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LG106-1ReportableMicroNon-virus<SAME:Genus><ROLLUP:everything else>Active

Basic Attributes

Version First Released
Pending promotion to Production status

Parent Group Description

This parent group contains separate groups at the genus level, for individual non-virus microorganisms that are considered reportable based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list for notifiable infectious diseases from October 2017.

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Groups within this Parent Group

LG41644-2 Anaplasma
LG41637-6 Babesia
LG41633-5 Borrelia
LG41634-3 Brucella
LG41645-9 Coccidioides
LG41646-7 Cryptosporidium
LG41642-6 Cyclospora
LG41643-4 Ehrlichia
LG41647-5 Francisella
LG41638-4 Legionella
LG41636-8 Leptospira
LG41641-8 Listeria
LG41640-0 Plasmodium
LG41632-7 Rickettsia
LG41635-0 Shigella
LG41639-2 Trichinella