PhenX.<ID>" to "PX<ID>" in Survey Question Source field to align with the variable identifier used in the PhenX Toolkit.
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zh-CNChinese (China)
PhenX 领域 - 社会环境:-:时间点:^患者:-:PhenX
it-ITItalian (Italy)
PhenX, dominio - Ambienti sociali:-:Pt:^Paziente:-:PhenX
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
PhenX домен - Социальное окружение:-:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:-:PhenX
es-MXSpanish (Mexico)
Dominio PhenX - Entornos sociales:-:Punto temporal:^ Paciente:-:PhenX

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