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LOINC Terms in this Group

100018-1 Hospice care Note
100697-2 Interventional radiology Outpatient Note
28568-4 Physician Emergency department Note
28571-8 Speech-language pathology Note
28578-3 Occupational therapy Note
28579-1 Physical therapy Note
28618-7 Dentistry Note
28628-6 Psychiatry Note
28653-4 Social worker Note
34108-1 Outpatient Note
34109-9 Note
34110-7 Diabetology Outpatient Note
34111-5 Emergency department Note
34112-3 Hospital Note
34113-1 Nursing facility Note
34139-6 Nurse Telephone encounter Note
34746-8 Nurse Note
34748-4 Telephone encounter Note
34750-0 Anesthesiology Note
34752-6 Cardiology Note
34753-4 Cardiology Outpatient Note
34754-2 Critical care medicine Note
34759-1 Dermatology Note
34762-5 Gastroenterology Note
34765-8 General medicine Note
34766-6 General medicine Outpatient Note
34767-4 General medicine Medical student Note
34768-2 General medicine Nurse Note
34769-0 General medicine Attending Note
34772-4 Deprecated General surgery Note
34773-2 Surgery Attending Note
34778-1 Obstetrics and Gynecology Note
34780-7 Hematology+Medical oncology Note
34782-3 Infectious disease Note
34784-9 Kinesiotherapy Note
34786-4 Mental health Note
34789-8 Deprecated Psychiatry Note
34792-2 Psychology Note
34794-8 Interdisciplinary Note
34796-3 Nephrology Note
34799-7 Neurological surgery Note
34801-1 Nutrition and dietetics Note
34802-9 Occupational medicine Note
34804-5 Deprecated Occupational therapy Note
34806-0 Oncology Note
34808-6 Ophthalmology Note
34811-0 Optometry Note
34813-6 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Note
34815-1 Orthopaedic surgery Note
34817-7 Otolaryngology Note
34819-3 Pathology Note
34821-9 Pharmacology Note
34823-5 Physical medicine and rehab Note
34827-6 Plastic surgery Note
34829-2 Podiatry Note
34830-0 Pulmonary Note
34832-6 Radiation oncology Note
34834-2 Recreational therapy Note
34836-7 Deprecated Rehabilitation Note
34838-3 Respiratory therapy Note
34840-9 Rheumatology Note
34844-1 Social worker Telephone encounter Note
34846-6 Speech-language pathology+Audiology Note
34848-2 Surgery Note
34850-8 Cardiothoracic surgery Outpatient Note
34852-4 Urology Note
34854-0 Vascular surgery Outpatient Note
34857-3 Addiction medicine Note
34858-1 Pain medicine Note
34861-5 Diabetology Note
34878-9 Emergency medicine Note
34898-7 Endocrinology Note
34903-5 Deprecated Mental health Note
34905-0 Neurology Note
34906-8 Pastoral care Note
46210-1 Case manager Note
46215-0 Wound care management Note
51855-5 Patient Note
57053-1 Nurse Emergency department Note
64069-8 Critical care medicine Attending Hospital Note
64073-0 Cardiothoracic surgery Attending Hospital Note
64077-1 Pulmonary Attending Hospital Note
67857-3 Deprecated Note
67858-1 Deprecated Nursing Note
67859-9 Deprecated Emergency department Note
68561-0 Deprecated Obstetrics and Gynecology Note
68601-4 Psychiatry Outpatient Note
68615-4 Adolescent medicine Note
68621-2 Heart failure+Transplant cardiology Note
68629-5 Allergy and Immunology Note
68636-0 Audiology Note
68645-1 Child and adolescent psychiatry Note
68650-1 Clinical biochemical genetics Note
68656-8 Clinical genetics Note
68666-7 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Note
68672-5 Geriatric medicine Skilled nursing facility Note
68677-4 Multi-specialty program Note
68700-4 Neurology with special qualifications in child neurology Note
68712-9 Deprecated Pain medicine Note
68722-8 Pediatric cardiology Note
68741-8 Pediatric gastroenterology Note
68752-5 Pediatric hematology-oncology Note
68761-6 Pediatric infectious diseases Note
68782-2 Pediatric pulmonology Note
68818-4 Pediatrics Note
68827-5 Pediatrics Hospital Note
68834-1 Primary care Note
68839-0 Research Note
68842-4 Deprecated Speech pathology Note
68848-1 Transplant surgery Note
68854-9 Pediatric rehabilitation medicine Note
68859-8 Pediatric transplant hepatology Note
68867-1 Pediatric nephrology Note
68871-3 Pediatric otolaryngology Note
68876-2 Pediatric rheumatology Note
68881-2 Pediatric surgery Note
68882-0 Pediatric urology Note
68888-7 Deprecated Orthopedic surgery Note
68889-5 Pediatric dermatology Note
68894-5 Pediatric endocrinology Note
75423-4 Addiction psychiatry Note
75427-5 Mental health Case manager Note
75428-3 Deprecated Social work Case manager Note
75429-1 Custodial care facility Note
75430-9 Obesity medicine Note
75432-5 Intensive care unit Note
75434-1 Internal medicine Hospital Note
75435-8 Internal medicine Note
