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81307-1Influenza virus A H7 Eurasia RNA [Cycle Threshold #] in Respiratory specimen by NAA with probe detectionActive

Term Description

Possible specimens include: upper respiratory tract clinical specimens (including nasopharyngeal swabs, nasal swabs, throat swabs, nasal aspirates, nasal washes, and dual nasopharyngeal/throat swabs), and lower respiratory tract specimens (including bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchial wash, tracheal aspirate, sputum, and lung tissue.
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Part Description

LP208510-0   Influenza virus A H7 Eurasia
Human infections with a new avian influenza A (H7N9) virus were first reported in China in March 2013. Most of these infections are believed to result from exposure to infected poultry or contaminated environments, as H7N9 viruses have also been found in poultry in China. While some mild illnesses in human H7N9 cases have been seen, most patients have had severe respiratory illness, with about one-third resulting in death. Rare, limited person-to-person spread of this virus has been identified in China, but there is no evidence of sustained person-to-person spread of H7N9. The first case outside of China was in Malaysia and was reported on February 12, 2014. The case was detected in a traveler from an H7N9-affected area of China. The new H7N9 virus has not been detected in people or birds in the United States as of this writing. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC: Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus

Fully-Specified Name

Influenza virus A H7 Eurasia RNA

Additional Names

Short Name
FLUAV H7 Euras RNA Ct Resp Qn NAA+probe
Display Name
FLUAV H7 Euras RNA NAA+probe (Resp) [ThreshNum]
Consumer Name Alpha
Influenza A H7 Eurasia, Respiratory

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Version 2.56
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Version 2.63
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LOINC Long Common Name
81233-9 Influenza virus types A and B and subtypes RNA panel - Respiratory specimen by NAA with probe detection

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LG32757-3 Influenza virus

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zh-CNChinese (China)
流感病毒 A 型 H7 亚型欧亚株 RNA:阈值循环圈数:时间点:呼吸道:定量型:探针法.基因扩增.靶向
nl-NLDutch (Netherlands)
Influenzavirus A H7 Eurasia RNA:drempelwaarde nummer:moment:luchtwegen:kwantitatief:moleculaire techniek (PCR)
fr-FRFrench (France)
Influenza virus A H7 Eurasie ARN:Cycle seuil:Ponctuel:Respiratoire:Numérique:PCR amplification de cible
de-DEGerman (Germany)
Influenza-Virus A H7 Eurasien RNA:Ct-Wert:Zeitpunkt:Respirationstrakt:Quantitativ:Zielfragmentamplifikation mit Sondendetektion
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Virus Influenza A H7 Eurasia RNA:Thresnum:Pt:Respiratorio:Qn:Sonda.amp.tar
es-MXSpanish (Mexico)
Virus de la influenza A H7 Eurasia ARN:ThreshNum:Punto temporal:Espécimen respiratorio:Cuantitativo:Amplificación de ácidos nucleicos con detección de sonda
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
Virus Influenza A H7 Eurasia RNA:ThreshNnum:Punto temporal:Respiratorio:Qn:Sonda con amplificación dirigida

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