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The Keele STarT Back Screening Tool (SBST) is a 9-item questionnaire that helps clinicians identify modifiable risk factors (biomedical, psychological, and social) for back pain disability. The resulting score stratifies patients into low, medium or high risk categories for persistent symptoms.
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
91349-1 STarT Back Screening Tool panel
Indent91340-0 My back pain has spread down my leg(s) at some time in the last 2 weeks
Indent91341-8 I have had pain in the shoulder or neck at some time in the last 2 weeks
Indent91342-6 I have only walked short distances because of my back pain
Indent91343-4 In the last 2 weeks, I have dressed more slowly than usual because of back pain
Indent91344-2 It's not really safe for a person with a condition like mine to be physically active
Indent91345-9 Worrying thoughts have been going through my mind a lot of the time
Indent91346-7 I feel that my back pain is terrible and it's never going to get any better
Indent91347-5 In general I have not enjoyed all the things I used to enjoy
Indent91348-3 Overall, how bothersome has your back pain been in the last 2 weeks?
Indent91350-9 Distress subscore [STarT Back] {score}
Indent91351-7 Total score [STarT Back] {score}
Indent91352-5 STarT Back Screening risk level

Fully-Specified Name

STarT Back Screening Tool panel
STarT Back

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Version 2.66
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Version 2.66
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