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A patient's total moderate physical activity can be reported as a continuous variable based on the duration (e.g. in minutes) and frequency (e.g. days) of moderate activity over the past 7 days. In the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) Long form, the patient is asked separate questions on moderate physical activity in various domains, including for transport (cycling), at work, doing chores (yard & house), and for recreation, sport, exercise or leisure. The total duration and frequency for these domains is used to calculate the patient's moderate physical activity level. In the IPAQ Short form, these domains are grouped together into a single question for duration and another for frequency of moderate physical activity in the last 7 days. The activity level is reported in MET-minutes/week or MET-minutes/day, although the former is more frequently used and is thus suggested.

Calculation for moderate physical activity for the long and short IPAQ forms:
Short form: Moderate MET-minutes/week = 4.0 * moderate-intensity activity minutes per day * moderate-intensity days per week

Long form: Moderate MET-minutes/week = Cycle MET-minutes/week (Transport) + Moderate MET-minutes/week (Work + Mod Yard chores + Inside chores + Leisure) + Vigorous MET-minutes/week (Vig Yard chores)
Cycle MET-minutes/week = 6.0 * Cycling minutes/day * Cycle days/week for transportation
Moderate MET-minutes/week = 4.0 * total moderate activity minutes/day * total moderate days/week (for Work + Mod Yard chores + Inside chores + Leisure)
Vigorous MET-minutes/week = 5.5 * vigorous-intensity activity minutes/day * vigorous-intensity days/week doing yard work

For the IPAQ, walking is considered a moderate-intensity activity. To determine a total moderate-intensity MET-minutes/week, the walking and moderate totals should be added.
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Moderate physical activity

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Version 2.61
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Version 2.64
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Updated Method from "Calculated" to "IPAQ" since this variable relates to specific domains, instructions and a calculation defined by IPAQ.
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LOINC Long Common Name
88379-3 International Physical Activity Questionnaire self-administered long form [IPAQ]
77582-5 International Physical Activity Questionnaire Self-Administered Short Form [IPAQ]
88434-6 International Physical Activity Questionnaire telephone long form [IPAQ]
88412-2 International Physical Activity Questionnaire telephone short form [IPAQ]

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LG41761-4 Exercise/Activity

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[MET].min/wk Example UCUM Units

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