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81214-9Continuity of Care Document - recommended C-CDA R2.0 and R2.1 sectionsActive

Term Description

This panel contains the recommended sections for the continuity of care document [LOINC:34133-9] based on the HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA® Release 2: Consolidated CDA Templates for Clinical Notes (US Realm) DSTU Releases 2.0 & 2.1
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Panel Hierarchy
Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
81214-9 Continuity of Care Document - recommended C-CDA R2.0 and R2.1 sections
Indent48765-2 Allergies R
Indent10160-0 History of Medication use Narrative R
Indent11450-4 Problem list - Reported R
Indent47519-4 History of Procedures Document R
Indent30954-2 Relevant diagnostic tests/laboratory data Narrative R
Indent29762-2 Social history R
Indent8716-3 Vital signs R
Indent42348-3 Advance directives O
Indent46240-8 History of Hospitalizations+Outpatient visits Narrative O
Indent10157-6 History of family member diseases Narrative O
Indent47420-5 Functional status assessment note O
Indent11369-6 History of Immunization Narrative O
Indent10190-7 Mental status Narrative O
Indent46264-8 History of medical device use O
Indent61144-2 Diet and nutrition Narrative O
Indent48768-6 Payment sources Document O
Indent18776-5 Plan of care note O

Fully-Specified Name

Continuity of Care Document - recommended C-CDA R2.0 & R2.1 sections

Additional Names

Short Name
CCD C-CDA R2.0+2.1 Sections

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.56
Last Updated
Version 2.56
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Convenience group

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zh-CNChinese (China)
连续性医疗服务文档 - 推荐 C-CDA R2.0 与 R2.1 小节:-:时间点:{环境}:-:
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Documento di continuità di cura - sezioni raccomandate C-CDA R2.0 & R2.1:-:Pt:{Setting}:-:
es-MXSpanish (Mexico)
Documento de continuidad de la atención: secciones recomendadas de C-CDA R2.0 y R2.1:-:Punto temporal:{Configuración}:-:

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https://fhir.loinc.org/CodeSystem/$lookup?system=http://loinc.org&code=81214-9 https://fhir.loinc.org/Questionnaire/?url=http://loinc.org/q/81214-9