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KOOS is an instrument to assess patient's opinion about their knee and associated problems. It is intended to be used for knee injury that can result in post traumatic osteoarthritis (OA), such as ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury, meniscus injury, chondral injury, etc. It is also is meant to be used over short and long time intervals to assess changes from week to week induced by treatment (medication, operation, physical therapy) or over years due to the primary injury or post traumatic OA. []
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Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
72091-2 Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score [KOOS]
Indent88827-1 Symptoms
IndentIndent88797-6 Do you have swelling in your knee?
IndentIndent88796-8 Do you feel grinding, hear clicking or any other type of noise when your knee moves?
IndentIndent88795-0 Does your knee catch or hang up when moving?
IndentIndent88794-3 Can you straighten your knee fully?
IndentIndent88793-5 Can you bend your knee fully?
IndentIndent88826-3 Stiffness
IndentIndentIndent82325-2 How severe is your knee stiffness after first wakening in the morning?
IndentIndentIndent88792-7 How severe is your knee stiffness after sitting, lying or resting later in the day?
Indent72101-9 KOOS Symptoms score {score}
Indent79439-6 KOOS Symptoms score change {score}
Indent88824-8 Pain
IndentIndent88806-5 How often do you experience knee pain?
IndentIndent82326-0 Twisting/pivoting on your knee
IndentIndent82327-8 Straightening knee fully
IndentIndent88805-7 Bending knee fully
IndentIndent88804-0 Walking on flat surface
IndentIndent82328-6 Going up or down stairs
IndentIndent88803-2 At night while in bed
IndentIndent88802-4 Sitting or lying
IndentIndent82329-4 Standing upright
Indent72102-7 KOOS Pain score {score}
Indent79440-4 KOOS Pain score change {score}
Indent88825-5 Function, daily living
IndentIndent88821-4 Descending stairs
IndentIndent88812-3 Ascending stairs
IndentIndent82330-2 Rising from sitting
IndentIndent88811-5 Standing
IndentIndent82331-0 Bending to floor/pick up an object
IndentIndent88810-7 Walking on flat surface
IndentIndent88809-9 Getting in/out of car
IndentIndent88808-1 Going shopping
IndentIndent88807-3 Putting on socks/stockings
IndentIndent88820-6 Rising from bed
IndentIndent88819-8 Taking off socks/stockings
IndentIndent88818-0 Lying in bed (turning over, maintaining knee position)
IndentIndent88817-2 Getting in/out of bath
IndentIndent88816-4 Sitting
IndentIndent88815-6 Getting on/off toilet
IndentIndent88814-9 Heavy domestic duties (moving heavy boxes, scrubbing floors, etc)
IndentIndent88813-1 Light domestic duties (cooking, dusting, etc)
Indent72100-1 KOOS ADL score {score}
Indent79438-8 KOOS ADL score change {score}
Indent88823-0 Function, sports and recreational activities
IndentIndent88791-9 Squatting
IndentIndent88790-1 Running
IndentIndent88789-3 Jumping
IndentIndent88788-5 Twisting/pivoting on your injured knee
IndentIndent88787-7 Kneeling
Indent72099-5 KOOS Sport/Rec score {score}
Indent79437-0 KOOS Sport/Rec score change {score}
Indent88822-2 Quality of life
IndentIndent88801-6 How often are you aware of your knee problem?
IndentIndent88800-8 Have you modified your life style to avoid potentially damaging activities to your knee?
IndentIndent88799-2 How much are you troubled with lack of confidence in your knee?
IndentIndent88798-4 In general, how much difficulty do you have with your knee?
Indent72098-7 KOOS QOL score {score}
Indent79436-2 KOOS QOL score change {score}

Fully-Specified Name

Knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score

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Version 2.40
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Version 2.64
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