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LG100-4   Chem_DrugTox_Chal_Sero_Allergy<SAME:Comp|Prop|Tm|Syst (except intravascular and urine)><ANYBldSerPlas,ANYUrineUrineSed><ROLLUP:Method>
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Flowsheet - laboratory

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LOINC Group Usage Notes

Many studies have been done comparing whole blood and serum or plasma sodium measurements, primarily using point-of-care (POC) and central laboratory (CL) analyzers, respectively, with mixed results. Some have found that there is insufficient correlation between POC and CL methods to make these methods interchangeable for direct clinical care. [PMID:25431133] [PMID:27211806] [PMID:21633542] Others have reported good correlation between POC and CL measurements [PMID:16776641] [PMID:26658635] [PMID:21504373] [PMID:28072822], though there is general consensus that CL methods may slightly overestimate the sodium measurement, especially in patients with hypoproteinemia or other conditions in which the solid fraction of the serum phase will be less than normal because the CL method for measuring sodium concentration typically includes dilution of the sample. [PMID:28072822] [PMID:28072822]. In one study that compared POC to CL methods for patients with hyponatremia, eunatremia and hypernatremia, the difference between the POC and CL results became more pronounced in patients with hypernatremia compared to those with hyponatremia. [PMID:27211806]

Analyte (Component) Molecular Weight

22.99 g/mol

LOINC Terms in this Group

2947-0 Sodium [Moles/volume] in Blood
2951-2 Sodium [Moles/volume] in Serum or Plasma
32717-1 Sodium [Moles/volume] in Arterial blood
39791-9 Sodium [Moles/volume] in Venous blood
39792-7 Sodium [Moles/volume] in Capillary blood
41657-8 Sodium [Moles/volume] in Mixed venous blood
77139-4 Sodium [Moles/volume] in Serum, Plasma or Blood