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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1078-6 PhenX06_01_dwelling type N
LL1083-6 PhenX06_06_drinking water source N
LL1214-7 PhenX10_25_tx undescended testicle N
LL1267-5 PhenX11_29_eye fields photo N
LL1418-4 PhenX14_16_reason test failed N
LL1432-5 PhenX14_26_reason no activity recorded N
LL248-6 OASIS_M0150_Payment sources N
LL249-4 OASIS_M0175_Discharged from N
LL2511-5 MD-DO-CNM/CM-Other Midwife-Other N
LL2534-7 Fetal Death Report_Infections during pregnancy N
LL3095-8 PAS_Aids or Devices N
LL3099-0 PAS_Aids or devices for usual acitivies N
LL4047-8 No | Vivax | Falciparum | Malariae | Ovale N
LL5029-5 APTA_Payor type N
LL544-8 CARE_1_D_Payor Information N
LL550-5 CARE_2_B4_Structural barriers N
LL551-3 CARE_2_B6_Mobility devices N
LL574-5 CARE_5_B1_Swallowing Disorder N
LL585-1 CARE_5_H1_Mobility devices and aids N
LL597-6 CARE_8_e03_Discharge provider N
LL598-4 CARE_8_e08_Reason for Discharge Delay N
LL727-9 CARE_8_D1_Type of discharge services N
LL728-7 CARE_8_D2_Discharge care options N
LL729-5 CARE_8_D3_Type of discharge provider N
LL730-3 CARE_1_A1-2_Admitted from N
LL747-7 Histo_Prost N
LL751-9 CAP_add_prost N
LL772-5 OASIS-C_M0150 N
LL775-8 OASIS-C_M1000 N
LL880-6 MechDeath N