75436-6 Internal medicine Outpatient Note
75437-4 Licensed practical nurse Note
75438-2 Long term care facility Note
75439-0 Medical student Note
75443-2 Mental health Outpatient Note
75444-0 Mental health Telephone encounter Note
75445-7 Multi-specialty program Patient's home Note
75449-9 Nurse Hospital Note
75450-7 Nurse Intensive care unit Note
75451-5 Nurse Long term care facility Note
75453-1 Nurse Outpatient Note
75454-9 Nurse practitioner Note
75459-8 Mental health Nurse Note
75460-6 Preventive medicine Nurse Note
75461-4 Primary care Nurse Note
75462-2 Ophthalmology Outpatient Note
75464-8 Deprecated Ophthalmology+Optometry Note
75466-3 Orthotics prosthetics Note
75469-7 Pharmacology Outpatient Note
75470-5 Pharmacology Telephone encounter Note
75471-3 Attending Note
75472-1 Internal medicine Attending Note
75473-9 Primary care Attending Note
75474-7 Psychiatry Attending Note
75476-2 Physician Note
75477-0 Resident Note
75478-8 Internal medicine Resident Note
75479-6 Primary care Physician Note
75480-4 Podiatry Outpatient Note
75482-0 Preventive medicine Note
75483-8 Preventive medicine Outpatient Note
75489-5 Primary care Telephone encounter Note
75490-3 Radiology Note
75491-1 Registered nurse Note
75493-7 Surgery Outpatient Note
75494-5 Team Note
75495-2 Primary care Team Note
75496-0 Telehealth Note
75501-7 Urology Outpatient Note
75502-5 Vocational rehabilitation Note
75503-3 Patient's home Note
75504-1 Urgent care center Note
82610-7 Observation unit Note
83517-3 Cardiology Attending Intensive care unit Note
83518-1 Cardiology Attending Note
83519-9 Cardiology Attending Outpatient Note
83520-7 Cardiology Case manager Note
83521-5 Cardiology Clinical nurse specialist Note
83524-9 Cardiology Intensive care unit Note
83527-2 Cardiology Fellow Note
83528-0 Cardiology Fellow Outpatient Note
83529-8 Cardiology Patient's home Note
83530-6 Cardiology Nurse practitioner Note
83531-4 Cardiology Nurse Note
83532-2 Cardiology Nurse Outpatient Note
83534-8 Cardiology Observation unit Note
83536-3 Cardiology Physician assistant Note
83538-9 Cardiology Resident Note
83540-5 Cardiology Telephone encounter Note
83542-1 Colon and rectal surgery Nurse practitioner Note
83543-9 Dermatology Nurse practitioner Note
83544-7 Endocrinology Nurse practitioner Note
83545-4 Geriatric medicine Nurse practitioner Note
83546-2 Hematology+Medical oncology Nurse practitioner Note
83547-0 Mental health Nurse practitioner Note
83548-8 Nephrology Nurse practitioner Note
83549-6 Neurological surgery Nurse practitioner Note
83553-8 Nurse practitioner Patient's home Note
83554-6 Nurse practitioner Hospital Note
83555-3 Nurse practitioner Long term care facility Note
83556-1 Nurse practitioner Outpatient Note
83557-9 Nurse practitioner Telephone encounter Note
83558-7 Obstetrics and gynecology Nurse practitioner Note
83559-5 Orthopaedic surgery Nurse practitioner Note
83560-3 Primary care Nurse practitioner Note
83561-1 Psychiatry Nurse practitioner Note
83562-9 Surgery Nurse practitioner Note
83563-7 Urology Nurse practitioner Note
83564-5 Vascular surgery Nurse practitioner Note
83565-2 Allergy and Immunology Nurse Note
83566-0 Allergy and Immunology Nurse Outpatient Note
83567-8 Anesthesiology Nurse Note
83568-6 Dermatology Nurse Note
83569-4 Dermatology Nurse Outpatient Note
83571-0 Diabetology Nurse Note
83572-8 Diabetology Nurse Outpatient Note
83573-6 Endocrinology Nurse Outpatient Note
83574-4 Ophthalmology Nurse Outpatient Note
83575-1 Gastroenterology Nurse Note
83576-9 Gastroenterology Nurse Outpatient Note
83579-3 Hematology+Medical oncology Nurse Note
83580-1 Hematology+Medical oncology Nurse Outpatient Note
83581-9 Hepatology Nurse Note
83582-7 Interventional radiology Nurse Note
83583-5 Nephrology Nurse Note
83584-3 Nephrology Nurse Outpatient Note
83585-0 Neurology Nurse Note
83586-8 Neurology Nurse Outpatient Note
83587-6 Obstetrics and gynecology Nurse Note
83588-4 Obstetrics and gynecology Nurse Outpatient Note
83589-2 Ophthalmology Nurse Note
83590-0 Otolaryngology Nurse Note
83591-8 Otolaryngology Nurse Outpatient Note
83592-6 Pathology Nurse Note
83594-2 Radiation oncology Nurse Note
83595-9 Rheumatology Nurse Note
83596-7 Rheumatology Nurse Outpatient Note
83597-5 Urology Nurse Note
83598-3 Urology Nurse Outpatient Note
83600-7 Colon and rectal surgery Nurse Note
83601-5 Dentistry Nurse Long term care facility Note
83602-3 Neurological surgery Nurse Note
83603-1 Orthopaedic surgery Nurse Note
83604-9 Orthopaedic surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83605-6 Physical therapy Nurse Note
