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85662-5Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH) Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Data Set (LCDS) - Planned Discharge - version 3.00 [CMS Assessment]Active

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This panel should be used for CMS LCDS v3.00 Planned Discharge assessments performed between April 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
85662-5 Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH) Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Data Set (LCDS) - Planned Discharge - version 3.00 [CMS Assessment]
Indent85663-3 Administrative Information
IndentIndent58198-3 Type of Record
IndentIndent54581-4 Facility Provider Numbers
IndentIndentIndent76468-8 National Provider Identifier (NPI)
IndentIndentIndent69417-4 CMS Certification Number (CCN)
IndentIndentIndent45398-5 State Medicaid Provider Number
IndentIndent85632-8 Type of Provider
IndentIndent54593-9 Assessment Reference Date. Observation end date {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent52455-3 Admission Date {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent52454-6 Reason for Assessment
IndentIndent52525-3 Discharge Date {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent85817-5 Patient Demographic Information
IndentIndentIndent54503-8 Legal Name of Patient
IndentIndentIndentIndent45392-8 Patient First (Given) name
IndentIndentIndentIndent45393-6 Middle initial
IndentIndentIndentIndent45394-4 Patient Last (Family) name
IndentIndentIndentIndent45395-1 Suffix
IndentIndentIndent45966-9 Social Security and Medicare numbers
IndentIndentIndentIndent45396-9 Social Security Number
IndentIndentIndentIndent45397-7 Medicare number (or comparable railroad insurance number)
IndentIndentIndent45400-9 Medicaid Number
IndentIndentIndent46098-0 Gender
IndentIndentIndent21112-8 Birth date {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndentIndent59362-4 Race/Ethnicity 1..6
IndentIndentIndent52556-8 Payer Information 1..13
IndentIndent55128-3 Discharge Location
IndentIndent85412-5 Program Interruption(s)
IndentIndent85669-0 Number of Program Interruptions During This Stay in This Facility {#}
IndentIndent85483-6 Program Interruption Dates 0..5
IndentIndentIndent85413-3 Interruption Start Date 1..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndentIndent85414-1 Interruption End Date 1..1 {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent85640-1 Hearing, Speech, and Vision
IndentIndent85629-4 Comatose - persistent vegetative state and no discernible consciousness
IndentIndent83250-1 Expression of Ideas and Wants
IndentIndent83249-3 Understanding Verbal Content
Indent85638-5 Cognitive Patterns
IndentIndent85649-2 LCDS v3.00 - Signs and Symptoms of Delirium (from CAM) [CMS Assessment]
IndentIndentIndent85812-6 Acute onset and fluctuating course
IndentIndentIndentIndent85634-4 Is there evidence of an acute change in mental status from the patient's baseline?
IndentIndentIndentIndent85630-2 Did the (abnormal) behavior fluctuate during the day, that is, tend to come and go or increase and decrease in severity?
IndentIndentIndent85631-0 Inattention.Did the patient have difficulty focusing attention, for example, being easily distractible or having difficulty keeping track of what was being said?
IndentIndentIndent85651-8 Disorganized thinking.Was the patient's thinking disorganized or incoherent, such as rambling or irrelevant conversation, unclear or illogical flow of ideas, or unpredictable switching from subject to subject?
IndentIndentIndent85811-8 Altered level of consciousness
IndentIndentIndentIndent85646-8 Overall, how would you rate the patient's level of consciousness? Alert (Normal)
IndentIndentIndentIndent85655-9 Overall, how would you rate the patient's level of consciousness? Vigilant (hyperalert) or Lethargic (drowsy, easily aroused) or Stupor (difficult to arouse) or Coma (unarousable)
Indent85664-1 Functional Abilities and Goals
IndentIndent85665-8 Self-Care - Discharge Performance
IndentIndentIndent83232-9 Eating
IndentIndentIndent83230-3 Oral hygiene
IndentIndentIndent83228-7 Toileting hygiene
