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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1002-6 PhenX05_15_30D cereal amt N
LL1087-7 PhenX06_10_res water supply N
LL1106-5 PhenX06_28_workspace floor material N
LL1108-1 PhenX06_30_home repairs N
LL1117-2 PhenX07_08_gallstone dx method N
LL1125-5 PhenX07_16_chemo drugs N
LL1126-3 PhenX07_17_hormone therapy drugs N
LL1132-1 PhenX07_23_stop pain med reason N
LL1141-2 PhenX08_08_child beverage between meals N
LL1153-7 PhenX08_20_dentist visit reason N
LL1154-5 PhenX08_21_pain duration N
LL118-1 CR_160_Race N
LL119-9 CR_161_Race2 N
LL1191-7 PhenX10_02_male infertility probs N
LL1195-8 PhenX10_06_birth control methods N
LL1213-9 PhenX10_24_natural hormones N
LL1232-9 PhenX10_43_pregnancy outcome N
LL1245-1 PhenX11_07_child strabismus tx N
LL1246-9 PhenX11_08_myopia tx N
LL1248-5 PhenX11_10_glaucoma drops N
LL127-2 CR_170_Race coding system N
LL133-0 CR_1790_Follow up source N
LL1337-6 PhenX12_67_job schedule N
LL1338-4 PhenX12_68_job shift N
LL1423-4 PhenX14_17_aids for walk N
LL1431-7 PhenX14_25_reason no actigraph N
LL1443-2 PhenX03_15_lifetime drug use type N
LL1474-7 PhenX07_39_ menopause cause N
LL1543-9 Phenx11_42_relatives N
LL1549-6 Phenx11_47_glaucoma treatment N
LL1566-0 PhenX13_43_body part N
LL1628-8 PhenX18_11_languages N
LL1632-0 PhenX18_15_fracture confirmation source N
LL1633-8 PhenX18_16_hip fracture location N
LL1634-6 PhenX18_17_fracture treatment N
LL1635-3 PhenX18_18_fracture circumstances N
LL1636-1 PhenX18_19_trauma location N
LL1637-9 PhenX18_20_time of fracture N
LL1639-5 PhenX18_22_fracture location detail N
LL1654-4 PhenX18_26_race, ethnicity N
LL1658-5 PhenX19_04_Dr. reported pain cause N
LL1660-1 PhenX19_06_reason Dr. visit N
LL1672-6 PhenX19_18_diagnostic, staging procedure N
LL1677-5 PhenX19_23_CA histopathology type N
LL1693-2 PhenX19_39_bleeding site N
LL1735-1 FeedingType N
LL1736-9 MaternalFactors N
LL1752-6 PhenX21_02_reason for experience N
LL1766-6 PhenX16_07_main symptom N
LL1772-4 PhenX16_13-medical hx N
LL1775-7 PhenX16_16_infectious diseases N
LL1832-6 NEMSIS_45_protocol used N
LL1862-3 PhenX19_45_initial visit reason N
LL1865-6 PhenX19_48_autoimmune diseases N
LL1874-8 FMQAI_03_self dialysis training N
LL1884-7 FMQAI_05_Reason no transplant info given N
LL1889-6 FMQAI_10_Dialysis at time of death N
LL1890-4 FMQAI_11_Reason therapy disconintued N
LL1891-2 FMQAI_12_Payment source N
LL1898-7 PhenX15_11 N
LL1910-0 FMQAI_17_Place of death N
LL1914-2 SAMSHA_01_sources of stress N
LL1916-7 SAMSHA_03_occupational status N
LL1955-5 PhenX16_25_Booster type N
LL1974-6 NEMSIS_83_mech of injury N
LL2003-3 OPTIMAL_Mobility aids N
LL2023-1 NIH Stroke Scale Interval N
LL2104-9 ESRD-Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent N
LL2105-6 ESRD-medication route N
LL2116-3 ESRD - information source N
LL2121-3 NEMSIS-ECG type N
LL214-8 CR_450_Site coding system N
LL2142-9 ESRD-facilities-certified program N
LL216-3 CR_470_Morphology coding system N
LL2164-3 ESRD-graft assessment frequency N
LL2165-0 ESRD-non-oral vitamin D analog N
LL2166-8 ESRD-oral vitamin D analog N
LL2167-6 ESRD-dialysis access exam frequency N
LL2172-6 ESRD-IV iron type prescribed N