83606-4 Plastic surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83607-2 Podiatry Nurse Note
83608-0 Podiatry Nurse Outpatient Note
83610-6 Psychiatry Nurse Hospital Note
83611-4 Psychiatry Nurse Note
83612-2 Surgery Nurse Hospital Note
83613-0 Surgery Nurse Note
83615-5 Surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83618-9 Vascular surgery Nurse Note
83619-7 Vascular surgery Nurse Outpatient Note
83620-5 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Nurse Note
83622-1 Geriatric medicine Nurse Note
83623-9 Geriatric medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
83625-4 Primary care Nurse Patient's home Note
83626-2 Infectious disease Nurse Note
83627-0 Infectious disease Nurse Outpatient Note
83629-6 Mental health Nurse Custodial care facility Note
83631-2 Mental health Nurse Hospital Note
83632-0 Mental health Nurse Long term care facility Note
83634-6 Mental health Nurse Outpatient Note
83637-9 Nutrition and dietetics Nurse Note
83638-7 Pulmonary Nurse Note
83639-5 Pulmonary Nurse Outpatient Note
83641-1 Palliative care Nurse Note
83643-7 Pain medicine Emergency department Note
83644-5 Pain medicine Hospital Note
83645-2 Pain medicine Long term care facility Note
83647-8 Pain medicine Nurse Note
83648-6 Pain medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
83650-2 Pain medicine Outpatient Note
83654-4 Pain medicine Team Note
83655-1 Pain medicine Telephone encounter Note
83657-7 Cardiothoracic surgery Attending Note
83658-5 Colon and rectal surgery Attending Note
83660-1 Neurological surgery Attending Note
83662-7 Oral and maxillofacial surgery Attending Note
83663-5 Orthopaedic surgery Attending Note
83666-8 Plastic surgery Attending Note
83669-2 Psychiatry Attending Hospital Note
83672-6 Surgery Attending Intensive care unit Note
83674-2 Surgery Attending Outpatient Note
83676-7 Transplant surgery Attending Note
83678-3 Vascular surgery Attending Note
83680-9 Anesthesiology Attending Note
83682-5 Dermatology Attending Note
83683-3 Endocrinology Attending Note
83684-1 Gastroenterology Attending Note
83686-6 Hematology+Medical oncology Attending Note
83687-4 Nephrology Attending Note
83689-0 Neurology Attending Note
83690-8 Obstetrics and gynecology Attending Note
83691-6 Ophthalmology Attending Note
83695-7 Otolaryngology Attending Note
83697-3 Radiation oncology Attending Note
83698-1 Rheumatology Attending Note
83700-5 Urology Attending Note
83702-1 Geriatric medicine Attending Note
83703-9 Primary care Attending Patient's home Note
83704-7 Mental health Attending Note
83705-4 Palliative care Attending Note
83709-6 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Attending Note
83710-4 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Case manager Note
83713-8 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Interdisciplinary Note
83716-1 Physical medicine and rehab Patient's home Note
83719-5 Physical medicine and rehab Hospital Note
83721-1 Physical medicine and rehab Long term care facility Note
83723-7 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Nurse Note
83725-2 Physical medicine and rehab Outpatient Note
83727-8 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Physician Note
83729-4 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Resident Note
83732-8 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Team Note
83733-6 Physical medicine and rehab Telephone encounter Note
83735-1 Colon and rectal surgery Fellow Note
83736-9 Endocrinology Fellow Note
83737-7 Gastroenterology Fellow Note
83738-5 Geriatric medicine Fellow Note
83739-3 Hematology+Medical oncology Fellow Note
83740-1 Infectious disease Fellow Note
83741-9 Nephrology Fellow Note
83742-7 Ophthalmology Fellow Note
83743-5 Plastic surgery Fellow Note
83744-3 Pulmonary Fellow Note
83745-0 Rheumatology Fellow Note
83746-8 Spinal cord injury medicine Fellow Hospital Note
83747-6 Mental health Physician assistant Note
83748-4 Orthopaedic surgery Physician assistant Note
83749-2 Primary care Physician assistant Note
83750-0 Spinal cord injury medicine Physician assistant Note
83751-8 Urology Physician assistant Note
83752-6 Vascular surgery Physician assistant Note
83753-4 Colon and rectal surgery Resident Note
83754-2 Dermatology Resident Note
83755-9 Endocrinology Resident Note
83756-7 Gastroenterology Resident Note
83757-5 Geriatric medicine Resident Note
83758-3 Hematology+Medical oncology Resident Note
83759-1 Infectious disease Resident Note