IndentIndentIndent85652-6 Wash upper body
IndentIndent85672-4 Mobility - Discharge Performance
IndentIndentIndent83218-8 Roll left and right
IndentIndentIndent83216-2 Sit to lying
IndentIndentIndent83214-7 Lying to sitting on side of bed
IndentIndentIndent83212-1 Sit to stand
IndentIndentIndent83210-5 Chair/bed-to-chair transfer
IndentIndentIndent83208-9 Toilet transfer
IndentIndentIndent83278-2 Does the patient walk?
IndentIndentIndent83204-8 Walk 10 feet
IndentIndentIndent83202-2 Walk 50 feet with two turns
IndentIndentIndent83200-6 Walk 150 feet
IndentIndentIndent83271-7 Does the patient use a wheelchair/scooter?
IndentIndentIndent83188-3 Wheel 50 feet with two turns
IndentIndentIndent83272-5 Indicate the type of wheelchair/scooter used
IndentIndentIndent83235-2 Wheel 150 feet
IndentIndentIndent83272-5 Indicate the type of wheelchair/scooter used
Indent85666-6 Bladder and Bowel
IndentIndent83238-6 Bladder Continence
Indent83279-0 Health Conditions
IndentIndent83280-8 Any Falls Since Admission. Has the patient had any falls since admission?
IndentIndent54854-5 Number of Falls Since Admission
IndentIndentIndent54855-2 No injury
IndentIndentIndent54856-0 Injury (except major)
IndentIndentIndent54857-8 Major injury
Indent85670-8 Skin conditions
IndentIndent58214-8 Unhealed Pressure Ulcer(s). Does this patient have one or more unhealed pressure ulcer(s) at Stage 1 or higher?
IndentIndent83256-8 Current Number of Unhealed Pressure Ulcers at Each Stage
IndentIndentIndent54884-2 Number of Stage 1 pressure ulcers {#}
IndentIndentIndent55124-2 Number of Stage 2 pressure ulcers {#}
IndentIndentIndent54886-7 Number of these Stage 2 pressure ulcers that were present upon admission {#}
IndentIndentIndent55125-9 Number of Stage 3 pressure ulcers {#}
IndentIndentIndent54887-5 Number of these Stage 3 pressure ulcers that were present upon admission {#}
IndentIndentIndent55126-7 Number of Stage 4 pressure ulcers {#}
IndentIndentIndent54890-9 Number of these Stage 4 pressure ulcers that were present upon admission {#}
IndentIndentIndent54893-3 Number of unstageable pressure ulcers due to non-removable dressing/device {#}
IndentIndentIndent54894-1 Number of these unstageable pressure ulcers that were present upon admission {#}
IndentIndentIndent54946-9 Number of unstageable pressure ulcers due to coverage of wound bed by slough and/or eschar {#}
IndentIndentIndent54947-7 Number of these unstageable pressure ulcers that were present upon admission {#}
IndentIndentIndent54950-1 Number of unstageable pressure ulcers with suspected deep tissue injury in evolution {#}
IndentIndentIndent54951-9 Number of these unstageable pressure ulcers that were present upon admission {#}
IndentIndent83282-4 Worsening in Pressure Ulcer Status Since Admission
IndentIndentIndent83283-2 Stage 2 {#}
IndentIndentIndent83284-0 Stage 3 {#}
IndentIndentIndent83285-7 Stage 4 {#}
IndentIndentIndent83286-5 Unstageable - Non-removable dressing {#}
IndentIndentIndent83287-3 Unstageable - Slough and/or eschar {#}
IndentIndentIndent83288-1 Unstageable - Deep tissue injury {#}
Indent83247-7 Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs
IndentIndent69339-0 Influenza Vaccine
IndentIndentIndent55019-4 Did the patient receive the influenza vaccine in this facility for this year's influenza vaccination season?
IndentIndentIndent58131-4 Date influenza vaccine received {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndentIndent55020-2 If influenza vaccine not received, state reason: C
Indent85637-7 Assessment Administration
IndentIndent85648-4 Signature of Persons Completing the Assessment 0..12
IndentIndentIndent85647-6 Signature
IndentIndentIndent85650-0 Title
IndentIndent70157-3 Sections
IndentIndent70158-1 Date Sections Completed
IndentIndent70127-6 Signature of Person Verifying Assessment Completion
IndentIndent30947-6 LTCH CARE Data Set Completion Date {mm/dd/yyyy}

Fully-Specified Name

Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH) Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Data Set (LCDS) - Planned Discharge - version 3.00
CMS Assessment

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