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87825-6National Trauma Data Standard - version 2018 setActive

Term Description

This panel contains the set of LOINC codes used in the 2018 National Trauma Data Standard data dictionary, which is used as a national standard in the United States for the exchange of trauma registry data.
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
87825-6 National Trauma Data Standard - version 2018 set
Indent74283-3 Alternate home residence
Indent30525-0 Age a
Indent74291-6 Co-morbid conditions
Indent52797-8 ICD-10 injury diagnoses
Indent76067-8 Abbreviated Injury Scale panel AAAM
IndentIndent76066-0 AIS version R
IndentIndent75890-4 AIS predot code O
IndentIndent75891-2 AIS severity R {score}
Indent74202-3 Primary method of payment
Indent67554-6 Work related exposure, injury, or death?
Indent85078-4 Occupation industry [Type]
Indent85658-3 Occupation [Type]
Indent69543-7 ICD-10 primary external cause code
Indent74496-1 Injury location ICD code
Indent74292-4 ICD-10 additional external cause code
Indent67499-4 Protective devices
Indent67499-4 Child specific restraint
Indent67500-9 Indication of Airbag deployment during the motor vehicle crash
Indent87517-9 Report of physical abuse
Indent87519-5 Investigation of physical abuse
Indent87518-7 Caregiver at discharge
Indent74200-7 Total ICU length of stay d
Indent74201-5 Total ventilator days d
Indent74290-8 Hospital discharge disposition [NTDS]
Indent69471-1 EMS dispatch date
Indent69471-1 EMS dispatch time
Indent69473-7 EMS unit arrival date at scene or transferring facility
Indent69473-7 EMS unit arrival time at scene or transferring facility
Indent69475-2 EMS unit departure date from scene or transferring facility
Indent69475-2 EMS unit departure time from scene or transferring facility
Indent74286-6 Transport mode
Indent74286-6 Other transport mode
Indent8480-6 Initial field systolic blood pressure mm[Hg]
Indent8867-4 Initial field pulse rate {beats}/min;{counts/min}
Indent9279-1 Initial field respiratory rate {breaths}/min;{counts/min}
Indent2708-6 Initial field oxygen saturation %
Indent9267-6 Initial field GCS - Eye
Indent9270-0 Initial field GCS - Verbal
Indent9268-4 Initial field GCS - Motor
Indent9269-2 Initial field GCS - Total {score}
Indent74199-1 Inter-facility transfer
Indent67495-2 Trauma center criteria
Indent67496-0 Vehicular, pedestrian, other risk injury
Indent8480-6 Initial ED/Hospital systolic blood pressure mm[Hg]
Indent8867-4 Initial ED/Hospital pulse rate {beats}/min;{counts/min}
Indent8310-5 Initial ED/Hospital temperature Cel
Indent9279-1 Initial ED/Hospital respiratory rate {breaths}/min;{counts/min}
Indent74210-6 Initial ED/Hospital respiratory assistance
Indent2708-6 Initial ED/Hospital oxygen saturation %
Indent74206-4 Initial ED/Hospital supplemental oxygen
Indent9267-6 Initial ED/Hospital GCS - Eye
Indent9270-0 Initial ED/Hospital GCS - verbal
Indent9268-4 Initial ED/Hospital GCS - motor
Indent9269-2 Initial ED/Hospital GCS - total {score}
Indent55285-1 Initial ED/Hospital GCS assessment qualifiers
Indent8302-2 Initial ED/Hospital height [in_us];cm;m
Indent29463-7 Initial ED/Hospital weight [lb_av];kg
Indent34601-5 Drug screen
Indent5640-8 Alcohol screen mg/dL
Indent74285-8 ED discharge disposition [NTDS]
Indent74203-1 Signs of life
Indent9269-2 Highest GCS Total {score}
Indent9268-4 Highest GCS Motor
Indent55285-1 GCS qualifier component of highest GCS total
Indent87515-3 Initial ED/Hospital pupillary response
Indent87514-6 Cerebral monitor
Indent1298-9 Packed erythrocytes given [Volume] mL
Indent10411-7 Plasma given [Volume] mL
Indent1299-7 Platelets given [Volume] mL
Indent10392-9 Cryoprecipitate given [Volume] mL
Indent8480-6 Lowest ED/Hospital systolic blood pressure mm[Hg]
Indent87516-1 Withdrawal of life support treatment
Indent74284-1 Hospital complications

Fully-Specified Name

National Trauma Data Standard - version 2018 set

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Short Name
NTDS 2018 set

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Version 2.63
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Version 2.63
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美国国家创伤数据标准 - 2018年版集合:-:时间点:{环境}:-:
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National Trauma Data Standard - version 2018 set:-:Pt:{Setting}:-:
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Estándar nacional de datos sobre traumatismos: conjunto de la versión 2018:-:Punto temporal:{Configuración}:-:

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