83760-9 Interventional radiology Resident Note
83761-7 Mental health Resident Note
83762-5 Nephrology Resident Note
83763-3 Neurology Resident Note
83764-1 Neurological surgery Resident Note
83765-8 Obstetrics and gynecology Resident Note
83766-6 Ophthalmology Resident Note
83767-4 Oral and maxillofacial surgery Resident Note
83768-2 Orthopaedic surgery Resident Note
83769-0 Otolaryngology Resident Note
83770-8 Palliative care Resident Note
83771-6 Plastic surgery Resident Note
83772-4 Primary care Resident Note
83773-2 Psychiatry Resident Note
83774-0 Pulmonary Resident Note
83775-7 Radiation oncology Resident Note
83776-5 Rheumatology Resident Note
83777-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Resident Hospital Note
83779-9 Surgery Resident Note
83780-7 Transplant surgery Resident Note
83781-5 Urology Resident Note
83782-3 Vascular surgery Resident Note
83783-1 Infectious disease Attending Note
83784-9 Mental health Physician Note
83785-6 Palliative care Physician Note
83787-2 Pulmonary Attending Note
83788-0 Pulmonary Attending Outpatient Note
83790-6 Spinal cord injury medicine Attending Note
83791-4 Spinal cord injury medicine Physician Note
83793-0 Physician Long term care facility Note
83794-8 Physician Urgent care center Note
83795-5 Physician Telephone encounter Note
83798-9 Physician Outpatient Note
83800-3 Physician Hospital Note
83801-1 Physician Patient's home Note
83803-7 Physician Custodial care facility Note
83806-0 Physician assistant Note
83807-8 Physician assistant Custodial care facility Note
83808-6 Physician assistant Outpatient Note
83811-0 Physician assistant Long term care facility Note
83813-6 Physician assistant Patient's home Note
83814-4 Physician assistant Hospital Note
83817-7 Attending Intensive care unit Note
83818-5 Attending Emergency department Note
83821-9 Attending Outpatient Note
83822-7 Attending Hospital Note
83823-5 Attending Long term care facility Note
83825-0 Fellow Note
83827-6 Fellow Intensive care unit Note
83831-8 Dentistry Hospital Note
83832-6 Dentistry Long term care facility Note
83834-2 Dentistry Emergency department Note
83837-5 Dentistry Technician Note
83838-3 Dentistry Telephone encounter Note
83840-9 Vascular surgery Technician Note
83841-7 Transplant surgery Case manager Note
83842-5 Surgery Interdisciplinary Note
83843-3 Surgery Case manager Note
83851-6 Plastic surgery Hospital Note
83852-4 Plastic surgery Outpatient Note
83855-7 Plastic surgery Telephone encounter Note
83859-9 Podiatry Hospital Note
83864-9 Podiatry Telephone encounter Note
83872-2 Primary care Case manager Note
83874-8 Primary care Custodial care facility Note
83878-9 Primary care Urgent care center Note
83881-3 Psychiatry Case manager Note
83882-1 Psychiatry Interdisciplinary Note
83884-7 Psychiatry Emergency department Note
83887-0 Psychiatry Hospital Note
83893-8 Psychiatry Team Note
83894-6 Psychiatry Telephone encounter Note
83899-5 Psychology Custodial care facility Note
83902-7 Psychology Patient's home Note
83903-5 Psychology Hospital Note
83904-3 Psychology Long term care facility Note
83905-0 Psychology Outpatient Note
83907-6 Psychology Team Note
83908-4 Psychology Telephone encounter Note
83910-0 Public health Note
83913-4 Pulmonary Patient's home Note
83915-9 Pulmonary Outpatient Note
83916-7 Pulmonary Telephone encounter Note
83917-5 Radiation oncology Hospital Note
83918-3 Radiation oncology Outpatient Note
83919-1 Radiation oncology Telephone encounter Note
83920-9 Radiation oncology Therapist Note
83922-5 Recreational therapy Custodial care facility Note
83924-1 Recreational therapy Hospital Note
83925-8 Recreational therapy Interdisciplinary Note
83927-4 Recreational therapy Long term care facility Note
83928-2 Recreational therapy Outpatient Note
83936-5 Research Nurse Note
83937-3 Research Outpatient Note
83939-9 Research Telephone encounter Note
83940-7 Respiratory therapy Intensive care unit Note
83942-3 Respiratory therapy Patient's home Note
83943-1 Respiratory therapy Hospital Note
83944-9 Respiratory therapy Long term care facility Note
83945-6 Respiratory therapy Outpatient Note
83946-4 Respiratory therapy Telephone encounter Note
83947-2 Rheumatology Hospital Note
83948-0 Rheumatology Outpatient Note
83949-8 Rheumatology Telephone encounter Note
83952-2 Registered nurse Hospital Note
83957-1 Social worker Custodial care facility Note
83958-9 Social worker Emergency department Note
83963-9 Social worker Patient's home Note
83965-4 Social worker Hospital Note
