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97874-2Stay Independent panel [Stay Independent]Active

Term Description

The Stay Independent is a self-assessment used to evaluate fall risks. The Stay Independent assessment aims to increase knowledge about fall risk and measure risk levels including history of previous falls, steadiness, fear of falling, muscle weakness, incontinence, loss of sensation, medications, and feeling depressed. In addition, the Stay Independent recommends follow up assessments for at risk individuals. [PMID: 22152267] The score is calculated by adding together the number of points for each question answered “yes” giving a scale of 0 to 14. If the score totals 4 or more, the individual may be at a risk for falling [CDC: steadi].
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
97874-2 Stay Independent panel [Stay Independent]
Indent52552-7 I have fallen in the past year
Indent97875-9 I use or have been advised to use a cane or walker to get around safely
Indent97876-7 Sometimes I feel unsteady when I am walking
Indent97877-5 I steady myself by holding onto furniture when walking at home
Indent97878-3 I am worried about falling
Indent97879-1 I need to push with my hands to stand up from a chair
Indent97880-9 I have some trouble stepping up onto a curb
Indent97881-7 I often have to rush to the toilet
Indent97882-5 I have lost some feeling in my feet
Indent97883-3 I take medicine that sometimes makes me feel light-headed or more tired than usual
Indent97884-1 I take medicine to help me sleep or improve my mood
Indent48527-6 I often feel sad or depressed
Indent97885-8 Total {score}

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Stay Independent panel
Stay Independent

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Version 2.70
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