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86345-6U.S. standard certificate of death - recommended 2003 revision setActive

Term Description

Contains the set of terms used in the 2003 version of the U.S. Standard Certificate of Death.
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Panel Hierarchy
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
86345-6 U.S. standard certificate of death - recommended 2003 revision set
Indent69434-9 Location of death name Facility
Indent69435-6 Street address where death occurred if not facility
Indent74499-5 Death pronouncer details
Indent80616-6 Date and time pronounced dead [US Standard Certificate of Death] {TmStp}
Indent31211-6 Date of death
Indent69454-7 Death date comment
Indent74497-9 Was the medical examiner or coroner contacted?
Indent69453-9 Cause of death [US Standard Certificate of Death]
Indent69440-6 Disease onset to death interval
Indent69441-4 Other significant causes or conditions of death R
Indent80905-3 Body disposition method
Indent69436-4 Were autopsy findings available to complete the cause of death?
Indent69443-0 Did tobacco use contribute to death
Indent69442-2 Timing of recent pregnancy in relation to death
Indent69449-7 Manner of death
Indent71481-6 Did the death of this person involve injury of any kind
Indent69445-5 Injury date C
Indent69446-3 Injury date comment C
Indent69450-5 Place of injury C
Indent69444-8 Injury at work?
Indent69447-1 Injury location Narrative C
Indent11374-6 Injury incident description Narrative C
Indent69448-9 Injury leading to death associated with transportation event C
Indent69451-3 If transportation injury, specify:
Indent74734-5 Death certifier details
Indent69437-2 Death certifier [Type]
Indent69439-8 Death certifier Address
Indent69452-1 Coroner - medical examiner case number
Indent21843-8 History of Usual occupation
Indent21844-6 History of Usual industry
Indent80913-7 Highest level of education [US Standard Certificate of Death]
Indent69438-0 Forensic medicine Referral note

Fully-Specified Name

U.S. standard certificate of death - recommended 2003 revision set

Additional Names

Short Name
U.S. Death cert 2003 set

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Version 2.61
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Version 2.61
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Convenience group

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zh-CNChinese (China)
美国标准死亡证明 - 推荐 2003 年修订版集合:-:时间点:{环境}:-:
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Certificato di morte standard degli Stati Uniti - set revisione 2003 raccomandato:-:Pt:{Setting}:-:

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