83966-2 Deprecated Social work Interdisciplinary Note
83970-4 Social worker Long term care facility Note
83974-6 Deprecated Social work Nurse Long term care facility Note
83976-1 Social worker Outpatient Note
83980-3 Deprecated Social work Team Note
83985-2 Speech-language pathology Long term care facility Note
83987-8 Speech-language pathology Team Note
83988-6 Speech-language pathology Telephone encounter Note
83997-7 Spinal cord injury medicine Patient's home Note
83999-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Hospital Note
84000-9 Spinal cord injury medicine Interdisciplinary Note
84001-7 Spinal cord injury medicine Note
84002-5 Spinal cord injury medicine Nurse Note
84003-3 Spinal cord injury medicine Nurse Outpatient Note
84005-8 Spinal cord injury medicine Outpatient Note
84008-2 Spinal cord injury medicine Team Note
84009-0 Spinal cord injury medicine Telehealth Note
84010-8 Spinal cord injury medicine Telephone encounter Note
84014-0 Surgery Intensive care unit Note
84022-3 Surgery Telephone encounter Note
84025-6 Team Custodial care facility Note
84027-2 Team Patient's home Note
84030-6 Team Long term care facility Note
84032-2 Team Outpatient Note
84033-0 Team Telephone encounter Note
84036-3 Transplant surgery Outpatient Note
84037-1 Transplant surgery Telephone encounter Note
84042-1 Urology Hospital Note
84043-9 Urology Interdisciplinary Note
84046-2 Urology Telephone encounter Note
84049-6 Vascular surgery Hospital Note
84050-4 Vascular surgery Note
84054-6 Vascular surgery Telephone encounter Note
84056-1 Ophthalmology Patient's home Note
84057-9 Allergy and Immunology Outpatient Note
84059-5 Anesthesiology Hospital Note
84060-3 Anesthesiology Outpatient Note
84063-7 Anesthesiology Telephone encounter Note
84066-0 Audiology Telephone encounter Note
84067-8 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Note
84072-8 Chiropractic medicine Telephone encounter Note
84073-6 Colon and rectal surgery Note
84078-5 Dermatology Hospital Note
84080-1 Dermatology Outpatient Note
84082-7 Dermatology Telephone encounter Note
84084-3 Diabetology Case manager Note
84087-6 Diabetology Hospital Note
84093-4 Diabetology Telephone encounter Note
84096-7 Emergency medicine Telephone encounter Note
84098-3 Endocrinology Hospital Note
84099-1 Endocrinology Outpatient Note
84100-7 Endocrinology Telephone encounter Note
84103-1 Gastroenterology Clinical nurse specialist Note
84105-6 Gastroenterology Hospital Note
84107-2 Gastroenterology Outpatient Note
84108-0 Gastroenterology Telephone encounter Note
84111-4 Geriatric medicine Case manager Note
84113-0 Geriatric medicine Patient's home Note
84114-8 Geriatric medicine Hospital Note
84116-3 Geriatric medicine Long term care facility Note
84119-7 Geriatric medicine Outpatient Note
84120-5 Geriatric medicine Pharmacist Note
84122-1 Geriatric medicine Team Note
84123-9 Geriatric medicine Telephone encounter Note
84127-0 Surgery of the hand Hospital Note
84128-8 Surgery of the hand Note
84129-6 Surgery of the hand Outpatient Note
84134-6 Primary care Patient's home Note
84137-9 Hematology+Medical oncology Pharmacist Note
84143-7 Hematology+Medical oncology Hospital Note
84146-0 Hematology+Medical oncology Outpatient Note
84149-4 Hematology+Medical oncology Team Note
84150-2 Hematology+Medical oncology Telephone encounter Note
84156-9 Hepatology Note
84157-7 Hepatology Outpatient Note
84159-3 Hepatology Telephone encounter Note
84163-5 Interdisciplinary Patient's home Note
84168-4 Infectious disease Hospital Note
84169-2 Infectious disease Outpatient Note
84171-8 Infectious disease Telephone encounter Note
84174-2 Interventional cardiology Note
84178-3 Interventional radiology Note
84181-7 Kinesiotherapy Patient's home Note
84184-1 Kinesiotherapy Outpatient Note
84186-6 Interdisciplinary Long term care facility Note
84188-2 Licensed practical nurse Long term care facility Note
84189-0 Licensed practical nurse Outpatient Note
84191-6 Medical toxicology Note
84195-7 Mental health Intensive care unit Note
84196-5 Mental health Custodial care facility Note
84198-1 Mental health Emergency department Note
84199-9 Mental health Patient's home Note
84202-1 Mental health Hospital Note
84204-7 Mental health Interdisciplinary Note
84205-4 Mental health Long term care facility Note
84206-2 Mental health Observation unit Note
84214-6 Mental health Team Note
84215-3 Mental health Telehealth Note
84219-5 Nephrology Patient's home Note
84220-3 Nephrology Hospital Note
84222-9 Nephrology Outpatient Note
84223-7 Nephrology Team Note
