Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL3716-9 Correct (1)|Incorrect (0) N
LL4147-6 LL4147-6 N
LL4149-2 LL4149-2 N
LL4252-4 Incorrect (1)| Correct (2) N
LL5412-3 CMS_IRF-PAI v4.0 - Able to report correct year N
LL5414-9 CMS_IRF-PAI v4.0 - Report correct day of week N
LL560-4 CARE_4_b03b1_Year answer accuracy N
LL643-8 MDSv3_C0300A N
LL645-3 MDSv3_C0300C N