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The Mainz Pain Staging System is a multi-dimensional tool developed to grade chronic pain severity and group chronic pain disorders. Chronic pain is assessed through 10 items in four axes, temporal aspects of pain, spatial aspects of pain, drug taking behavior, and health care utilization, each item scored from 1-3. Individual scores are summed and converted to a final stage of I, II, or III, where higher values are associated with greater pain. PMID: 12799906 PMID: 20093984.
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Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
99934-2 Mainz pain staging system panel [Mainz Pain Staging System]
Indent99935-9 On average, how frequently have you had your main pain during the past 4 weeks?
Indent99936-7 On average, during the past 4 weeks, how long did your main pain last?
Indent99937-5 Did the intensity of your main pain fluctuate during the past 4 weeks, that is, did your pain change between mild, moderate and severe intensities?
Indent99938-3 During the past 4 weeks, when you had pain, did it vary in intensity?
Indent100030-6 Axis I:Temporal aspects of pain score {score}
Indent99939-1 In which body areas did you suffer pain during the past 4 weeks? How many kinds of pains could you discriminate during the past 4 weeks)?
Indent100031-4 Axis II: Spatial acpects of pain score {score}
Indent99940-9 Did you take any drugs for your pain in the last 4 weeks?
Indent99941-7 Have you ever been withdrawn from a drug which you took for pain, or have you attempted to reduce the dose of such a drug?
Indent100032-2 Axis III: Drug taking behavior score {score}
Indent99942-5 Have you ever chosen another physician because of previous unsuccessful pain treatment?
Indent99943-3 Have you ever had pain treatment as an inpatient?
Indent99944-1 Have you ever been operated on because of your pain(s)?
Indent99945-8 Have you ever had pain treatments in a rehabilitation or pain center?
Indent100033-0 Axis IV: Utilization of the health care system score {score}
Indent99946-6 Total score [Mainz Pain Staging System] {score}

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Mainz pain staging system panel
Mainz Pain Staging System

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Version 2.72
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Version 2.72
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