84224-5 Nephrology Telephone encounter Note
84227-8 Neurology Hospital Note
84229-4 Neurology Outpatient Note
84230-2 Neurology Team Note
84232-8 Neurology Telehealth Note
84234-4 Neurology Telephone encounter Note
84236-9 Neurological surgery Hospital Note
84237-7 Neurological surgery Outpatient Note
84239-3 Neurological surgery Telephone encounter Note
84246-8 Nurse Custodial care facility Note
84251-8 Nurse Patient's home Note
84263-3 Nurse Observation unit Note
84274-0 Nurse Telehealth Note
84275-7 Nurse Urgent care center Note
84282-3 Nutrition and dietetics Patient's home Note
84284-9 Nutrition and dietetics Hospital Note
84286-4 Nutrition and dietetics Long term care facility Note
84289-8 Nutrition and dietetics Outpatient Note
84293-0 Nutrition and dietetics Team Note
84294-8 Nutrition and dietetics Telephone encounter Note
84302-9 Wound care management Nurse Note
84304-5 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Note
84309-4 Vocational rehabilitation Custodial care facility Note
84315-1 Physical therapy Telephone encounter Note
84316-9 Physical therapy Team Note
84318-5 Physical therapy Outpatient Note
84323-5 Physical therapy Long term care facility Note
84325-0 Physical therapy Interdisciplinary Note
84326-8 Physical therapy Hospital Note
84329-2 Physical therapy Patient's home Note
84333-4 Multi-specialty program Nurse Note
84334-2 Pathology Telephone encounter Note
84335-9 Pathology Outpatient Note
84338-3 Pastoral care Telephone encounter Note
84339-1 Pastoral care Team Note
84341-7 Pastoral care Outpatient Note
84342-5 Pastoral care Long term care facility Note
84343-3 Pastoral care Hospital Note
84345-8 Pastoral care Patient's home Note
84350-8 Palliative care Telephone encounter Note
84351-6 Palliative care Team Note
84354-0 Palliative care Pharmacist Note
84355-7 Palliative care Outpatient Note
84356-5 Palliative care Long term care facility Note
84357-3 Palliative care Patient's home Note
84361-5 Interdisciplinary Outpatient Note
84362-3 Otolaryngology Telephone encounter Note
84364-9 Otolaryngology Outpatient Note
84365-6 Otolaryngology Hospital Note
84369-8 Orthotics prosthetics Telephone encounter Note
84370-6 Orthotics prosthetics Outpatient Note
84371-4 Orthotics prosthetics Patient's home Note
84373-0 Orthopaedic surgery Telephone encounter Note
84376-3 Orthopaedic surgery Outpatient Note
84377-1 Orthopaedic surgery Hospital Note
84381-3 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Outpatient Note
84383-9 Optometry Telephone encounter Note
84384-7 Obstetrics and Gynecology Outpatient Note
84386-2 Obstetrics and Gynecology Telephone encounter Note
84389-6 Occupational medicine Nurse Note
84390-4 Occupational medicine Outpatient Note
84392-0 Occupational medicine Telephone encounter Note
84396-1 Occupational therapy Patient's home Note
84397-9 Occupational therapy Hospital Note
84399-5 Occupational therapy Long term care facility Note
84400-1 Occupational therapy Outpatient Note
84402-7 Occupational therapy Telephone encounter Note
84403-5 Multi-specialty program Case manager Note
84404-3 Multi-specialty program Telephone encounter Note
84407-6 Ophthalmology Hospital Note
84409-2 Ophthalmology Technician Note
84410-0 Ophthalmology Telephone encounter Note
84411-8 Optometry Outpatient Note
84430-8 Occupational therapy Interdisciplinary Note
84431-6 Optometry Technician Note
85157-6 Pharmacology Hospital Note
85161-8 Pharmacology Long term care facility Note
85168-3 Pharmacology Patient's home Note
85169-1 Pharmacology Team Note
85170-9 Pharmacology Technician Note
85172-5 Case manager Custodial care facility Note
85183-2 Internal medicine Custodial care facility Note
85218-6 Internal medicine Attending Hospital Note
85220-2 Acupuncture Note
85221-0 Acupuncture Nurse Note
85224-4 Case manager Long term care facility Note
85225-1 Case manager Outpatient Note
85227-7 Case manager Telephone encounter Note
85229-3 Clinical nurse specialist Note
85231-9 Tumor board Note
85235-0 Internal medicine Attending Intensive care unit Note
85241-8 Internal medicine Intensive care unit Note
85247-5 Internal medicine Long term care facility Note
85248-3 Internal medicine Nurse practitioner Note
85249-1 Internal medicine Nurse Note
85252-5 Internal medicine Telephone encounter Note
85256-6 Radiology Attending Note
85259-0 Radiology Nurse Note
85262-4 Radiology Technician Note
85263-2 Radiology Telephone encounter Note
85266-5 Internal medicine Interdisciplinary Note
85435-6 Palliative care Note
