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99872-4Superficial transitional cells [Presence] in Urine sediment by Computer assisted methodActive

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LP430747-8   Transitional cells.superficial
Deep transitional epithelial cells may have various shapes but they mostly ovoid or cube-like appearance, with one well evident nucleus In oval cells this is in a central location, while in club-like cells it is usually peripheral. The diameter of these cells may be quite variable, from about 10 µm (for oval cells) up to more than 30 µm (for club-like cells). Cells from the deep layers are found in the urine in urological conditions which damage the uroepithelium in all its thickness such as urolithiasis, bladder carcinoma or hydronephrosis.
The superficial transitional cells are much larger than those of the deep layers, their size ranging from about 17 to 43 µm. Their shape varies from round to oval, with a round or oval nucleus in a central or slightly off-center location. At times a clear peri-nuclear halo can be seen. Often, they also appear in clumps. Cells of the superficial layers are much more frequent than deep transitional cells, since even mild injuries to the uroepithelium can cause their detachment from the uroepithelial mucosa. Cystitis is the condition most frequently associated with the finding of these cells in the urine. Source: 77 Elktronika Ltd.

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Transitional cells.superficial
Urine sed
Computer assisted

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Superficial trans cells UrnS Ql AI Assis
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Superficial transitional cells Computer assisted Ql (Urine sed)
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Superficial transitional cells, Urine sediment

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