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Surgical procedures requiring active SNF care
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Normative Answer List LL5178-0

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Knee Replacement - partial or total J2300 LA29540-4
Hip Replacement - partial or total J2310 LA29541-2
Ankle Replacement - partial or total J2320 LA29542-0
Shoulder Replacement - partial or total J2330 LA29543-8
Spinal surgery involving the spinal cord or major spinal nerves J2400 LA29544-6
Spinal surgery involving fusion of spinal bones J2410 LA29545-3
Spinal surgery involving lamina, discs, or facets J2420 LA29546-1
Other major spinal surgery J2499 LA29547-9
Repair fractures of the shoulder (including clavicle and scapula) or arm (but not hand) J2500 LA29548-7
Repair fractures of the pelvis, hip, leg, knee, or ankle (not foot) J2510 LA29549-5
Repair but not replace joints J2520 LA29550-3
Repair other bones (such as hand, foot, jaw) J2530 LA29551-1
Other major orthopedic surgery J2599 LA29552-9
Neurological surgery involving the brain, surrounding tissue or blood vessels, (excludes skull and skin but includes cranial nerves) J2600 LA29553-7
Neurological surgery involving the peripheral or autonomic nervous system - open or percutaneous J2610 LA29554-5
Insertion or removal of spinal or brain neurostimulators, electrodes, catheters, or CSF drainage devices J2620 LA29555-2
Other major neurological surgery J2699 LA29556-0
Cardiopulmonary surgery involving the heart or major blood vessels - open or percutaneous procedures J2700 LA29557-8
Cardiopulmonary surgery involving the respiratory system, including lungs, bronchi, trachea, larynx, or vocal cords - open or endoscopic J2710 LA29558-6
Other major cardiopulmonary surgery J2799 LA29562-8
Genitourinary surgery involving male or female organs (such as prostate, testes, ovaries, uterus, vagina, external genitalia) J2800 LA29563-6
Genitourinary surgery involving the kidneys, ureters, adrenal glands, or bladder - open or laparoscopic (includes creation or removal of nephrostomies or urostomies) J2810 LA29564-4
Other major genitourinary surgery J2899 LA29566-9
Other major surgery involving tendons, ligaments, or muscles J2900 LA29567-7
Other major surgery involving the gastrointestinal tract or abdominal contents from esophagus to anus, biliary tree, gall bladder, liver, pancreas, or spleen-open or laparoscopic J2910 LA29568-5
Other major surgery involving the endocrine organs (such as thyroid, parathyroid), neck, lymph nodes, or thymus - open J2920 LA29569-3
Other major surgery involving the breast J2930 LA29570-1
Repair of deep ulcers, internal brachytherapy, bone marrow or stem cell harvest or transplant J2940 LA29571-9
Other major surgery not listed above J5000 LA29572-7

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90480-5 MDS v3.0 - RAI v1.17.1 - Interim Payment Assessment (IPA) item set [CMS Assessment]
90473-0 MDS v3.0 - RAI v1.17.1 - Nursing home comprehensive (NC) item set [CMS Assessment]
90474-8 MDS v3.0 - RAI v1.17.1 - Nursing home PPS (NP) item set [CMS Assessment]
90475-5 MDS v3.0 - RAI v1.17.1 - Nursing home quarterly (NQ) item set [CMS Assessment]
90476-3 MDS v3.0 - RAI v1.17.1 - Swing bed PPS (SP) item set [CMS Assessment]

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