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This panel contains the set of LOINCs used in the self-administered Medical Outcomes Study (MOS) Social Support Survey instrument. The MOS was a two-year study of patients with chronic conditions. The instrument used in the study includes four separate social support subscales (emotional/informational, tangible, affectionate, and positive social interaction) and an overall functional social support index. Higher scores on an individual scale or for the overall support index suggest that more support is available. PMID: 2035047[RAND: mos/social-support]
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Reference Information

Type Source Reference
Article RAND Health CareCopyright Copyright © the RAND Corporation. Sherbourne CD, Stewart AL. The MOS social support survey. Soc Sci Med.1991;32(6):705-14. PMID: 2035047

Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
91642-9 Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Survey panel [MOS Social Support Survey]
Indent91643-7 Emotional/informational support
IndentIndent91634-6 Someone you can count on to listen to you when you need to talk
IndentIndent91655-1 Someone to give you information to help you understand a situation
IndentIndent91635-3 Someone to give you good advice about a crisis
IndentIndent91637-9 Someone to confide in or talk to about yourself or your problems
IndentIndent91638-7 Someone whose advice you really want
IndentIndent91640-3 Someone to share your most private worries and fears with
IndentIndent91660-1 Someone to turn to for suggestions about how to deal with a personal problem
IndentIndent91662-7 Someone who understands your problems
IndentIndent91647-8 Emotional/informational support score [MOS Social Support Survey] {score}
Indent91644-5 Tangible support
IndentIndent91652-8 Someone to help you if you were confined to bed
IndentIndent91653-6 Someone to take you to the doctor if you needed it
IndentIndent91658-5 Someone to prepare your meals if you were unable to do it yourself
IndentIndent91639-5 Someone to help with daily chores if you were sick
IndentIndent91648-6 Tangible support score [MOS Social Support Survey] {score}
Indent91645-2 Affectionate support
IndentIndent91636-1 Someone who shows you love and affection
IndentIndent91641-1 Someone to love and make you feel wanted
IndentIndent91656-9 Someone who hugs you
IndentIndent91649-4 Affectionate support score [MOS Social Support Survey] {score}
Indent91646-0 Positive social interaction
IndentIndent91654-4 Someone to have a good time with
IndentIndent91657-7 Someone to get together with for relaxation
IndentIndent91661-9 Someone to do something enjoyable with
IndentIndent91650-2 Positive social interaction score [MOS Social Support Survey] {score}
Indent91659-3 Someone to do things with to help get your mind off things
Indent91663-5 Social support index [MOS Social Support Survey] {score}

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Medical Outcomes Study Social Support Survey panel
MOS Social Support Survey

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