LL2173-4 ESRD-oral iron type prescribed N
LL2190-8 RHEA-perineal tear class N
LL2205-4 CARE-LTCH - discharge location N
LL2239-3 Adenovirus N
LL2266-6 HCoV N
LL2267-4 hMPV genotype N
LL2272-4 RSV type N
LL2274-0 Rhinovirus N
LL2344-1 VAERS_Relation to patient N
LL236-1 CR_930_Pathology stager N
LL2458-9 Reason CCHD NBS not performed N
LL2513-1 Type of place where birth occurred N
LL2517-2 Cephalic-Breech-Other N
LL2532-1 Death certificate_Transport Role of Decedent N
LL2563-6 NTDS_F01_Payment source N
LL259-3 OASIS_M0300_Current residence N
LL2685-7 NTDS_DG_01_Co-morbid Conditions N
LL2759-0 NTDS_Q_01_Hospital Complications N
LL2762-4 NTDS_P_07_Transport mode N
LL2915-8 CDC.CS_13_Mother's race N
LL2917-4 CDC.CS_15_Mother's marital status N
LL2921-6 CDC.CS_19_Mother's clinical stage of syphilis N
LL2922-4 CDC.CS_20_Mother's surv stage of syphilis N
LL2925-7 CDC.CS_22_Mother's treatment N
LL2930-7 CDC.CS_32_Signs of CS N
LL2936-4 CDC.CS_17_Treponemal test type N
LL3012-3 PCORI_Information data source N
LL3017-2 Discharge vital status N
LL3031-3 Patient Residence Type N
LL3068-5 MSCDM_Admitting Source N
LL3178-2 US state or other_specify N
LL3179-0 20150106-APTASet1_2 N
LL3182-4 20150106-APTASet1_5 N
LL3185-7 20150106-APTASet1_8 N
LL3187-3 20150106-APTASet1_10 N
LL3195-6 20150106-APTASet1_18 N
LL3254-1 Cardiac stress test types N
LL331-0 OASIS_M0900_Nursing home admission N
LL3322-6 Gender identity N
LL3323-4 Sexual orientation N
LL350-0 ART_1_Entry point N
LL3591-6 Visual evoked potential results N
LL3592-4 Electroretinography results N
LL3638-5 Heparin|Saline|None|Other|Unknown N
LL3656-7 [NHCS] Surgery 24H post-op follow-up outcomes N
LL3676-5 [NHCS] Outpatient visit discharge disposition N
LL3677-3 [NHCS] ED discharge disposition N
LL3699-7 Coronary artery segments N
LL3702-9 Cardiac procedure complications N
LL371-6 HL79033_Program name N
LL3721-9 Cardiac cath access sites N
LL3722-7 [NEI] Amblyopia type N
LL3723-5 [NEI] Coloboma location N
LL3724-3 [NEI] Color vision findings N
LL3725-0 [NEI] Color vision test method N
LL3727-6 [NEI] Findings supporting myopathy N
LL3728-4 [NEI] Type of congenital cranial dysinnervation (C N
LL3729-2 [NEI] Gross eye defects N
LL373-2 HL79034_Pt escort N
LL3730-0 [NEI] Eye-related MRI findings N
LL3731-8 [NEI] Inheritance pattern from family history N
LL3734-2 [NEI] Oculary history N
LL3735-9 [NEI] Corneal dystrophy type N
LL3738-3 [NEI] Strabismus type N
LL3739-1 [NEI] Ophthalmologic disease related systemic find N
LL3740-9 [NEI] Tetraparesis type N
LL3741-7 [NEI] Tissue types positive for axonal spheroids N
LL3743-3 [NEI] Ocular alignment findings N
LL3744-1 [NEI] Nystagmus null-point head posture N
LL3747-4 [NEI] Oscillatory potentials findings N
LL3748-2 [NEI] Reference electrode location N
LL3750-8 [NEI] ERG procedure standard followed N
LL3751-6 [NEI] ERG vendor and model used N
LL3752-4 [NEI] ISCEV standard protocol used N
LL3756-5 [NEI] Ocular motility findings N
LL3757-3 [NEI] Anterior chamber angle findings N
LL3758-1 [NEI] Visual field defect findings N
LL3760-7 [NEI] Visual field findings by confrontatoin N
LL3761-5 [NEI] Ocular fundus angiography findings N
LL3762-3 [NEI] Pupillary response findings N
