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75742-7Dartmouth COOP Functional Assessment Charts - 2 weeksActive

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LP186133-7   Dartmouth COOP Functional Assessment Charts - 2 weeks
This panel represents the COOP/WONCA Charts for adult/geriatric patients with a 1-10 numeric rating scale. Images included with each term display the charts and indicate in color (red, green, yellow) the usual score "cutoffs" in clinical settings. The Dartmouth-Northern New England Primary Care Cooperative Information Project (Dartmouth CO-OP Project) chart system has been developed to assess the functional status of adults and adolescents. The dimensions of health status measured by the health charts are: Physical, Emotional, Daily Activities, Social Activities, Social Support, Pain, and Overall Health.

Two main versions of the COOP Charts exist: the original CO-OP charts [LOINC:75743-5] and the CO-OP/WONCA version (this panel). The WONCA version has been developed as the international standard for classifying the functional status of adult patients in primary care settings. This version differs from the original CO-OP Charts by asking about function in the previous 2 weeks (rather than 4 weeks).

Several variations of the COOP charts also exists and scoring across instruments varies (e.g. 1-10 where 10 is worst, 1-5 where 5 is worst, and some even reverse the numbers). For scoring, typically the patient's answers, or scores, for each chart are recorded as-is in the patient's medical record; no scoring algorithm or computing is necessary. A summative total score is not recommended by the developers, however some users may be recording it. Copyright Copyright © 2009 Trustees of Dartmouth College/COOP Project. Source: Dartmouth College/COOP Project, COOP Charts

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75742-7 Dartmouth COOP Functional Assessment Charts - 2 weeks
Indent75699-9 During the past 2 weeks, what was the hardest physical activity you could do for at least 2 minutes? {score}
Indent75700-5 During the past 2 weeks, how much have you been bothered by emotional problems such as feeling anxious, depressed, irritable or downhearted and blue? {score}
Indent75701-3 During the past 2 weeks, how much difficulty have you had doing your usual activities or tasks, both inside and outside the house because of your physical and emotional health? {score}
Indent75702-1 During the past 2 weeks, has your physical and emotional health limited your social activities with family, friends, neighbors or groups? {score}
Indent75703-9 During the past 2 weeks, how much bodily pain have you generally had? {score}
Indent75704-7 How would you rate your overall health now compared to 2 weeks ago? {score}
Indent75705-4 During the past 2 weeks, how would you rate your health in general? {score}
Indent75706-2 During the past 2 weeks, was someone available to help you if you needed and wanted help? {score}
Indent75707-0 How have things been going for you during the past 2 weeks? {score}
Indent75698-1 Total score [COOP.WONCA] {score}

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Dartmouth COOP Functional Assessment Charts - 2 weeks

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