85436-4 Cardiothoracic surgery Note
85437-2 Family medicine Note
85438-0 Neonatal perinatal medicine Note
85439-8 Maternal and fetal medicine Note
85443-0 Hematology Note
85444-8 Gynecologic oncology Note
85445-5 Geriatric medicine Note
85472-9 Obesity medicine Telephone encounter Note
85516-3 Bariatric surgery Note
85521-3 Undersea and hyperbaric medicine Note
85587-4 Aerospace medicine Note
85851-4 Cardiothoracic surgery Interdisciplinary Note
85852-2 Cardiothoracic surgery Nurse Note
85855-5 Womens health Telephone encounter Note
85858-9 Womens health Outpatient Note
85861-3 Womens health Nurse Outpatient Note
85862-1 Womens health Nurse Note
85863-9 Teleimaging Note
85864-7 Sleep medicine Note
85870-4 Womens health Note
85874-6 Nurse Recovery room Note
85876-1 Neuropsychology Note
85881-1 Ophthalmology Teleimaging Note
85883-7 Epilepsy Note
85888-6 Multi-specialty program Telehealth Note
85889-4 Cardiothoracic surgery Telephone encounter Note
85891-0 Cardiothoracic surgery Fellow Note
85892-8 Womens health Nurse practitioner Note
85900-9 Cardiothoracic surgery Resident Note
85901-7 Community health care Note
85902-5 Community health care Nurse Note
85903-3 Community health care Telephone encounter Note
85937-1 Gynecology Note
86208-6 Cardiology Telehealth Note
86209-4 Community health care Case manager Note
86211-0 Addiction medicine Physician Note
86212-8 Addiction medicine Attending Note
86452-0 Ethics Note
87238-2 Dialysis Note
87244-0 Addiction medicine Telephone encounter Note
87245-7 Addiction medicine Custodial care facility Note
87246-5 Addiction medicine Hospital Note
87249-9 Addiction medicine Outpatient Note
87261-4 Addiction medicine Case manager Note
87262-2 Addiction medicine Nurse Note
87263-0 Addiction medicine Team Note
87264-8 Addiction medicine Therapist Note
87266-3 Dialysis Nurse Note
87267-1 Dialysis Physician Note
87628-4 Brain injury Note
88350-4 Polytrauma Case manager Note
88354-6 Polytrauma Note
88355-3 Polytrauma Nurse Note
88356-1 Polytrauma Telephone encounter Note
88642-4 Community health care Adult day care center Note
88643-2 Community health care Nurse Adult day care center Note
88646-5 Outpatient hospital Note
89035-0 Sleep medicine Physician Note
89036-8 Trauma Note
89241-4 Obstetrics Note
89441-0 Gynecology Resident Note
89450-1 Obstetrics Nurse Note
89451-9 Gynecology Nurse Note
89452-7 Obstetrics Nurse practitioner Note
89453-5 Gynecology Nurse practitioner Note
89454-3 Obstetrics Attending Note
89455-0 Gynecology Attending Note
89456-8 Obstetrics Resident Note
89458-4 Obstetrics Hospital Note
89459-2 Gynecology Hospital Note
89460-0 Obstetrics Outpatient Note
89461-8 Gynecology Outpatient Note
89462-6 Obstetrics Nurse Outpatient Note
89463-4 Gynecology Nurse Outpatient Note
89464-2 Obstetrics Telephone encounter Note
89465-9 Gynecology Telephone encounter Note
89552-4 Environmental health Note
89797-5 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Telephone encounter Note
89800-7 Ethics Telephone encounter Note
89804-9 Hematology Telephone encounter Note
89806-4 Interventional radiology Telephone encounter Note
89808-0 Maternal and fetal medicine Telephone encounter Note
89809-8 Clinical neurophysiology Telephone encounter Note
89818-9 Wound care management Telephone encounter Note
89824-7 Cardiac surgery Telephone encounter Note
89877-5 Clinical genetics Outpatient Note
89878-3 Adolescent medicine Outpatient Note
89879-1 Pediatrics Outpatient Note
89880-9 Neonatal perinatal medicine Outpatient Note
89881-7 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Outpatient Note
89882-5 Sports medicine Outpatient Note
89883-3 Emergency medicine Telehealth Note
89884-1 Hematology+Medical oncology Telehealth Note
89885-8 Pain medicine Telehealth Note
89886-6 Palliative care Telehealth Note
89887-4 Adolescent medicine Telehealth Note
89888-2 Pediatrics Telehealth Note
89889-0 Physical medicine and rehab Telehealth Note
89890-8 Diabetology Telehealth Note
89891-6 Endocrinology Telehealth Note
89892-4 Infectious disease Telehealth Note
89893-2 Clinical genetics Telehealth Note
89894-0 Neonatal perinatal medicine Telehealth Note
89895-7 Allergy and Immunology Telehealth Note
89896-5 Developmental-behavioral pediatrics Telehealth Note
89897-3 Gynecology Telehealth Note
89898-1 Nephrology Telehealth Note
89899-9 Orthopaedic surgery Telehealth Note
89900-5 Rheumatology Telehealth Note
89901-3 Sports medicine Telehealth Note
89902-1 Otolaryngology Telehealth Note
89903-9 Urology Telehealth Note
