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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL2167-6 ESRD-dialysis access exam frequency N
LL2181-7 SAMHSA-6 drinks N
LL3806-8 Bowel frequency N
LL4884-4 KOOS frequency of pain N
LL4888-5 KOOS QoL Q1 N
LL4895-0 Never|Monthly|Weekly|Daily|Constantly N
LL4902-4 Never(0)Monthly(1)Weekly(2)Daily(3)Always(4) N
LL5127-7 Adhoc|Daily|Weekly|Monthly N
LL5143-4 Never|Less than monthly|Monthly|Weekly|Daily N
LL5626-8 NIDA-Modified ASSIST Q2 N
LL5627-6 NIDA-Modified ASSIST Q3 N
LL5628-4 NIDA-Modified ASSIST Q4 N
LL5629-2 NIDA-Modified ASSIST Q5 N
LL5630-0 Never | Once or twice | Monthly | Weekly N
LL5670-6 Frequency: Daily to <1xMo N
LL5804-1 NIDA - Frequency N
LL5943-7 Drinking frequency N