LL3763-1 [NEI] Optical coherent tomography (OCT) findings N
LL3764-9 [NEI] Chorioretinal findings N
LL3767-2 [NEI] Glaucoma type N
LL3768-0 [NEI] Optic nerve exam findings N
LL3771-4 [NEI] Objective refraction method N
LL3773-0 [NEI] Anterior chamber slit lamp findings N
LL3774-8 [NEI] Conjunctiva and sclera slit lamp findings N
LL3775-5 [NEI] Cornea slit lamp findings N
LL3776-3 [NEI] Iris slit lamp findings N
LL3777-1 [NEI] Lens slit lamp findings N
LL3779-7 [NEI] Lids and lashes slit lamp findings N
LL3780-5 [NEI] Pupil shape slit lamp findings N
LL3781-3 [NEI] Vitreous slit lamp findings N
LL3787-0 [NEI] Nystagmus type N
LL3788-8 [NEI] Refraction method N
LL3816-7 Nursing WDL or assessment text N
LL3860-5 DBS collection method N
LL3871-2 [NEI] VEP result N
LL3872-0 [NEI] Pigmentation N
LL3882-9 [APTA] Surgery relevant to physical therapy N
LL3885-2 Muscle strength N
LL3896-9 Burial | Crem | Don | Entomb | Rem |Oth N
LL3943-9 Absent | Pancreas | Spleen | Liver | Other N
LL3944-7 Gastric cancer surgical resection types N
LL3958-7 Devices used for cardiac catheterization N
LL3971-0 NCHS_Tabulated Race N
LL3991-8 CDC_Transmission setting N
LL4003-1 Sources used to estimate activity metabolic rate N
LL4004-9 Sources used to adjust exercise MET N
LL4005-6 Sources used for predicted RMR N
LL4006-4 Sources used for population RMR N
LL4007-2 Physical Activity Guidelines N
LL4012-2 Yes|Other_comment N
LL402-9 MERS_TH_2_Service N
LL4022-1 Physical therapy degree N
LL4023-9 Physical therapy highest education N
LL4024-7 ClinVar|COSMIC|Other N
LL4025-4 Allelic phase N
LL403-7 MERS_TH_3_Event type N
LL4037-9 Calorimetry methods N
LL404-5 MERS_TH_4_Med event N
LL405-2 MERS_TH_5_Proc-tx-surg event N
LL4052-8 Prenatal test | Prison entry | Provider | Cluster N
LL406-0 MERS_TH_6_Food-nutrition event N
LL4064-3 Gene sequencing | Serology | RT-PCR | Other N
LL408-6 MERS_TH_8_Accident event N
LL4081-7 Apical|Bladder neck|Ant|Post|Post-lat|Post|Other N
LL409-4 MERS_TH_9_Nursing care event N
LL410-2 MERS_TH_10_Equip-device event N
LL411-0 MERS_TH_11_Lab event N
LL4118-7 Outdoor activities N
LL412-8 MERS_TH_12_Transfusion event N
LL4120-3 PCORI_response_method N
LL4121-1 PCORI_response_source N
LL4122-9 yes|no|no info|unk|other N
LL4123-7 PCORI_Smoked_v_non-smoked_tobacco N
LL4124-5 Expedite|Routine|Stat|NI|UN|OT N
LL4125-2 Laboratory|POC|NI|UN|OT N
LL4126-0 PCORI_Cause_of_death_rank N
LL413-6 MERS_TH_13_Admin event N
LL4135-1 Platelet aggregation inhibitors N
LL4136-9 Anticoagulant medications N
LL4137-7 Preoperative procedures N
LL414-4 MERS_TH_14_Complaint event N
LL415-1 MERS_TH_15_Eviron-safety event N
LL416-9 MERS_TH_16_Crime-harm-disappear event N
LL417-7 MERS_TH_17_Adverse event N
LL418-5 MERS_TH_18_Tech contributing factor N
LL419-3 MERS_TH_19_Org contributing factor N
LL420-1 MERS_TH_20_Comm-documentation factor N
LL4207-8 Imputed parts of DOD N
LL4208-6 Excellent|Fair|Poor|NI|UN|OT N
LL421-9 MERS_TH_21_Environ contributing factor N
LL422-7 MERS_TH_22_Pt contibuting factor N
LL423-5 MERS_TH_23_Staff contributing factor N
LL424-3 MERS_TH_24_Delay-premature factor N
LL4347-2 Low grade|High grade|NA|Cannot assess|Other N
LL4348-0 Surgical margin types N
LL4352-2 Methylation techniques N
