Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL5332-3 Y|N|Choose Not to Answer N
LL5333-1 PRAPARE_Y|N|Unsure|Choose not to answer N
LL5334-9 PRAPARE_Food|Util|Med|Phone|Clothing|ChildCare|Oth N
LL5335-6 PRAPARE_<1/wk|1-2/wk|3-5/wk|5+/wk|choose not answe N
LL5336-4 PRAPARE_Y-medical|Y-non-medical|No|Ch Not Answer N
LL5337-2 PRAPARE_Unemp|PT-Temp|FT|Oth Unemp|Ch Not Answer N
LL5348-9 PRAPARE_Race N
LL5349-7 PRAPARE_Primary Language N
LL5350-5 PRAPARE_Housing Situation N
LL5351-3 PRAPARE_Highest Education N
LL5354-7 PRAPARE_Not|lil bit|somwht|qt bit|v much|not answe N
LL5355-4 PRAPARE_Y|N|Unsure|No Partner|Not Answer N
LL5709-2 AAPCHO - Race/Ethnicity N
LL5710-0 AAPCHO - Primary Language N
LL5716-7 AAPCHO - Intervention/Enabling Minutes N
LL5717-5 AAPCHO - Insurance N
LL5771-2 AAPCHO - Birthplace N
LL5772-0 AAPCHO - Primary Job Type N