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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1257-6 PhenX11_19 N
LL1529-8 Phenx11_38_worry about eyesight N
LL2156-9 VA-36-how you feel N
LL283-3 OASIS_M0580_Anxiety N
LL3802-7 20150908-MAYO_6 N
LL5131-9 None(5)|Little(4)|Some(3)|Most(2)|All the time(1) N
LL5133-5 None(5)|Little(4)|Some(3)|Most(2)|AllTheTime(1)|NA N
LL5264-8 AllTime(0)|MostTime|GoodbitTime|LittleTime|None(5) N
LL5278-8 None|ALittle|Some|Most|All of the time N
LL5293-7 AllTime(5)|MostTime|GoodbitTime|LittleTime|None(0) N
LL5294-5 GWB_Waking refreshed, rested N
LL6096-3 All of the time|Most|Some|Little|None N