LL4353-0 Reason vaccine not received N
LL4356-3 Relationships N
LL4360-5 Physician|Healthcare professional|Parent|Other N
LL4363-9 RV genotype N
LL4376-1 [CAP] Procedure for tumor specimen collection N
LL4384-5 [CAP] Architectural Patterns N
LL4390-2 CAP_breast specimen origin N
LL4421-5 Prescreen Influenza Sample N
LL4428-0 CMS Living arrangement N
LL4436-3 [CAP] Melanoma Procedure N
LL4455-3 [CAP] Additional Pathologic Findings N
LL4456-1 [CAP] Lymphadenectomy N
LL4463-7 NKDEP_RRT treatment preference N
LL4470-2 CMS_LCDS Payer information N
LL4472-8 CMS_LCDS Discharge location N
LL4562-6 [CAP] Microcalcifications in breast cancer N
LL4564-2 [CAP] Margins N
LL4572-5 [CAP] Melanoma margins N
LL4575-8 Provider role N
LL4579-0 Reason for no birth control N
LL4631-9 Father of baby | Other relative |Hospital employee N
LL4636-8 NIDDK_CKD education topics N
LL4653-3 Role of person in accident N
LL4655-8 Mechanism of force that caused injury N
LL4657-4 Intoxication cause N
LL4674-9 Burial | Crem | Hospital | Donation |Removal | Oth N
LL4703-6 Categories of Leukocytes N
LL4705-1 NIDDK_patient health goals N
LL4706-9 NIDDK_functional areas N
LL4707-7 NIDDK_Health events N
LL4708-5 NIDDK_Symptoms N
LL4709-3 NIDDK_Mental health issues N
LL4710-1 NIDDK_Challenges N
LL4711-9 NIDDK_Treatment affected by challenges N
LL4747-3 NTDS_DG_01_Co-morbid Conditions_v2018 N
LL4748-1 NTDS_ED_17_Drug Screen N
LL4749-9 Blunt|Burn|Blow|Shot|Stabbed|Penetrating|Other N
LL4750-7 NTDS_F01_Payment source_v2 N
LL4752-3 NTDS_I_14_Protective devices N
LL4753-1 NTDS_Q_01_Hospital Complications_v2 N
LL484-7 DEEDS4.05_Source of Referral N
LL4904-0 Body position &or immobilizers N
LL4906-5 Factors related to rescue N
LL4939-6 Alone | Family/Relatives | Friends | Attendant N
LL494-6 DEEDS4.27_1st temp site N
LL4955-2 Anticoagulant medications - ADAPTABLE N
LL4960-2 ADAPTABLE Race list N
LL4963-6 81 mg | 162 mg | 325 mg N
LL4999-0 Circulatory assistive devices N
LL5-0 MDS_90_Admitted from N
LL5007-1 Molecular lab test antibiotic resistance method N
LL5008-9 Phenotypic method for antibiotic resistance N
LL5009-7 APTA_Airway clearance techniques N
LL5011-3 APTA_Motor function training N
LL5012-1 APTA_Therapeutic exercise N
LL5013-9 APTA_Functional training N
LL5015-4 APTA_Integumentary repair and protection N
LL5016-2 APTA_Instruction provided N
LL5017-0 APTA_Manual therapy techniques N
LL5018-8 APTA_Biophysical agent N
LL5021-2 APTA_Movement system diagnosis N
LL5023-8 Reason for difficult intubation N
LL5025-3 Reason rescue operation was canceled N
LL5028-7 German DIMD_Mental status N
LL5054-3 Manual|Assist|Ctrl|Assist-Ctrl|MMV|Other N
LL5110-3 EOC public document types N
LL5202-8 EOC Inter-agency document types N
LL5334-9 PRAPARE_Food|Util|Med|Phone|Clothing|ChildCare|Oth N
LL5348-9 PRAPARE_Race N
LL5359-6 Vomiting|Swollen feet|Backaches|Other N
LL5389-3 Setting of exposure to hazard N
LL5496-6 Religious belief N
LL5542-7 Intubation tube types N
LL5544-3 EMS Positions and/or immobilizers N
LL5552-6 COVID19 exposures N
LL5563-3 Reasons specimen not collected N
LL5565-8 Mode of discovery for tumor N
LL5580-7 Birth location N
LL5598-9 Animal exposure N
LL5625-0 Substances - NIDA-ASSIST N
LL57-1 CR_1040_Cancer stager N
