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97782-7Spine Tango Surgery 2017Active

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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
97782-7 Spine Tango Surgery 2017
Indent97783-5 Admission/Pathology
IndentIndent52455-3 Admission date {mm/dd/yyyy}
IndentIndent18630-4 Main pathology 1..1
IndentIndent97784-3 Specification of Main Pathology
IndentIndentIndent97785-0 Type of degeneration - primary 1..1
IndentIndentIndent97786-8 Type of degeneration - secondary 1..*
IndentIndentIndent97797-5 Type of spondylolisthesis 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97798-3 Grade of spondylolisthesis 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97787-6 Type of deformity 0..*
IndentIndentIndent97788-4 Predominant etiology 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97789-2 Type of (pathological) fracture/trauma 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97791-8 C3-L5 or S1 AO fracture type 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97792-6 AO neurologic injury 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97793-4 AO modifiers 0..*
IndentIndentIndent97795-9 Fracture age 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97790-0 Dens fracture type 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97794-2 Pathological fracture due to 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97802-3 Localization 0..*
IndentIndentIndent97801-5 Type of tumor 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97796-7 Osteoporotic vertebral fractures classification 0..1
IndentIndentIndent97799-1 Infection specification 0..*
IndentIndentIndent97800-7 Affected structure 0..*
IndentIndentIndent97803-1 Reason for repeat surgery 0..*
IndentIndentIndent97804-9 Most severely affected spine segment/vertebral body 1..1
IndentIndentIndent97805-6 Extent of lesion (segments/vertebral bodies) 1..1
IndentIndentIndent97806-4 Additional pathology 1..*
IndentIndentIndent97807-2 Number of previous spine surgeries at same/adjacent level(s) 1..1 {#}
IndentIndentIndent97808-0 Number of previous spine surgeries at other level(s) 1..1 {#}
IndentIndentIndent64748-7 Duration of symptoms requiring treatment 1..1 mo
IndentIndentIndent97843-7 ASIA impairment scale 1..1
IndentIndentIndent8302-2 Body height [in_us];cm;m
IndentIndentIndent29463-7 Body weight [lb_av];kg
IndentIndentIndent64234-8 Current smoker 1..1
Indent97809-8 Surgery
IndentIndent80992-1 Surgery date {tmstp}
IndentIndent97812-2 Therapeutic goals 1..1
IndentIndent97813-0 Components 1..1
IndentIndent74719-6 Manufacturer 0..1
IndentIndent74720-4 Article name 0..1
IndentIndent97814-8 Anterior access 1..*
IndentIndent97815-5 Posterior access 1..*
IndentIndent97816-3 Morbidity state 1..1
IndentIndent71735-5 Surgeon credentials 1..1
IndentIndent97817-1 Technology 1..*
IndentIndent89875-9 Operation time 1..1 min
IndentIndent9110-8 Blood loss 1..1 mL
IndentIndent97818-9 Blood transfusion 1..*
Indent97819-7 Surgical measures
IndentIndent97820-5 Decompression 1..*
IndentIndent97821-3 Extent of surgery 0..*
IndentIndent97822-1 Fusion promoting measures 1..*
IndentIndent97824-7 Fusion material 0..*
IndentIndent97823-9 Extent of surgery 0..*
IndentIndent97825-4 Stabilization rigid 1..*
IndentIndent97826-2 Extent of surgery 0..*
IndentIndent97827-0 Deformity correction 1..*
IndentIndent97828-8 Extent of surgery 0..*
IndentIndent97829-6 Stabilization motion preserving 1..*
IndentIndent97830-4 Extent of surgery 0..*
IndentIndent97831-2 Other surgical measures 1..*
IndentIndent97832-0 Extent of surgery 0..*
IndentIndent97833-8 Intraoperative adverse event 1..*
IndentIndent97834-6 Measures during index surgery 1..*
IndentIndent97835-3 Intraoperative general complications 1..*
Indent97836-1 Hospital stay
IndentIndent97837-9 Postoperative surgical complication before discharge 1..*
IndentIndent97838-7 Postoperative medical complication before discharge 1..*
IndentIndent97839-5 Re-intervention after index surgery 1..*
IndentIndent97840-3 Hospital stay 1..*
IndentIndent97841-1 Status of surgical AEs/complications 1..1
IndentIndent97842-9 Therapeutic goals upon discharge 1..1
IndentIndent8649-6 Discharge date
Indent97810-6 Surgeon
Indent97811-4 Surgery assistant

Fully-Specified Name

Spine Tango Surgery 2017
Spine Tango

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Short Name
Spine Tango Surgery 2017

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Version 2.70
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Version 2.70
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