Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL1218-8 PhenX10_29_maintain erection N
LL1342-6 PhenX12_72_adapt to 3H sleep loss N
LL359-1 PHQ.10 N
LL4260-7 [NIH] Color vision N
LL4262-3 [NIH] Unable to see in bright sunlight N
LL4264-9 [NIH] Unable to see in fluorescent lightling N
LL4265-6 [NIH] Unable to see at night N
LL4267-2 [NIH]Unable to see street signs from car at night N
LL4269-8 [NIH] Unable able to see going from light and dark N
LL4271-4 [NIH] Unable to read in dim light N
LL4272-2 [NIH] Unable to go up or down steps bc eyesight N
LL4273-0 [NIH] Unable to get around outdoors bc eyesight N
LL4274-8 [NIH] Unable to see television bc eyesight N
LL4276-3 [NIH] Unable to drive at night bc eyesight N
LL4278-9 [NIH] Unable to drive bc eyesight N
LL4283-9 [NIH]Unable to read newspaper or book bc eyesight N
LL4284-7 [NIH]Unable to find item crowded shelf bc eyesight N
LL4285-4 [NIH] Unable to read labels bc eyesight N
LL4286-2 [NIH] Unable to use a computer bc eyesight N
LL4287-0 [NIH] Unable to operate appliance bc eyesight N
LL4288-8 [NIH] Unable to write bc eyesight N
LL4289-6 [NIH] Unable to do work or hobbies bc eyesight N
LL4301-9 [NIH] Unable to visit w friends family bc eyesight N
LL6065-8 Difficult - Very to Not at all w/code N
LL6170-6 Level of ease N