LL5713-4 AAPCHO - Services Provided N
LL5721-7 Debridement method N
LL5739-9 CMS_LCDSv4 Discharge location N
LL5770-4 AAPCHO - Provided Services N
LL5826-4 Spine Tango - Work status N
LL5827-2 Spine Tango - Follow-up Interval N
LL5828-0 Spine Tango - Therapeutic goals/measures N
LL5829-8 Spine Tango - Meds Spinal surgery/pathology N
LL5832-2 Spine Tango - Complications Type N
LL5833-0 Spine Tango - Therapeutic consequences N
LL5834-8 Sping Tango - Individual Consequences N
LL5835-5 Spine Tango - Rehabilitation N
LL5838-9 Spine Tango - Degeneration Type N
LL5839-7 Spine Tango - Deformity Type N
LL5840-5 Spine Tango - Predominant Etiology N
LL5841-3 Spine Tango - Fracture/Trauma Type N
LL5845-4 Pathological fracture cause N
LL5850-4 Infection specification N
LL5851-2 Affected structures N
LL5852-0 Spine Tango - Tumor Type N
LL5853-8 Spine Tango - Tumor localization N
LL5862-9 Vaccine administration location N
LL5882-7 COVEX Work Situation N
LL5883-5 COVEX Work Settings N
LL5889-2 COVEX - Household Members N
LL5893-4 EuroSpine Repeat Surgery Reason N
LL5897-5 EuroSpine - Main pathology N
LL5901-5 EuroSpine - Therapeutic goals N
LL5903-1 Anterior access N
LL5904-9 Posterior access N
LL5906-4 EuroSpine - Surgeon Credentials N
LL5907-2 EuroSpine - Technology N
LL5912-2 Decompression N
LL5914-8 Fusion promoting measures N
LL5915-5 Fusion material N
LL5916-3 EuroSpine - Stabilized rigid N
LL5917-1 Deformity correction N
LL5918-9 Stabilization motion preserving N
LL5919-7 Other surgial measures N
LL5920-5 Intraop adverse event N
LL5921-3 Measures during index surgery N
LL5922-1 Intraop general complications N
LL5923-9 PostOp Surgical Complications N
LL5924-7 PostOp General Complications N
LL5925-4 Re-intervention after index surgery N
LL5961-9 Spine Tango - Degeneration Type_Secondary N
LL5968-4 Spine Fusion Measures N
LL5970-0 Injury associated activity N
LL5971-8 Reason CPR discontinued N
LL5973-4 DIMDI_Neurological assessment N
LL5997-3 Cryptosporidium species N
LL6006-2 Employment Situations N
LL6019-5 Hearing Loss - Configuration N
LL6030-2 CVD-19 - school age - reason not follow learning N
LL6049-2 Reason for missed appointments w/code N
LL6050-0 Therapeutic Antibody Treatment N
LL6053-4 Reason for missed appointments w/o code N
LL6057-5 Reason for missed medication w/code N
LL6061-7 Expense coverage N
LL6080-7 Organs donated N
LL6086-4 Sources of information N
LL6087-2 LASIK Information Sources N
LL6095-5 Medical attention type N
LL6100-3 NEI Race List N
LL613-1 CR_193 N
LL6167-2 Internet types N
LL6168-0 Education provider N
LL6169-8 Post high school plans N
LL6194-6 Reason not to repeat/recommend procedure N
LL6197-9 Yes|No|Other N
LL6199-5 Child care providers N
LL622-2 USSG-FHT gender N
LL6226-6 Specular Microscopy Analysis Method N
LL6242-3 Assisted mobility devices N
LL6266-2 POLST discuss part N
LL636-2 MDSv3_A0800 N
LL637-0 MDSv3_A2100 N
LL66-2 CR_1130_Peds staging coding system N
LL67-0 CR_1140_Peds stager N
LL740-2 Special circumstances N
LL777-4 OASIS-C_M1032 N
LL8-4 MDS_156_Primary language N
LL830-1 NBS events N
LL869-9 AnginaLoc N
LL870-7 AnginaRad N
LL871-5 AnginaType N
LL889-7 DVTDxSource N
LL939-0 NAACCR_7480 N
LL987-9 TIMP_27_Environment N