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87377-8Escherichia coli Stx2 toxin stx2 gene [Presence] in Isolate by NAA with probe detectionActive

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LP262477-5   Escherichia coli Stx2 toxin stx2 gene
The Stx1 toxin A subunit is encoded by the stx1 gene [www.uniprot.org/uniprot/ ?query=stx1+escherichia+coli&sort=score] and the Stx2 toxin A subunit is encoded by the stx2 gene.[UniProt:K0JD26] Stx1a and Stx2a are produced by some serogroups of Escherichia coli (also known as Vero toxins and previously referred to as Shiga-like toxins) are two cytotoxins that cause hemorrhagic colitis (HC) and hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). The two toxins produce similar symptoms, but are immunologically unique. Both toxins are composed of a single copy of subunit A and five copies of subunit B. Stx1a and Stx1b induce host cell apoptosis by removing an adenine residue from the 28S rRNA of the 60S ribosome, with RNA-N-glycosidase activity provided by subunit A. The five B subunits bind to the host cell receptor present on endothelial cells.[PMID:25530917] Shigella toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) has become a serious food-borne pathogen. Outbreaks of STEC have been associated with the consumption of pork products resulting in HC and HUS. STEC in swine has been demonstrated to cause edema disease. Epidemiological studies throughout the world have proven that STEC can be harbored and shed by domestic swine.[PMID:24397985] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Escherichia coli Stx2 toxin stx2 gene

Additional Names

Short Name
EC stx2 gene Islt Ql NAA+probe
Display Name
E. coli stx2 gene NAA+probe Ql (Isol)
Consumer Name Alpha
Escherichia coli stx2 toxin stx2 gene

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Source: Regenstrief Institute

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Positive Copyright http://snomed.info/sct ID:10828004 Positive (qualifier value) LA6576-8
Negative Copyright http://snomed.info/sct ID:260385009 Negative (qualifier value) LA6577-6

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Version 2.63
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Version 2.64
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Updated Component from "Escherichia coli stx2 gene" based on the current E. coli nomenclature and LOINC model
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LOINC Long Common Name
88116-9 Escherichia coli gene panel - Specimen by NAA with probe detection

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zh-CNChinese (China)
大肠埃希菌 Stx2 毒素 stx2 基因:存在情况或阈值:时间点:分离株:序数型:探针法.基因扩增.靶向
nl-NLDutch (Netherlands)
Escherichia coli Stx2-toxine stx2-gen:aanwezigheid:moment:isolaat:ordinaal:moleculaire techniek (PCR)
fr-FRFrench (France)
Escherichia coli toxine stx2 gène:Présence/Seuil:Ponctuel:Isolat:Qualitatif:PCR amplification de cible
de-DEGerman (Germany)
Escherichia coli Stx2 Toxin stx2-Gen:Nachweis oder Schwellenwert:Zeitpunkt:Isolat:Ordinal:Zielfragmentamplifikation mit Sondendetektion
it-ITItalian (Italy)
Escherichia coli tossina Stx2, gene stx2:PrThr:Pt:Isolato:Ord:Sonda.amp.tar
es-MXSpanish (Mexico)
Escherichia coli Toxina Stx2 Gen stx2:Presencia o umbral:Punto temporal:Aislado:Ordinal:Amplificación de ácidos nucleicos con detección de sonda
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
Gen stx2 Escherichia coli:PrThr:Punto temporal:Aislado:Ord:Sonda con amplificación dirigida

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