Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1933-2 CARE_A1810_LTCH_medical services N
LL2205-4 CARE-LTCH - discharge location N
LL4427-2 CMS Living/residence settings N
LL4468-6 CMS_LCDS Admitted from N
LL4472-8 CMS_LCDS Discharge location N
LL4678-0 CMS_LCDS v4 Admitted from N
LL5376-0 CMS IRF_PAI v4.0 - Admitted From (15A) N
LL5393-5 CMS IRF-PAI v4.0 Living/residence settings N
LL5400-8 CMS_LCDS v5.0 - Admitted from (A1805) N
LL5408-1 CMS_IRF-PAI v4.0 - Admit From N
LL5409-9 CMS - Discharge disposition N
LL5452-9 CMS_MDS v1.18.0 - Entered from (A1805) N
LL5739-9 CMS_LCDSv4 Discharge location N
LL591-9 CARE_8_a03_Discharge Location N
LL597-6 CARE_8_e03_Discharge provider N
LL6296-9 MDS discharge status N
LL636-2 MDSv3_A0800 N
LL637-0 MDSv3_A2100 N
LL722-0 CARE_1_A3_Other medical services N
LL727-9 CARE_8_D1_Type of discharge services N
LL728-7 CARE_8_D2_Discharge care options N
LL729-5 CARE_8_D3_Type of discharge provider N
LL730-3 CARE_1_A1-2_Admitted from N
LL775-8 OASIS-C_M1000 N