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The Healthcare Event Reporting Form (HERF) captures information on incidents, near misses (close calls), and unsafe conditions. This form is analogous to incident reports commonly used in hospitals today. It contains structured questions and allows for a brief narrative to document the precise details of the event or unsafe condition. The HERF solicits only the most basic information about an event or unsafe condition and is intended to start a reporting process that is completed using other generic and event-specific forms. For perinatal events, the HERF contains basic patient identifiers for both the mother and neonate.
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Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
74495-3 Patient Safety Event Report - Hospital: Healthcare Event Reporting Form (HERF) Hospital - Version 1.2
Indent74081-1 Event ID: R 1..1
Indent30947-6 Initial Report Date (HERF Q1): R 1..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent30947-6 Report Date: R 1..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent74079-5 What is being reported? R 1..1
Indent74555-4 Event Discovery Date & Time: C 1..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent74554-7 Briefly describe the event that occurred or unsafe condition: O 0..1
Indent74553-9 Briefly describe the location where the event occurred or where the unsafe condition exists: O 0..1
Indent74552-1 Which of the following categories are associated with the event or unsafe condition? R 1..10
Indent74772-5 Patient Information [AHRQ]
IndentIndent54125-0 Patient's Name: R 1..1
IndentIndent21112-8 Patient's Date of Birth: O 0..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent46106-1 Patient's Medical Record #: R 1..1
IndentIndent74698-2 Patient's Gender: R 1..1
Indent74551-3 Is this event a perinatal incident that affected a neonate? O 0..1
Indent74771-7 Neonatal Patient Information [AHRQ]
IndentIndent54125-0 Neonate's Name: C 1..1
IndentIndent21112-8 Neonate's Date of Birth: O 0..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent46106-1 Neonate's Medical Record #: C 1..1
IndentIndent74698-2 Neonate's Gender: C 1..1
Indent74770-9 Report and Event Reporter Information
IndentIndent74550-5 Anonymous reporter [AHRQ] O 0..1
IndentIndent74549-7 Reporter's Name: C 1..1
IndentIndent74548-9 Telephone Number: C 1..1
IndentIndent74547-1 Email Address: C 1..1
IndentIndent74546-3 Reporter's Job or Position: C 1..1

Fully-Specified Name

Patient safety event report - hospital - healthcare event reporting form - version 1.2

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Version 2.48
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Version 2.54
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