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Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
83331-9 Patient Centered Assessment Method panel [PCAM]
Indent83329-3 Health and well-being panel [PCAM]
IndentIndent83328-5 Thinking about your client's physical health needs, are there any symptoms or problems (risk indicators) you are unsure about that require further investigation?
IndentIndent83330-1 Are the client's physical health problems impacting on their mental well-being?
IndentIndent83332-7 Are there any problems with your client's lifestyle behaviors (alcohol, drugs, diet, exercise) that are impacting on physical or mental well-being?
IndentIndent83333-5 Do you have any other concerns about your client's mental well-being - how would you rate their severity and impact on the client?
Indent83334-3 Social environmental panel [PCAM]
IndentIndent83322-8 How would you rate their home environment in terms of safety and stability (including domestic violence, insecure housing, neighbor harassment)?
IndentIndent83323-6 How do daily activities impact on the client's well-being (include current or anticipated unemployment, work, caregiving, access to transportation or other)?
IndentIndent83324-4 How would you rate their social network (family, work, friends)?
IndentIndent83335-0 How would you rate their financial resources (including ability to afford all required medical care)?
Indent83336-8 Health literacy and communication panel [PCAM]
IndentIndent83337-6 How well does the client now understand their health and well-being (symptoms, signs or risk factors) and what they need to do to manage their health?
IndentIndent83338-4 How well do you think your client can engage in healthcare discussions (barriers include language, deafness, aphasia, alcohol or drug problems, learning difficulties, concentration)?
Indent83339-2 Service coordination panel [PCAM]
IndentIndent83340-0 Do other services need to be involved to help this client?
IndentIndent83341-8 Are current services involved with this client well-coordinated (include coordination with other services you are now recommending)?
Indent83344-2 What action is required [PCAM]
Indent83343-4 Who needs to be involved [PCAM]
Indent83342-6 Barriers to action [PCAM]
Indent83345-9 What action will be taken [PCAM]

Fully-Specified Name

Patient Centered Assessment Method panel

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Version 2.58
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Version 2.63
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