Version 2.77

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Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
92306-0 PROMIS item bank - smoking - nicotine dependence for all smokers - version v1.0
Indent92300-3 When I haven't been able to smoke for a few hours, the craving gets intolerable
Indent92314-4 I find myself reaching for cigarettes without thinking about it
Indent92315-1 I drop everything to go out and buy cigarettes
Indent92310-2 I smoke more before going into a situation where smoking is not allowed
Indent92298-9 When I'm really craving a cigarette, it feels like I'm in the grip of some unknown force that I cannot control
Indent92319-3 After not smoking for a while, I need to smoke in order to avoid feeling any discomfort
Indent92299-7 When I run out of cigarettes, I find it almost unbearable
Indent92312-8 I get a real gnawing hunger for a cigarette when l haven't smoked in a while
Indent92311-0 I smoke even when I am so ill that I am in bed most of the day
Indent92303-7 When I go too long without a cigarette I feel impatient
Indent92302-9 When I go too long without a cigarette I get strong urges that are hard to get rid of
Indent92317-7 I am tempted to smoke when I realize I haven't smoked for a while
Indent92316-9 I crave cigarettes at certain times of day
Indent92307-8 My urges to smoke keep getting stronger if I don't smoke
Indent92308-6 My desire to smoke seems overpowering
Indent92318-5 Cravings for a cigarette make it difficult for me to quit
Indent92309-4 It is hard to ignore urges to smoke
Indent92301-1 When I go without a cigarette for a few hours, I experience craving
Indent92313-6 I frequently crave cigarettes
Indent92304-5 The idea of not having any cigarettes causes me stress
Indent92305-2 PROMIS smoking - nicotine dependence for all smokers - version 1.0 T-score {Tscore}

Fully-Specified Name

PROMIS item bank - smoking - nicotine dependence for all smokers - version v1.0

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Version 2.66
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Version 2.66
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