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89754-6Event status [CDC Emergency Operations Centers]Active

Term Description

A description of vocabulary for situational awareness documents that describes a situation with the incident/event that caused the Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PH EOC) activation
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
89754-6 Event status [CDC Emergency Operations Centers]
Indent90089-4 Date and time report was released {tmstp}
Indent80394-0 Emergency management incident type
Indent90064-7 Public health emergency event name
Indent90087-8 Period covered by report {mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent95895-9 Event start date {mm/dd/yyyy}
Indent80411-2 Event location
Indent91007-5 Total event-associated cases, number {#}
Indent91000-0 New event associated cases, number {#}
Indent95896-7 Increase or decrease in event-associated cases compared to previous reporting period [#] {#}
Indent95897-5 Percent increase or decrease in event-associated cases compared to previous reporting period %
Indent91006-7 New cases per day Reporting Period mean /d
Indent91008-3 Date and time of deaths assessment {tmstp}
Indent91009-1 Total deaths, event-associated {#}
Indent95898-3 All-cause deaths since start of event {#}
Indent95899-1 New deaths, event-associated, number {#}
Indent95911-4 Increase or decrease in event-associated deaths compared to previous reporting period [#] {#}
Indent95900-7 Percent increase or decrease in event-associated deaths compared to previous reporting period %
Indent95894-2 Total event-associated death rate per 100,000 population %
Indent91094-3 Cause of deaths Narrative
Indent95880-1 Event-associated hospitalization rate per 100,000 population in a reporting period %
Indent91010-9 Epidemiological investigation report Document
Indent91011-7 Etiology of a public health emergency
Indent91012-5 Population Symptoms related to incident or outbreak
Indent91013-3 Event impact level
Indent91014-1 Status of water supply systems Narrative
Indent91015-8 Status of waste water systems Narrative
Indent91016-6 Regional hospitals closed due to event or incident [#] {#}
Indent91017-4 Regional hospitals closed due to event or incident/Total regional hospitals %
Indent91018-2 Status of regional dialysis centers
Indent91019-0 Status of regional human shelters
Indent91020-8 Status of critical regional infrastructure
Indent91095-0 Analysis of pharmaceutical needs in a region Narrative
Indent90998-6 Analysis of information sources
Indent91021-6 Emergency department visits [#] Reporting Period {#}
Indent90999-4 Analysis of emergency department visits

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Event status

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Version 2.65
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Version 2.69
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89724-9 Minimum Data Set (MDS) for Public Health Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) [CDC Emergency Operations Centers]

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