Version 2.73 Beta


Basic Attributes

Version First Released
Pending promotion to Production status
Parent Group
LG80-4   Drug/ToxPotentialForAbuse<SAME:Comp><ROLLUP:Prop|Tm|Sys|Meth>
Group Category
Drugs of abuse

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LOINC Terms in this Group

43897-8 Baclofen [Presence] in Serum or Plasma
74377-3 Baclofen [Mass/volume] in Unknown substance
74390-6 Baclofen [Mass/mass] in Specimen
74391-4 Baclofen [Mass/volume] in Blood
75227-9 Baclofen [Mass/volume] in Urine
78802-6 Baclofen [Mass/mass] in Hair
79224-2 Baclofen [Mass/volume] in Body fluid
80614-1 Baclofen [Moles/volume] in Specimen
9353-4 Baclofen [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma