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77575-9Condition- or population-specific panel APTAActive

Term Description

This panel contains terms for various instruments that are used to assess health-condition specific patient function, including those from the Neck Disability Index, Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire, DASH, and KOOS. This panel was created for, but is not limited in use to, the American Physical Therapy Association's Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry.
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Panel Hierarchy
Details for each LOINC in Panel

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
77575-9 Condition- or population-specific panel
Indent52742-4 Pain intensity rating
Indent71971-6 PROMIS-10 Global Health, GPH, T score {score}
Indent71969-0 PROMIS-10 Global Health, GMH, T score {score}
Indent77865-4 PROMIS pain interference - version 1.0 Tscore {Tscore}
Indent89950-0 PROMIS parent proxy pain interference - version 2.0 T-score {Tscore}
Indent89936-9 PROMIS pediatric pain interference - version 2.0 Tscore {Tscore}
Indent82324-5 Knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score for joint replacement [KOOSJR]
IndentIndent82325-2 How severe is your knee stiffness after first wakening in the morning?
IndentIndent86631-9 Pain
IndentIndentIndent82326-0 Twisting/pivoting on your knee
IndentIndentIndent82327-8 Straightening knee fully
IndentIndentIndent82328-6 Going up or down stairs
IndentIndentIndent82329-4 Standing upright
IndentIndent86632-7 Function, daily living
IndentIndentIndent82330-2 Rising from sitting
IndentIndentIndent82331-0 Bending to floor/pick up an object
IndentIndent82332-8 Total interval score [KOOSJR] {score}
Indent82226-2 Neck Disability Index [NDI]
IndentIndent82227-0 Pain intensity R 1..1
IndentIndent82228-8 Personal care (washing, dressing, etc.) R 1..1
IndentIndent82229-6 Lifting R 1..1
IndentIndent82230-4 Reading R 1..1
IndentIndent82231-2 Headaches R 1..1
IndentIndent82232-0 Concentration R 1..1
IndentIndent82233-8 Work R 1..1
IndentIndent82234-6 Driving R 1..1
IndentIndent82235-3 Sleeping R 1..1
IndentIndent82236-1 Recreation R 1..1
IndentIndent82237-9 Total score [NDI] R {score}
Indent89196-0 Patient reported outcome measure panel
IndentIndent89195-2 Patient reported outcome measure name
IndentIndent89194-5 Patient reported outcome measure score {score}
IndentIndent89193-7 Patient reported outcome measure score interpretation
Indent89197-8 Performance-based measure panel
IndentIndent89190-3 Performance-based measure name
IndentIndent89191-1 Performance-based measure score
IndentIndent89192-9 Performance-based measure score interpretation

Fully-Specified Name

Condition- or population-specific panel

Additional Names

Short Name
Condition-spec function Pnl APTA

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.52
Last Updated
Version 2.56
Change Reason
Changed panel name from "Health-condition specific level of function panel" to "Condition- or population-specific panel" per APTA
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LOINC Long Common Name
76464-7 American Physical Therapy Association registry panel

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zh-CNChinese (CHINA)
it-ITItalian (ITALY)
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