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76456-3Physical therapy conclusion of care panelActive

Panel Hierarchy
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
76456-3 Physical therapy conclusion of care panel
Indent76435-7 Patient identifier
Indent76698-0 Patient identifier assigning authority 1..n
Indent76471-2 Organization episode of care unique identifier
Indent76470-4 Physical therapy organization federal tax ID 1..1
Indent76696-4 Physical therapy facility name 1..n
Indent76429-0 Physical therapy Discharge date {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent76417-5 Provider First name 1..n
Indent76419-1 Provider Last name 1..n
Indent45952-9 Provider NPI 1..n
Indent86637-6 Provider role
Indent89177-0 Movement system diagnosis 1..n
Indent18630-4 Primary diagnosis 1..1
Indent81885-6 Secondary diagnosis 0..n
Indent76442-3 Primary health condition 1..n
Indent76472-0 Other health condition 0..n
Indent76444-9 Problem Body function ICF code 0..n
Indent76445-6 Problem Body structure ICF code 0..n
Indent76446-4 Problem Activities and participation ICF code 0..n
Indent76462-1 Reason for discharge 1..1
Indent76440-7 Physical therapy care transfer location 0..1
Indent81893-0 Patient satisfaction with healthcare delivery [Score] {score}
Indent57828-6 Prescription list
Indent77574-2 Global measure of physical function panel
IndentIndent79529-4 Basic mobility score [AM-PAC] {score}
IndentIndent79530-2 Basic mobility score standard error [AM-PAC] {score}
IndentIndent79531-0 Basic mobility items number [Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care] {#}
IndentIndent79532-8 Daily activity score [AM-PAC] {score}
IndentIndent79533-6 Daily activity score standard error [AM-PAC] {score}
IndentIndent79534-4 Daily activity items number [Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care] {#}
IndentIndent79535-1 Applied cognitive score [AM-PAC] {score}
IndentIndent79536-9 Applied cognitive score standard error [AM-PAC] {score}
IndentIndent79537-7 Applied cognitive items number [Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care] {#}
IndentIndent79421-4 Neuromuscular functional index [CareConnections] {score}
IndentIndent79422-2 Orthopedic functional index [CareConnections] {score}
IndentIndent77866-2 PROMIS physical function - version 1.0 Tscore {Tscore}
IndentIndent77874-6 PROMIS physical function - version 1.2 Tscore {Tscore}
IndentIndent91721-1 PROMIS physical function - version 2.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent77580-9 PROMIS physical function w mobility aids - version 1.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent92391-2 PROMIS self-efficacy for managing daliy activities - version 1.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent92448-0 PROMIS self-efficacy for managing symptoms - version 1.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent91612-2 PROMIS upper extremity version 2.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent77578-3 PROMIS parent proxy mobility - version 1.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent90705-5 PROMIS parent proxy mobility - version 2.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent90884-8 PROMIS pediatric mobility - version 2.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent77579-1 PROMIS pediatric physical function: mobility - version 1.0 T-score {Tscore}
Indent77575-9 Condition- or population-specific panel
IndentIndent52742-4 Pain intensity rating
IndentIndent71971-6 PROMIS-10 Global Health, GPH, T score {score}
IndentIndent71969-0 PROMIS-10 Global Health, GMH, T score {score}
IndentIndent77865-4 PROMIS pain interference - version 1.0 Tscore {Tscore}
IndentIndent89950-0 PROMIS parent proxy pain interference - version 2.0 T-score {Tscore}
IndentIndent89936-9 PROMIS pediatric pain interference - version 2.0 Tscore {Tscore}
IndentIndent82324-5 Knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score for joint replacement [KOOSJR]
IndentIndentIndent82325-2 How severe is your knee stiffness after first wakening in the morning?
IndentIndentIndent86631-9 Pain
IndentIndentIndentIndent82326-0 Twisting/pivoting on your knee
IndentIndentIndentIndent82327-8 Straightening knee fully
IndentIndentIndentIndent82328-6 Going up or down stairs
IndentIndentIndentIndent82329-4 Standing upright
IndentIndentIndent86632-7 Function, daily living
IndentIndentIndentIndent82330-2 Rising from sitting
IndentIndentIndentIndent82331-0 Bending to floor/pick up an object
IndentIndentIndent82332-8 Total interval score [KOOSJR] {score}
IndentIndent82226-2 Neck Disability Index [NDI] O
IndentIndentIndent82227-0 Pain intensity R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82228-8 Personal care (washing, dressing, etc.) R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82229-6 Lifting R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82230-4 Reading R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82231-2 Headaches R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82232-0 Concentration R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82233-8 Work R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82234-6 Driving R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82235-3 Sleeping R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82236-1 Recreation R 1..1
