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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL2913-3 CDC.CS_11b_Trimester of first prenatal visit N
LL2914-1 CDC.CS_12_Mother's ethnicity N
LL2915-8 CDC.CS_13_Mother's race N
LL2916-6 CDC.CS_Y,N,Unk N
LL2917-4 CDC.CS_15_Mother's marital status N
LL2918-2 CDC.CS_16_React,NonR,Unk N
LL2919-0 CDC.CS_18_Mother's HIV status N
LL2921-6 CDC.CS_19_Mother's clinical stage of syphilis N
LL2922-4 CDC.CS_20_Mother's surv stage of syphilis N
LL2924-0 CDC.CS_21_Treatment timing N
LL2925-7 CDC.CS_22_Mother's treatment N
LL2928-1 CDC.CS_29a_Y, N, No test, Unk N
LL2929-9 CDC.CS_31_Ypos, Yneg, No test, No spec, Unk N
LL2930-7 CDC.CS_32_Signs of CS N
LL2931-5 CDC.CS_Yes CS, Yes no CS, No, Unk N
LL2932-3 CDC.CS_34_Y reac, Y no reac, No test, Unk N
LL2933-1 CDC.CS_CSF WBC protein test N
LL2934-9 CDC.CS_36_Treatment for CS N
LL2936-4 CDC.CS_17_Treponemal test type N
LL2939-8 CDC.CS_11a1_Prenatal care indicator N
LL6490-8 Pacmed_non-invasive mechanical ventilation support N
LL6491-6 Invasive mechanical ventilation support N