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Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
71747-0 Facility panel [ESRD]
Indent52828-1 Federal provider name Facility
Indent65833-6 Facility Address
Indent52830-7 State, district or territory federal abbreviation Facility
Indent52831-5 Postal code [Location] Facility
Indent68330-0 Dialysis facility's CMS Certification Number (CCN) where the patient is receiving care
Indent67879-7 Dialysis Facility Federal Provider Number (NPI)
Indent71495-6 Network code Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71496-4 Corporate organization code Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71497-2 Dialysis organization affiliation Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71497-2 Other dialysis organization affiliation
Indent67878-9 Back-up facility name
Indent71498-0 Manager Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71498-0 Other manager
Indent71499-8 Owner Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71500-3 Program type
Indent71501-1 Facility status
Indent71502-9 Profit status Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71503-7 Date opened Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71504-5 Date closed Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71505-2 Date changed ownership Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71506-0 Date initially certified by medicare Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent52830-7 State, district or territory federal abbreviation Facility
Indent52831-5 Postal code [Location] Facility
Indent71534-2 Phone number Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71509-4 Phone number extension Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent65650-4 E-mail
Indent71508-6 Website Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71507-8 Fax number Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71752-0 Primary contact first name Facility
Indent71753-8 Primary contact last name Facility
Indent71751-2 Primary contact phone number Facility
Indent71750-4 Primary contact phone number extension Facility
Indent71766-0 Primary contact email Facility
Indent71521-9 Location type
Indent71510-2 Medicaid certified stations Dialysis facility # [ESRD] {#}
Indent71511-0 Isolation stations Dialysis facility # [ESRD] {#}
Indent71748-8 Total dialysis stations Facility # [ESRD] {#}
Indent71512-8 Medicare certified services offered Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71513-6 Non-medicare certified services offered Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71514-4 Opening time Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71515-1 Closing time Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71533-4 Dialysis shifts Dialysis facility # [ESRD] {#}
Indent71745-4 Day closed Facility
Indent69417-4 CMS certification number (CCN) for Facility
Indent71522-7 Certified program Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71523-5 Date personnel record submitted Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent49549-9 Referral lab test method
Indent8278-4 Formula used to compute body surface area
Indent45399-3 Back up federal provider number
Indent71524-3 Partial owner organization Dialysis facility [ESRD]
Indent71524-3 Other partial owner organization
Indent71525-0 Authorized batch submitting organization Agency [ESRD]
Indent46456-0 CMS certification number (CCN) Agency [OASIS]

Fully-Specified Name

Facility panel

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.40
Last Updated
Version 2.44
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