IndentIndentIndent82237-9 Total score [NDI] R {score}
IndentIndent89196-0 Patient reported outcome measure panel
IndentIndentIndent89195-2 Patient reported outcome measure name
IndentIndentIndent89194-5 Patient reported outcome measure score {score}
IndentIndentIndent89193-7 Patient reported outcome measure score interpretation
IndentIndent89197-8 Performance-based measure panel
IndentIndentIndent89190-3 Performance-based measure name
IndentIndentIndent89191-1 Performance-based measure score
IndentIndentIndent89192-9 Performance-based measure score interpretation
Indent77576-7 Self-care and mobility panel
IndentIndent52642-6 Eating during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52644-2 Oral hygiene during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52645-9 Toilet hygiene during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52662-4 Shower/bathe self during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52646-7 Upper body dressing during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52647-5 Lower body dressing during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52666-5 Putting on/taking off footwear during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52663-2 Roll left and right during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52664-0 Sit to lying during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52648-3 Lying to sitting on side of bed during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52649-1 Sit to stand during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52650-9 Chair-bed to chair transfer during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52651-7 Toilet transfer during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52672-3 Car transfer during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52656-6 Walk 10 ft (3 m) during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52668-1 Walk 50 feet with two turns during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52654-1 Walk 100 ft (30 m) during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52653-3 Walk 150 ft (45 m) during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52660-8 Wheel 10 ft (3 m) during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52659-0 Wheel 50 ft (15 m) during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52658-2 Wheel 100 ft (30 m) during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52657-4 Wheel 150 ft (45 m) during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52671-5 Walking 10 feet on uneven surfaces during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52667-3 One step (curb) during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52670-7 Four steps-exterior during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52669-9 12 steps-interior during two day assessment period [CARE]
IndentIndent52665-7 Picking up objects during 2 day assessment period [CARE]
Indent89176-2 Intervention AndOr services provided panel
IndentIndent89187-9 Instructions provided [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent89186-1 Airway clearance technique performed [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent89185-3 Assistive technology provided [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent89184-6 Biophysical agent used 0..n
IndentIndent89183-8 Functional training performed [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent89182-0 Integumentary repair and protection technique used [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent89181-2 Manual therapy technique used [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent89180-4 Motor function training performed [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent89179-6 Therapeutic exercise performed [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent92561-0 Other intervention AndOr service provided [Identifier] 0..n
IndentIndent42349-1 Reason for referral (narrative)
Indent89175-4 Billing information panel
IndentIndent45952-9 National provider ID 1..1
IndentIndent52829-9 Place of service 1..1
IndentIndent86255-7 Primary diagnosis ICD code 1..1
IndentIndent81885-6 Other diagnosis ICD code 0..n
IndentIndent89266-1 Procedures, Services, or Supplies code 0..n
IndentIndent76430-8 CPT units [#] 0..n {#}
IndentIndent89265-3 Procedures, Services, or Supplies modifier 0..n
IndentIndent89178-8 Patient's Financial responsibility amount [#] 0..1 {#}
IndentIndent76428-2 Visit charge in dollars 0..1 {#}

Fully-Specified Name

Physical therapy conclusion of care panel

Additional Names

Short Name
PT concl of care Pnl

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.52
Last Updated
Version 2.56
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LOINC Long Common Name
76464-7 American Physical Therapy Association registry panel

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zh-CNChinese (CHINA)
it-ITItalian (ITALY)
Fisioterapia, panel conclusione di cura:-:Pt:^Paziente:-:

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