89926-0 Physical medicine and rehab Adult day care center Note
90005-0 Pharmacogenomics Outpatient Note
90008-4 Pharmacogenomics Telehealth Note
90015-9 Clinical pathology Telephone encounter Note
90342-7 Nuclear medicine Attending Note
90344-3 Nuclear medicine Note
90345-0 Nuclear medicine Nurse Note
90348-4 Nuclear medicine Resident Note
90349-2 Nuclear medicine Telephone encounter Note
90371-6 Clinical pathology Note
90708-9 Trauma Outpatient Note
90711-3 Sleep medicine Outpatient Note
90713-9 Sleep medicine Telehealth Note
90716-2 Psychiatry Telehealth Note
90751-9 Social worker Adult day care center Note
90752-7 Community health care Social worker Note
90753-5 Multi-specialty program Social worker Note
90754-3 Mental health Social worker Note
90755-0 Palliative care Social worker Long term care facility Note
90756-8 Palliative care Social worker Note
90757-6 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Social worker Hospital Note
90758-4 Physical medicine and rehabilitation Social worker Outpatient hospital Note
90759-2 Primary care Social worker Note
90760-0 Addiction medicine Social worker Note
90773-3 Heart failure Telephone encounter Note
90786-5 Dentistry Attending Note
90787-3 Dentistry Resident Note
90788-1 Optometry Resident Note
90789-9 Psychology Intern Note
90790-7 Podiatry Resident Note
90791-5 Physical therapy Resident Note
90793-1 Podiatry Attending Note
90878-0 Thromboembolism Telephone encounter Note
91531-4 Social worker Telehealth Note
91985-2 Integrative medicine Outpatient Note
92909-1 Aerodigestive medicine Outpatient Note
92911-7 Eating disorders Outpatient Note
92913-3 Immunology Telehealth Note
92914-1 Immunology Outpatient Note
93036-2 Cleft and Craniofacial Outpatient Note
93896-9 Gynecologic oncology Telephone encounter Note
93898-5 Family medicine Telephone encounter Note
93901-7 Healthcare navigator Telephone encounter Note
93954-6 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Outpatient Note
94243-3 Healthcare navigator Note
94246-6 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Telephone encounter Note
94321-7 Medical Aid in Dying Team Note
94322-5 Medical Aid in Dying Telephone encounter Note
94594-9 Neurological surgery Telehealth Note
94724-2 Pulmonary Telehealth Note
94725-9 Aerodigestive medicine Telehealth Note
94726-7 Cleft and Craniofacial Telehealth Note
94770-5 Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care Telehealth Note
94771-3 Anesthesiology Telehealth Note
94772-1 Blood banking and transfusion medicine Telehealth Note
94773-9 Burn management Telehealth Note
94774-7 Cardiac surgery Telehealth Note
94775-4 Critical care medicine Telehealth Note
94776-2 Dentistry Telehealth Note
94777-0 Dermatology Telehealth Note
94778-8 Ethics Telehealth Note
94779-6 Family medicine Telehealth Note
94780-4 Gastroenterology Telehealth Note
94781-2 General medicine Telehealth Note
94782-0 Surgery Telehealth Note
94783-8 Geriatric medicine Telehealth Note
94784-6 Gynecologic oncology Telehealth Note
94785-3 Healthcare navigator Telehealth Note
94786-1 Hematology Telehealth Note
94787-9 Interventional radiology Telehealth Note
94788-7 Clinical pathology Telehealth Note
94789-5 Maternal and fetal medicine Telehealth Note
94790-3 Nutrition and dietetics Telehealth Note
94791-1 Occupational therapy Telehealth Note
94792-9 Oncology Telehealth Note
94793-7 Wound care management Telehealth Note
94794-5 Ophthalmology Telehealth Note
94795-2 Pastoral care Telehealth Note
94796-0 Pharmacology Telehealth Note
94797-8 Plastic surgery Telehealth Note
94798-6 Psychology Telehealth Note
94799-4 Radiation oncology Telehealth Note
94800-0 Rapid response team Telehealth Note
94801-8 Recreational therapy Telehealth Note
94802-6 Respiratory therapy Telehealth Note
94803-4 Speech-language pathology Telehealth Note
94804-2 Trauma Telehealth Note
94805-9 Vascular surgery Telehealth Note
95407-3 Cardiopulmonary Telehealth Note
95408-1 Cardiopulmonary Outpatient Note
95520-3 Integrative medicine Telehealth Note
95592-2 Cardiac surgery Outpatient Note
95803-3 Breastfeeding Note
95804-1 Breastfeeding Telehealth Note
96332-2 Case manager Telehealth Note
96336-3 Environmental health Outpatient Note
96337-1 Hematology Outpatient Note
96340-5 Integrative medicine Note
96341-3 Obesity medicine Outpatient Note
96343-9 Oncology Outpatient Note
96348-8 Radiology Outpatient Note
96352-0 Wound care management Outpatient Note
97569-8 Eating disorders Telehealth Note
97711-6 Heart failure Outpatient Note
99479-8 Physical therapy Telehealth Note